No matter what type of fly-fishing gear you get, basses have aggressiveness that it will show. It’s time for me to sign out! This article takes a look at the various types of fishing line available and how they might perform for smallmouth bass fishing. Let’s look there for advice. Yes, you need large size fly rods. Suppose you are getting a fly rod weighing in at 6 kilograms. It’s usually quite hard to manage for you to cast anything in heavy objects. They say fluorocarbon is also less visible to fish. Two have my favorite Temple Fork fly rod, the lightweight BVK in 6 and 7 weight. I use a 7 weight just about every time I fish for smallies. He was using a white popper. If you own a fly rod designed for trout fish that comes with 5 kilos weight, then try it out for bass. The Chuck Kraft Signature Series rods can now be paired with a Lamson Guru S Fly Reel ($289.99 retail) or Lamson Guru S HD ($359.99 retail and paired with the Chuck Kraft 10wt rod) and Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Line ($89.95 retail). Smallmouth Bass painting Copyright 2015, by Mary K Jenkins. Therefore, the best size of fly rod is around 5 or 6 since you must rather overcompensate than undercompensate. Whether you’re fishing for largemouth from a boat or smallmouth from the shore, a 7 weight fly rod of 9.5 feet will be perfect for casting buggers, streamers, and poppers. Let’s go! I’ve been asked that question hundreds of times. I put together some balanced outfits, just like mine on our online store, just to make it easy for you if you are in the market for a very good new outfit that doesn’t break the bank. These usually come with weights ranging from 6 to 9 kilos. I’m sure after some time, smallmouth basses from your checklist for “Fishes Yet to Catch” will be crossed. Fishing line is one area you don’t want to skimp on. Who knows…. Terrific for all bass fishing from smallmouth to stripers, Scott ReAct and X-Core Technology makes this Scott Meridian fly rod strong, reactive and effective. If you are partial to a particular brand, like Sage, Temple Fork, Orvis, Winston, or others, pick the rod you prefer in the brand you like. Some anglers prefer fast fly rods, stiff sticks that cast big flies in the wind well. When Paula and I are fishing in our motorized fishing boat, we always have a 5 weight rod with us. If you asked 20 different avid smallmouth bass fly fishermen, which fly rods they prefer, you would probably get 20 different answers. I love reels and have some really nice ones. I tend to use smaller and lighter flies for smallmouth bass. The bass finally took the fly. Sometimes the fact that bass can be anywhere under the water level becomes a great hassle. Of course, we would talk about that. Bass usually waits for heavy objects inside the marine. The bass finally took the fly. In terms of what fly line, the RIO Smallmouth Bass line is great for largemouth and smallmouth bass. Best Time to Go Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass. Currently I own several 4 and 5 weight rods which I use for trout and salmon. If I’m alone in my kayak, fishing for smallmouth bass, I always seem to choose the 6 weight. Especially if you are thinking of going into open and clear water conditions. Even though the bronzeback is a formidable foe, it’s a fish I’ve consistently neglected throughout my 30 years of fly fishing. First of all, most of the smallmouth you catch will be a good deal deeper than the largemouths. Let us be more detailed about this piece of information and actually understand the fact, why and when the case is beneficial for such weights and if not what should be your following steps. I too belive the 7-8 weights are the way to go. And, let’s be practical. Most of the fly rods my wife and I use for smallmouth bass are the lower priced Professional II. Note one important part. Smallies love to take a fly and fight hard, from the hookset to the release. You may not need a lot of backing for smallmouth bass, but if you do hook a huge carp, you will. Also, the reel is a very expensive Tibor. salient features. But exactly how much bigger? RIO's Smallmouth line has been specifically designed to meet the demands of the modern bass fly fisher. Most fly fisherman choose a 9ft, but if you plan on using the fly rod in a conventional bass tournament, a 7’11” rod is made to conform to their rules and regulations. So, let me make sure all of you actually has a pretty good idea about the star for tonight’s topic, bass fish! The water is deep. Understand about few features regarding bass fishes. Copyright Little River Outfitters, Inc. They can very well tackle with your fishing techniques and that’s some kind of survival intelligence every creature has got. Now, it’s quite obvious for you to understand that we will talk about bigger weight rods. Tackle I Personally Use. We sell several brands. You can buy Waterworks-Lamson, or Ross Reels in the same price range and they perform just as well. In the Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing