Stay tuned . Hi Jamey, probably the best board game my wife Elena and I have played to date, close to Viticulture-Tuscanny . Check out the organizer insert from Broken Token. Please Jamey, add Fantail bird !!! If so, do you have an indication of when it should be released? Can’t wait to play. @Larry Either way, I love this game and your products as a whole which is why I own the majority of your major titles and their expansions. ), so I have put my name on the list and donated separately. I always liked that the Toronto Zoo made ‘Mandalasia’ a separate continent. But probably at least one this weekend. Looking forward to this and the future expansions! Perhaps a suggestion for a next expansion: A trade platform for bird cards. I feel like it would be much simpler just to divide the bonus in half and round up without adding the points for the other places. Buy what you want today, pay for it over time. Terry: The current version of Wingspan is the essential version. Thank you, Cheryl: The direct link is here: :). I included my mother in my games because she loved birds and introduced me to our feathered friends when I was in high school. I want to know if localization is in progress. I have a question about bird costs and nectar. The Oceania bird cards are designed to be shuffled into the bird cards from the base game, with or without other expansions. It’s probably bring me to tears haha. Are you going to offer extra Yellow Eggs, like you did with the Purple and normal bunch of eggs? Apologies if already answered. In a large game with a lot of pink-powers, it can sometimes get difficult keeping track of powers that have been activated already. My wife just informed me that ot was shipped. We don’t plan on putting any trays in this particular expansion. The other type of goal is shown below as the “beak pointing left” tile (on the back is “beak pointing right”). Player B then takes a turn, and they trigger your ability. Not sure what the issue is but the people from Sydney are a problem too…. Прочети повече. :). I’ve been trying since 9:15 and just got back to this page but I don’t see a button that says “Preorder from Stonemaier”. Hi all. Curious what the Oceania expansion can add at this point. The Oceania bird cards are designed to be shuffled into the bird cards from the base game, with or without other expansions. When she is successful in gaining food can I then gain a food from the birdfeeder? The Oceania mats are simply different, that’s all. Hi. I don’t know what effect it would have, but looking at that emu has me wanting a ‘big egg’. Thank you for saying so! For example, two players tied for most nectar would each receive 3 points. Buy. It’s purely a matter of personal preference: Some people like the cardboard mats, and some people like the feel and flexibility of neoprene (which is like a mousepad material). It's designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and features birds illustrated by Natalia Rojas and Ana Maria Martinez. Or start big and go small? Board game mechanics: Card Drafting. Or it can only be used to pay for birds that cost nectar and/or wild resources (such as base game’s Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, whose cost is 1 wild resource)? And I guess this means your trip to NZ last year was a tax deductible business trip for ‘research’, right… ;-). Hi Erica! :) De release van de europose uitbreiding van stonemaier en 999 was op de zelfde dag dus wellicht deze ook! I absolutely love Wingspan, and play with all the family here in Melbourne, Australia. Take my money! You’d need to rule on who chooses the card/food first, but this could be possible with a current primary/secondary player counters which get passed around – although if the ‘secondary’ player waited to see what the primary player was doing, it wouldn’t necessarily speed things up that much. They are the best bird ever BUT please also include (or use) the Māori name, “pīwakawaka”. I only have the base game and my cards are sleeved and they barely fit in the container. Perhaps we’ll think about printing a new bonus card after all the expansions are released, but we won’t be printing a new one for each expansion. Against Automarazzi, each player works in their own habitat, as in the regular game. You’re *done* with the design! “Are the original player mats now useless?”