The camera died at the top, but you get the Idea. I suggested we work our way up the ridge from the south and the group agreed. The last stretch is a steep 1.5 km to the crest, from where you will have the most magnificent panoramic view of the Langeberg Mountain Range. Sleeping Beauty is located in public Forest Preserve in the Lake George Wild Forest area on the east side of Lake George From the forest the trail winds its way to the top behind the Sleeping Beauty mountain peak. Sleeping Beauty is a 590 m moderately popular blue singletrack trail located near Richmond Hill Ontario. Sleeping Beauty Mountain, part of the Lake George Wild Forest, is located on the east side of Lake George and is a moderate hike with a few steeper switchbacks.The trail ascends 1,038 feet and 2.1 miles from the Dacy Clearing Parking Area to the summit at 2,347 feet. Winter is also a great time for snowshoeing and X-Country Skiing. The Erebus Mountain Trail passes west of the true summit and it is very steep from the trail to the top. The trail is 6 km long and has several steep sections. The summer will bring larger crowds to its rocky summit, and in the winter the trails are used by snowmobiles. On the day we hiked to the falls, we also hiked to the top of Shelving Rock Mountain. Hike Description . Plus hikes to Sleeping Beauty Mountain, Buck Mountain, and Pilot Knob are just down the road. Sleeping Beauty Mountain 1.8 miles long (3.6 miles round trip) Fort Ann, Washington County. Sleeping Beauty Mountain is a 1.8-mile hike from the Dacy Clearing Road parking lot and trailhead. On average it takes 7 minutes to complete this trail. A hike to Sleeping Beauty and Erebus Mountains in the Lake George Wild Forest. Sleeping Beauty can be climbed at any time of year. After you wipe the sweat from your eyes they will drink in more beauty than they can hold. Protea species encountered on the Sleeping Beauty mountain trail are speciosa, grandiceps and coronata. Oh, but when you reach the top, what a reward. Sleeping Beauty Mountain. The Dogs and I take the 3 mile hike up and back to Sleeping Beauty Mountain on the east side of Lake George. Sleeping Beauty Mountain Park provides day hiking opportunities. The park has an old forest service trail which offers access to beautiful alpine lakes and impressive alpine hiking overlooking the Terrace area. Shelving Rock Falls is close to a number of fantastic hikes on the east side of Lake George. From the four-way junction, Hogtown / Sleeping Beauty trails to the summit, Sleeping Beauty, via the Sleeping Beauty Trail [PROCEED TO THE SUMMIT, TURN AROUND, THEN TURN RIGHT] 1.2 11.1 A swim in Shelving Rock Bay is also nearby. From the Trout Lake Valley, the profile of Sleeping Beauty resembles a maiden in repose, her petrified locks cascading down the south slope, her tears no doubt the bubbling source of Skull Creek. This mountain bike primary trail can be used both directions and has a moderate overall physical rating with a 8 m blue climb. Park Size: 298 hectares In places the trail has been carved into the mountain to make it possible to reach the top without technical gear.

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