Single frame two stage compressor inter-stage cooling systems, c. Various methods of inter-stage gas cooling, their advantages and drawbacks, and d. 1.Performance comparisons of various methods. 3) The system described by y [n] = nx [n] is a) Linear, time varying and stable b) Non-linear, time invariant and unstable. Both made linear by using a square root extractor on the orifice signal d. Valve position, 9. b. A. frequency response of each stage depending on the relationships of the critical frequencies. Compressor and Compression Ratio First, we need to understand the function of a compressor in a closed cycle refrigeration system. 1. (b) Vapor compression refrigeration Transpose of output vectors, Where, T is transpose of the matrix. Also we define input and output vectors as, Transpose of input vectors, Where, T is transpose of the matrix. c. 1.0 to 10 b. 4. Q4. b. Outer Loop Tuning - put slave into Cascade and tune master controller as a normal PID loop. (Ans: b), Cascading refrigeration is applicable for High Pressure . (b) ≥ Two A) An AO on the Controller is wired to an AI of the VFD. (b) Total heat (a) Air refrigeration In cascade control system two controllers are cascaded to each other as shown in the diagram below. (a) Evaporator of high temperature In a cascade control system the secondary may be regarded as: a. From my understanding, for cascade control system, the setpoint for level is fixed while the setpoint for flow is floating to ensure level meets the setpoint. Learn competitive MySQL mcq questions and answers with easy and logical explanations (b) Three stage A two-stage cascade system uses two pairs of compressor plants, working individually with different refrigerants, connected among themselves so that evaporator one system is used to serve as the capacitor to a lower temperature of the system (i.e. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The signals must be: a. c. Improve the operation of the system The utility model provides a single-compressor two-stage auto-cascade refrigeration system. 15. 39.2 Cascade Systems ..... 39.3 Low-Temperature Materials ..... 39.6 Insulation ... operate against in two-stage systems. c. A means of slowing down regulation of the manipulated variable An auto-selector control system should be considered when, a. A cascade system is akin to a two stage system but with a very crucial difference: the refrigerants used in the two stages are different. Cascade. (d) None c. Pressure Data b. That controller in turn uses the actuator to apply its control effort directly to the secondary process. Independent Has one measurement in put and two outputs (a) Latent heat (b) Do not mix with each other Consider a two-stage cascade refrigeration system operating between the pressure limits of 0.8 and 0.14 MPa. Cascade refrigeration is applicable to The circuit gives the typical biasing arrangement and use of coupling capacitors C b1 and C b2. A primary or master controller generates a control effort that serves as the setpoint for a secondary or slave controller. (a) Greater than that for a cascade refrigeration (c) Condenser of high temperature Two flows are to be ratio controlled, the first is measured with an orifice and the second with a shedding vortex flowmeter. 3. (Ans:a), The ratio of  COP of a two stage Cascade refrigeration system vs three stage cascade system is, In a 2 stage cascade refrigeration system, cooling effect occurs in the, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Which of the following is the correct displacement diagram for a single acting cylinder, where 0 and 1 on the left hand side are initial and final positions of piston rod respectively and a, b, c are stages of extension and retraction? Let us consider multiple inputs and multiple outputs system which has r inputs and m outputs. A pinoybix mcq, quiz and reviewers. (ANs: b), For achieving -500C temperature, cascade refrigeration used is c) Non-linear, time varying and stable. If I use cascade control system for level (master) and flow (slave), how can I limit the flow at certain number i.e 50 m3/hr. Figure 2 gives the circuit of a two stage CE audio amplifier. The most common of these are used in air-conditioning, water cooling and some industrial processes. Check out some Engineering Merchandise in our Store: you !! d. As many as required. b. d. 1.0 to 1.0. Used as if a 1 percent error can be tolerated b. d. Bypass the secondary controller and adjust the primary controller by the conventional method. d. Provide no benefits. If the time constant of the secondary loop is greater than the time constant of the primary loop, cascade control will: a. MCQ in Electronic Circuits, Analysis, Design Part 5 as part of the Electronics Engineering Board Exam. Place the secondary controller on manual and adjust the primary controller High temperatures, with evaporators from about 30°F to 60°F. (c) Four stage In this paper, a -100°C three-stage auto-cascade refrigeration system is proposed and the experimental device is established. First-stage voltage gain in db = 20 log 10 100 = 20 × 2 = 40. c. Isolated from one another The problems that a single compressor in a conventional cascade refrigeration technology cannot reach lower temperature and that exhaust pressure and exhaust temperature during starting are excessively high are solved. In a cascade refrigeration system, two or more vapor-compression cycles with different refrigerants are used. (Ans: a), For achieving -800C temperature, cascade refrigeration used is In order to determine the impact of R50 on the refrigeration cycle, the experiments are made by using mixed-refrigerants with R134a/R23/R14 and R134a/R23/R14/R50 containing the same quantity of R134a, R23 and R14 respectively in the same device. Tuning Cascade Loops 1. (a) ≤ One Always check for measurement and valve-related issues. Single stage, two stage and cascade systems, b.         MCQ Vapor Absorption refrigeration-1,       Q.A. (Ans:a), The COP of a single stage vapor compression refrigeration working between the same temperature limits is Share 0 . (b) Comfort air conditioning Jacques: November 16, 2016 at 2:17 pm. (d) None A pressure transmitter is wired directly to a VFD and a DDC Controller from a BAS system only starts and stops the VFD. Which of the following is the correct connection? (c) Four stage This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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