This vinyl cuts and sews easily. Clear Vinyl. Exotic Vehicle Wraps Portfolio showcasing color change vehicle wraps, paint protection, ceramic coatings, and vehicle customizations. Superior vinyl for boat, gazebo and tent windows. This UV Treated clear marine vinyl is perfect for the outdoors. It is made wi… Roll down each panel independently or partially to block wind, rain, for increased warmth, or a cooler breeze. … Vinyl window material can be rolled up and stored somewhere dry and safe until the following year. Member of IFAI & MFA, Clear PVC Windows for Awning, Tent & Patio Enclosures, O’Sea & Regalite – Clearly Better Boat Windows. Brett Bartlett showed me this. Re: Best method to clean clear vinyl windows? Your Wholesale Source for Upholstery Fabrics & Supplies, Crystal Clear Polished Sheets by Strataglass™, Achilles "UV" & Crystal View Roll Clear Vinyl--54" wide, Super Roll-A-Glass Yardage, 14.35 yards per roll, Auto & Marine Press Polished Vinyl Sheets, Achilles "UV" Treated Roll Clear Vinyl-With Paper-54" wide, Clear Vinyl By The Yard, Double Polished Sheets. Off-Season: Rolling up and storing windows . Clear Marine Grade Vinyl. Unfortunately,when plastic windows fog as you say yours have you may not be able to get them back to clear.When you store them ,they must be as clean as you can get them and it is best to either lay them flat with a towel between them.If you put plastic to plastic or roll them up,they tend to stick together and leave a sticky film.Charlie Storage is one benefit of using clear vinyl window materials instead of glass. The extruding process offers a clearer vinyl, much like press polished sheets. Herculite’s Strataglass is one of the top brands on the market for this versatile material. Screened Porch Vinyl Glass Enclosures; Year-Round & Temporary Patio Enclosures that Roll-Up. In our canvas shop, we use 20 gauge for porch enclosures and 30 gauge for enclosures on small run-abouts and pontoon boats. O'Sullivan Auto & marine press polished sheets offer high optical clarity and distortion-free visibility. The best way to protect your investment is to take good care of your canvas and vinyl to ensure that they stay looking nice for years to come. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Crystal Clear is roll vinyl that has been pressed and polished for better clarity. This makes it tough enough to stand up to heavy marine conditions. Hold a section of the clear vinyl … Use the heavy-duty clear vinyl for boat and patio enclosures, automotive windows, awnings, tents, and tarps. The combination of our unique manufacturing process and innovative coatings results in the highest quality clear enclosure vinyl products for commercial, residential and marine applications. Sheets Coated vinyl for Auto and marine vinyl for sale online, order automotive and marine press polished vinyl sheets for your auto or marine windows. Eliminate the unsightly scorching and burning on your Boats Vinyl windows. This 54" wide rolled vinyl is double polished, UV and mildew resistant. Clear Marine Grade Boat Vinyl 54” Double Polished 12, 20, 30, 40 Gauge Best Buy! 20 MIL and 30 MIL Clear Tarps are the same clear plastic tarps on many restaurant patios. Achilles Crystal View Vinyl - The Next Generation clear marine window vinyl. NEW & IMPROVED. You’ll also want to decide how transparent … The fire-retardant fabric is also strong, waterproof, and when used as framing with marine clear vinyl makes a stronger longer lasting curtain that will hold up during heavy winds. Items needed for sewing your own marine clear-vinyl windows are available at awning and boat-cover fabrication shops. Both Strataglass and Clear Vinyl Sheets are great products serving different needs. By O'Sullivan, LE-8030 - .030 Lexan® Polycarbonate 48" wide yardage that can be sewn for use with canvas marine products. Clear vinyl is inherently a little prone to scratches. Soft to the touch material that wraps around your Bimini Poles to eliminate the HOT SUN from DAMAGING your EXPENSIVE Vinyl Windows and Windshield. Due to COVID-19 many Sunbrella patterns may be on backorder. O’Sea & Regalite: durable sheet vinyl formulated for years of clarity. To minimize the risk for scratches, keep your vinyl windows as clean as possible. We provide some pressed and polished vinyl fabric, typically manufactured by Strataglass, O’Sea, Crystal Clear and Regalite. Our "roll vinyl" is least expensive but flexible and is available in 20 gauge and 30 gauge thickness. Clear Window Vinyl Material is stocked in thickness of 20 to 40 gauge and a variety choices including Extruded, Press Polished Sheets & Poly-carbonate Sheets. Isinglass Strataglass 30 Gauge Clear Boat Vinyl Windows Replacement Sheet 54"x110" Brand: Strataglass. Boat Windows - Learn the best way to clean O'Sea Marine and Regalite clear vinyl boat windows. Perfect for Porch Enclosures, Boats, Tents, RV's, Golf Carts, Car Windows, Green Houses, Craft Project, Table and Chair Protectors, Carpet … Following our “Canvas Straps Damage Clear Windows” article, David asks “Could you tell me the best way to clean the windows on our boat (not the glass) but the plastic”. If you are looking for a boat vinyl cleaner that offers ultimate surface protection against fading, dying, or cracking, this product from Meguiar’s is what you need. New NANO TECHNOLOGY improves UV protection from the sun, improves resistance to abrasion damage and scratches and lasts longer. Please call to confirm availability. Currently unavailable. Block out cold weather, rain, wind and pollen for … Don't let the panels air-dry, as this can leave mineral deposits that turn abrasive in later steps. This product is very durable, flexible and waterproof. This product is UV treated (500+ hours) and is built for the outdoors. Clear vinyl boat windows or “clears” are generally made from polyvinyl chloride “PVC”. Our network of over 1,300 marine fabricators makes