. But in short, if you’re playing with the Oceania cards, then play with the Oceania playermat. These are two separate statements Tuck up to 3 cards and then when you’re done tucking, draw cards equal to the number you tucked. I saw one other comment. There is no “desert” or outback habitat in the current game. Your e-mail address is only used to send you our newsletter and information about the activities of Boardgame Stories, such as Giveaways, Games on Kickstarter and Latest Videos. Is this correct? Game arrived yesterday and we immediately sat down to play after reading new instructions and shuffling in the new cards. This expansion includes new player mats and a new food type, allowing players Earths most beautiful birds and most bizarre mating dances :). When you see the “any food” icon on a bird cost, you can use any food (including nectar) to pay the cost. We have played it around 100 times this year and there is always a risk that an expanion is going to make your beloved game less fun. Also, the same exact game but with dinosaurs. All of our expansions can be played with any combination of other expansions (or none of them). All of our expansions expand the core game (and thus require you to have and use the core game with them). For the Wingspan Oceania, people in Oceania were going to be asleep when the preorder opened. We only have one fulfillment center for Australia and NZ together. Will this expansion (and all subsequent expansions) be ‘stand alone’? You can look at the thickness of the mats in your Wingspan box–two sets of mats won’t fit. Now there is a goal tile that extends the game incrementally depending on which round it’s paired with. Tomorrow I’ll share the meaning of the mysterious * in the Kakapo’s wingspan! I’ve already seen the repeat a power from this row. Thanks Carla! If the Oceania expansion will add as many cards as the European expansion, and a person only buys Wingspan + Oceania, then they will likely have too many cards to fit inside the original tray. If you play with Oceania birds (which I’ll talk about soon), you must use the new player mats; you can even use the mats in games of Wingspan without other elements of Oceania. the Nectar bonuses give a ton of points, especially in 2 player games. TY by advance – GG. This, coupled with a personal association with Australia, meant that this expansion is as essential to us as the “basic game”. Step two in the end-of-round steps is «Discard any unused nectar (…). I personally hope the birds have the English names in the English version. Hi Tim! Approach Wingspan in a new way with the upcoming Oceania Expansion, which will introduce a unique set of player boards - as well as an additional menagerie of birds - to the game. I’ll just leave that here, along with a promise of all of my money. Wingspan: Oceania Expansion focuses on birds in Australia and New Zealand. Wingspan: Oceania Expansion is an animals game for 1 to 5 players. Do you know when Rebel would publish Polish edition? Yes, the retail release date is December 18. 2. Now the Lyrebird is one of the three birds in de bird tray and I was wonderring how I can use this card in solo-mode, since the Automa has no specific cards I can choose to play from. Two players tied for second most nectar would each receive 1 point.”. Hi Brandon! This actually resulted in more parallel elements–in column 1, you either get 1 food, 1 egg, or 1 card. This seems more powerful than some of the other hunters. You probably hear this often from people, but I am continuously marveling at the genius of Wingspan. I hope there is pink powers (between turn trigger) in Oceania. They also don’t know what the cards will say about birds that they happened to guess correctly. Pardon the typos. In regards to those birds, I want to take a second to thank Travis Willse for the time he spent examining every bird in the game (and to Elizabeth for implementing those revisions). Thanks for explaining ‘nectar is wild’ concept in the commen, but I’m just wondering why this is not reflected anyhow on the new player mats? Awesome! Testing? In the base game it was my understanding that you took 1 of each of the food types then discard as necessary depending on how many cards you keep. Seems like it might be a good bonus to get some white cubes in the Oceanic Expansion. I hope this expansion will add more player interaction! On a side note, I think a good round end power could be too sweetie the places of two birds. I’ll also let you know in a week or so when they can post reviews. Imagine someone in love with your original board and who will play all your next extensions on it and without the Nectars and Nectar birds: I suppose the % on the Bonus card will be wrong then right? :). Hi, Akshay: You’re welcome to try any house rule you’d like to try, but it’s not really something we can comment on, as we haven’t playtested anything like that. No luck getting the page to come up until now (10:25 CDT). We have more or less played Wingspan daily since the day we got it (June 2019) and I’m so excited to play this new expansion. All of our expansions require at least some components from the core game (action tokens, eggs, bonus cards, goal tiles and board, etc). Does this expansion have any birds from Polynesia? I found it very annoying when the European expansion came out and I always had to look in the rule book AND the bonus card to find out which terms score. In other words it would count for all scoring conditions it could qualify for. The Oceania expansion came at the end of 2020 and features birds from Australia and New Zealand. Any chance of a wingspan tournament at some point? Not sure I am a fan of all the extra stuff. is different after that with different goals and cards. That’s a question