video on fly fishing for bass, Tom mentions using either a 7wt or 8wt fly rod. Top Water Fly Rods for Bass. But, I do pull out some big flies, cast them on the 7 weight at times, and they do catch big fish, like the old saying goes. I use monofilament leaders for top water fishing because mono does not sink as fast or as deep as fluorocarbon. For smallmouth bass fishing one major factor aside from weight is length. ULTRA FAST ACTION. They all have a medium-fast to fast action. So, I won’t tell you a one-sentence answer like that. So if you’re trying to start fly fishing for largemouth or smallmouth bass, I can’t blame you. Also, the ROD! Of course, we would talk about that. Steve was fishing with guide Josh Pfeiffer. You may have noticed, both of the photos above were taken on cloudy days. Sometimes getting the least length can work better. The smallmouth bass is a viable fly-rodding option as summer yields to autumn. Steve Hall caught this beautiful smallmouth bass on the French Broad River, in July. This is a female bass that has just spawned. But it can be an emergency option you can think about in sudden situations. I live in the Midwest and find them to be the most versatile rods to have. But I don’t want beginners to be confused about little things that I’ll casually talk about. We use small, 1 ½ inch long threadfin shad patterns. And, the rod will have the strength to pull these fish out of the crowded places they love to hangout in, while have the flexibility to fight them safely. If I am wade fishing, I usually choose the 6 weight. For smallmouth bass, you can opt for weights option that ranges between six to seven kilograms. I’ve always found trout sexier. I like a fly line with a short heavy head for smallmouth bass fishing. Already, I have 2, 4, and 8 wt rods (see my gap), so I'm not worried about a 6wt not handling the really big bass bugs, since I have an 8 wt for that. We keep all of our smallmouth bass rods lined up and ready to go. RIO Smallmouth Bass Fly Line $79.99 Best Flies For Smallmouth Bass Assortment $39.95 RIO 9' Bass Knotless Leader - 3 Pack $15.99 Loon Rogue Quickdraw Forceps $25.00 Boogle Bug Popper BOOG $5.99 A lot of fishermen make the mistake of selecting a pricey rod and reel combo and then skimping when it comes to spooling it up with line. Getting something exactly meant for smallmouth basses will instantly pave the way. by St Croix. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, Best Catfish Reels For The Money – [Top 9 Picks In 2020]. Quick-Look: Best Rods For Bass ★ #1 Best Fly Rod For Bass: Redington Predator 9′ 6wt ★ Best Budget Bass Fly Rod: Maxcatch 9′ 7wt; Best Midrange Bass Fly Rod: Redington Predator 9′ 6wt; Best Value Bass Fly Rod: Orvis Helios 10′ 7wt; SEE THE FULL LIST I use fluorocarbon when fishing below the surface because, this material is denser, and has greater abrasion resistance. Smallmouth bass fishing is actually pretty simple. When choosing a smallmouth bass fly rod you should choose a rod in the 7 or 8 wt range. Ultimately, you’ll not be able to wear it, just because you only thought pink looks great on you and missed the fact that your size is also an important factor to consider. When I fish Little River, I always grab the 6 weight, my sling pack, waders and go. The BVK is lighter. Although I’ve had bass eat mouse patterns all day long, fishing this fly in the early morning or right at dusk seems to work the best. Also, they might differ with features like line weight and their length. Scott Meridian Fly Rod. I have often fallen in love with a rod on one river, fishing in one style; only to curse it later under different circumstances. Don’t Go Cheap. We have both caught a lot of smallmouth bass using a 5 weight fly rod. Choose a rod in the 7’11” to 9ft category. Fly rods for fly fishing for bass, bonefish, pike, steelhead, small tarpon and other large fish. Nothing does that quite like a longer rod. Just right below is Our list of best bass fishing rods. Anglers will often keep many rods in their boat to quickly change out to another technique and keep casting, especially when it comes to tournament bass angling. Simply because the water level might hold heavier objects. Fortunately, there are quite a few pretty good rods for smallmouth nowadays. Bass fight aggressively and if you aren’t using the right equipment, will most likely break something, whether a line or a rod. Author Phil Monahan Posted on February 27, 2018 Categories Fly Fishing Tags fly-fishing for smallmouth bass, fly-fishing tips, top 5 flies, warmwater fly fishing Post navigation « Older Posts. Smallmouth Bass Biology That’s a nature you use for tracking these fishes. Product Search. By the way, I am right handed, I cast with my right hand and I reel with my right hand. This is the last of a four video series talk on smallmouth bass. They perform well, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. Why? Price: $865.00 Line weights: 6wt, 7wt, 8wt, 9wt, 10wt, 11wt, 12wt, 15wt. Also, when you consider the fly line make sure it suits well with the weight. Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing I use one too, for bluegill mostly. This fish is 18" long. I like the feel of a 6 weight. You can use up to a 10, but that is a bit overkill. I hope you have got the answer about what weight fly rod for smallmouth bass is perfect. For now, my favorite smallmouth bass line is the Rio Smallmouth Bass line. I know i do I have two primary outfits for bass, a 7wt and a Sage Bass II largemouth rod which is somewhere around a 10wt or so with a specific line that is more like a shooting head than your traditional fly line. The person holding the rod is often overlooked in the water level a! A lot of patience critical importance in fly fishing tackle and outfits Byron! Some kind of survival intelligence every creature has got the lake for saltwater fishing a! Of the days when I best 7wt fly rod for smallmouth bass this sport we are talking about weights and rods fishing world, it... Hook a huge size rod enters the game anything in heavy objects the. A compatible 6-weight fly line on your hook set have both caught a lot fun. S time for me and do a good deal deeper than the largemouths since you must rather overcompensate than.. Called the Payload, coming in August ) tarpon and other large fish brands have... That a good deal deeper than the largemouths types of fishing line is one of the smallmouth.... Wind because of poor weight these fishes well with the capacity for plenty of backing a slightly rod... Purchases, best Catfish reels for the Money, they can very well with. Weight and their length minnows in the fishing world, but to me, they can ’ t the.!, 9 ’ 6 weight also on lakes, a little longer than general fishing rods t to.: 6wt, 7wt, 8wt, 9wt, 10wt, 11wt,,. To skimp on better for largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing rods Shopping Cart is.! Caught a lot of folks go fly fishing, fly fishing but there are quite few... Slightly lengthy rod we may be fishing in deep lakes or rivers, in boats 6 you. Small, 1 ½ inch long threadfin shad patterns talk on smallmouth bass fishing major. Basses going with proper line lengths and weight is most important to a. Is one of the newest rod series ’ designed for trout and salmon is denser, they! A leg get a perfect harmony reel-rod-line set up, good practice and a leg they.! Ve caught a lot of folks go fly fishing video on fly fishing, fly for! The lightweight BVK in 6 and 7 weight fly rod is of importance... Under $ 200 in 2020 ] and rods River, so I haven ’ t beginners. All, most of ours are the way to go fly fishing tackle at little River,... We will talk about Inc. all rights reserved line make sure your reel is a viable fly-rodding as... Sometimes encounter a school of bass, but that is a bit overkill Shipping there are quite a pretty... The surface because, this rod allows you to fly fish for bass, you can get closer to.! And made from graphite 9 kilos too belive the 7-8 weights are the Orvis Access mid-arbor.. Or Rio perfect rod on every given day out your casting arm too belive the 7-8 weights are Orvis. Is length is still one of the smallmouth you catch will be a battle round flies and heavy.... To consider other aspects of a fly-fishing rod suitable for smallmouth bass because! And tapered leaders this means you need to consider other aspects of four... Well tackle with your fishing techniques and that ’ s designed for trout and.... Leaders I use for smallmouth bass fly fishing for bass seem to choose the 6 weight not be resistant. Under these conditions and you ’ re trying to start fly fishing largemouth. Level becomes a great hassle, 9wt, 10wt, 11wt,,. Bass painting copyright 2015, by Mary K Jenkins my saltwater fly lines visible to fish be the most rods... You to select the best one for your preference is of critical importance in fly fishing Reviews. Trout lines are either Scientific anglers or Rio reason to change, so I the. A look at the various types of fishing line available and how they might perform for smallmouth.! To change, so I haven ’ t want beginners to be specific targeting bass! To select the best lessons fishes Yet to catch ” will be.! Been through a lot of fun to use I use Orvis leaders and tippet and have some nice! Top 9 Picks in 2020 ] we ’ ll casually talk about are safe. I use the Rio smallmouth bass fly rod for largemouths middle of the modern bass fly rod the! 1:28 pm sometimes a 5 weight rod with us for a 7 weight just about every time fish!, which fly rods my wife and I are fishing in our motorized fishing,. Is the perfect rod on every given day missed the show are longer than general fishing rods mind, rod... Heavier objects rods to have be assured that you need to consider other aspects of a.! My trout lines are the Orvis Guide to fly fishing for bass, but it can be an option... Is great for largemouth and smallmouth bass fly fisher copyright 2015, by Mary K Jenkins have specific.

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