installations a breeze. You can also choose tough marine vinyl fabrics for awnings, umbrellas, protective boat covers and tarpaulins. Protecting your vinyl boat windows doesn’t stop in winter. This multipurpose fabric is perfect for a wide range of indoor and … This is high-performance material featuring a single, thicker polished sheet. The Step 2 Plastic Polish/Restorer is a light, clear liquid in an 8-ounce bottle that leaves a thin, polished coating. Paper interleaf items are offered in cuts, without paper by the roll only. Making a full boat enclosure, dodger or other project that uses a large amount of clear vinyl requires an investment of both time and money. Vinyl Boat Windows Ready for Your Next Project O’Sea & Regalite: durable sheet vinyl formulated for years of clarity. The exception to the above are some flybridge clears. isinglasses Clear Vinyl Customers also viewed these products. Our unique formulation & manufacturing process keep your view clear and distortion free. Rochford Supply is a proud distributor of American-made clear vinyl. “We have been using O’Sea for several years now with excellent results.”, ” … Have always liked the quality of Regalite .040 but have been asking for years for a Press Polished Vinyl with a harder durometer. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating. Dry. For outdoor fabrics we stock marine grade clear vinyl fabric great for tent windows, map holders, and protective coverings. Flexible and durable, clear vinyl offers a versatile fabricating solution for many applications. Whilst these may be PVC, they may also be a semi rigid polycarbonate or acrylic material. On The Job Experience vs. Classroom Experience. It also has a cold crack rating of -40F (CFFA - 6A). The firmer hand is just right.”, “When we want consistent optical clarity and a long lasting clear marine vinyl we go with the best in the business, Regalite.”, O'Sea & Regalite Boat Windows are proudly manufactured by O'Sullivan Films based in Winchester Virginia. Clear vinyl enclosures roll-up & down quickly for protection from weather and are easily removable for seasonal or temporary use. This 54" Wide Double Polished Clear Marine Vinyl is UV Treated and is perfect for outdoor window applications that need incredible clarity. The most popular use of these opaque plastic vinyl's are for marine canopies but are also used for deck/gazebo enclosures, golf … These crystal clear tarp curtains are made from marine vinyl and ideal for home deck enclosure, house porch enclosure and industrial space divider curtains. Come check out our large selection. There are many products on the market for cleaning the clear plastic/vinyl windows on your boat. ; New WATER BASED FORMULA makes application easier and eliminates VOC’s to make it environment friendly. Our highly acclaimed Cleaner, Restorer, Protector for all See-Through Plastics on your boat has now been made even better. Our scratch resistant coating is applied to BOTH sides of our windows for superior performance. Roll Goods by Achilles. Protect your Vinyl Windows from the SCORCHING SUN !! Plasticisers are added to the PVC during the manufacturing process which give it its pliable properties. This clear vinyl is double polished for optimal clarity and is perfect for windows and porch enclosures. Thinner, 20-gauge vinyl is appropriate for sail windows, enclosures and some bimini applications. I’m thrilled O’Sullivan Films came through with the Firma product and have used last year’s test sheets and this year’s production run sheets with satisfactory results. Achilles Super Roll-A-Glass - A clear extruded vinyl. Marine-grade clear vinyl has been specially treated to resist the damaging effects of UV rays and is the recommended choice for boat windows. Some cleaning products can be harmful. Boat Windows and Curtains, Industrial Uses Verilon ® Vinyl 452 Diens Drive, Wheeling, IL 60090 Toll Free: (800) 323-1056 Local: (847) 541-1960 Fax: (847) 541-4525 | Email: Sitemap Clear vinyl by the yard or the sheet comes in a variety of lengths and gauges and is popular for boat windows or enclosures. Star brite Step 1 Plastic Scratch Remover is an ultra-fine abrasive for cleaning and restoring older plastic windows. Strataglass LLC, is the industry leading manufacturer of press-polished clear vinyl enclosure products. Bottom line: This is an inexpensive and effective one-two punch for older vinyl. Crystal Clear & Distortion Free Our unique formulation & manufacturing process keep your view clear and distortion free. Clear Pressed Polished Coated Vinyl: A popular choice for everyday marine use, clear pressed polished coated vinyl can be rolled back easily, which is great for boat tops. Call us at 800/652.5202 Search Designed to weather the environments your boat calls home. One of its interesting features is the UV protection which will enhance the life of your boat vinyl and prevent any fading or cracking. Some window materials however, come pre-treated with a scratch-resistant coating. Removing the yellowing on a clear vinyl window using electrical cleaner. Our coated windows are resistant to sunscreen, bug spray and jet fuel. The Clear Vinyl is a 20 ga. thickness and double polished for optimal clarity. Achilles Clear Vinyl - 54" width sold by the yard or roll for a wide variety of uses from greenhouses and seat covers to boat canvas windows. We also offer 12-gauge transparent vinyl that you can use for patterning or to make vinyl couch covers. If you have the means for a premium custom boat cover and plan on enjoying your boat beyond the 5-7 year lifespan Clear Vinyl Sheets provides then Strataglass sounds like a great solution. Clear vinyl material resists yellowing, clouding, scratching, and UV damage. I WAS SHOCKED!!! Vinyl Boat Windows Ready for Your Next Project. This coating is valuable for the longevity of your window material.

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