for Ghenos Games. They simply made educated guesses. I feel like the ability to interact with the discard pile could easily be applied to any bird that is a carrion-eater/scavenger, with some of them simply taking from the discard a only a ‘tucked’ card. That was supposed to say to SWITCH the places of two birds. It’s super important to be strategic with what you play in the first round. It’s important to remember that you don’t actually trade one nectar for one of any food; you spend nectar in place of a food. If so, will Elizabeth, Uwe and/or yourself be collaborating on it? :), PLEASE tell me there is an ostrich PLEASE. An interesting idea for future expansions would be an option to trade cards. Our Current Approach to Board Game Reviewers and Content Creators (2021), 1 box (296x215x40mm; total weight: 1.4 kg). The exact time when you place your order has no impact on when it will be shipped, as fulfillment centers organize orders into batches to optimize shipping for all Champions in their region, followed by all non-Champions. Using the Maori names would make the game that much more special and would be the tipping point for me buying the game for sure! Thanks to Natalia and Ana for bringing these birds to life with their vibrant illustrations! Yes, I noted this in yesterday’s design diary post: “The classic question that accompanies any expansion reveal is, “Does the expansion fit into the core game box?” The answer is, “Not really.” If you don’t sleeve the cards and you have the European expansion, you’ll have enough room between the 2 card trays (core game and European) for all the cards. Also what will be the price? I’ll showcase a few of them today, and you can discover the others when you open your copies of Wingspan Oceania or when reviewers share them later this month. What have you done to make sure we have enough copies? Or, if you’re like me, all of them. The Oceania bird cards are designed to be shuffled into the bird cards from the base game, with or without other expansions. :). Love this game! Animals raiding bins for food is a sign that they, like us, need food and are adaptable where they source it. Jez. As a bonus for today, here’s one of my cats, Biddy, deciding what to do with a kiwi Beanie Baby (neither of which are included in the expansion). First of all, huge fan of SM games and all you do! Awesome! That way we can play Wingspan Oceania, or Wingspan Africa etc, or choose to mix and match continents / regions. There is no “full Australian version.” If you’d like to play with the Oceania expansion–which includes many birds from Australia–you’ll also need the Wingspan core game. All about this expansion looks great. But we don’t have the details hammered out for that so I don’t have any other information to reveal yet. time. Will there be any new effect types in the expansion, like we got with the Round End from the European expansion? Copyright 2019 Stonemaier LLC. Have you sorted it now? The Oceania mat is more complex and perhaps not the best to teach new players. Joe forwarded a note to you about this today. This way I can play through the whole deck over multiple games before reshuffling and every bird gets a chance to be played. That’s an awesome idea to offer a deal to those of us who purchased the original mats. Why in the same habitat as the Swift? Lyrebirds are our most famous mimics and with good reason, they are amazing! I recommend the WingMate app. This is truly in a league of it’s own for countless reasons. My preorder just arrived and I was like a kid in a candy shop! My thoughts are that we spent a lot of time designing and developing the game, and we believe it is best played as printed. It’s great! And yes, the bin chicken is the only card in the expansion that interacts with the discard pile, though we might revisit the ability in another region for other similar birds (though really, does any bird compare to the majestic nature of the bin chicken)? I want to make sure I don’t miss out on Oceania as I need it for myself but also for my son as a Christmas present. You can pay two other food to pay a nectar food cost to play a bird, but you don’t place a nectar on the “spent nectar” space on your player mat. or own it now, pay later from $10 a week with Zip Second, I love the puzzle this presents, starting even with the first bird you play. Does this mean you could not trade a nectar and a worm to equal a fish? This is mentioned in the rulebook, but it’s easy to miss. I really hope we will see some new game mechanics as well as new bird mechanics and maybe win conditions. So far we’ve covered North America, Europe, and Oceania. I also really like how the Wrybill, Quail, and Kea, as the timing of when you play them in relation to other factors is crucial. Would there ever be a NSFW version that would allow for Bust, Nut, Tit, Cock, and Pecker? The “2 any -> any graphic” is next to the Play a Bird section because it only applies to that action (you can’t do it during any other action).

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