In 1870, taking advantage of the fact that France (the country responsible at the time for guarding the Papal States) was distracted by involvement in the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71), the Italian army entered Rome. Prussia decides to stroke Italy's head for a bit, convincing himself it's okay if he only does it a little. The region is named after the Prussian Aborigines of Baltic origin. Prussia proved an able instrument yet again four years later, when a conflict between France and Prussia … It's a land of dense forests, many small lakes and marshes, and cold sandy beaches. submitted by a fan of Hetalia. After Prussia's victory, Italy annexed Venice. Alsace-Lorraine was transferred to Germany in the peace settlement, allowing Prussia to declare the German Empire, or Second Reich, on January 21, 1871. The Iron Cross usually shows up somewhere on their outfit. Edit Prussia is a name that was originally called the German province, later called "East Prussia". On the 8th of April, 1866, Alfonso La Marmora, the President of the Council, entered into an agreement with Otto von Bismarck, the Prussian Prime Minister. Following the Congress of Vienna, Prussia annexed large sections of … “He's probably the one who went through more turmoil because of this.” “If you had any idea what I've been through, you'd all be telling me I'm the best and most patient guy in the world. Prussia pouted. Prussia has an eye-patch with the … During the 1700s, Prussia had been steadily increasing in power and prestige. Prussia was also exceedingly militaristic, from their Crusader roots, from about 1250 AD onward. In ancient times, Prussia was the name of an area on the southern Baltic coast, between the rivers Vistula and Neman, to the north of Poland. This is so much fun!! (34407765) Prussia was also one of the three countries to partition Poland, and (though the wars brutalized central Europe), Prussia gained sizable territory at the Napoleonic Wars’ end). Typically shown wearing a Prussian-German military uniform (1856) with the flag of Prussia (1892-1918) as their skin. Prussia remarks that the feeling is like the Risorgimento . “Finally you actually did something about it,” Italy added. German confederation. “They're acting like he did all the work,” he grumbled to France. The _____ Empire dominated the confederation. Austrian. The German state of Prussia was aware of the tensions provoked by Austria’s presence in Venice, and the Italian Government seeking an ally against Austria, so they decided to ally with Italy. Like Italy, ____ also achieved national unity in the mid-1800s. In 1866 Italy joined Prussia in a campaign against Austria (the 1866 Austro-Prussian War) and thus won Venetia. :D You can choose to clean Germany's, Italy's, Sweden's, Switzerland's, Japan's, or Austria's house. During the Napoleonic period, however, Frederick William III ruled Prussia, and was proving to be a fairly … It took about 600 years to achieve control of the German states--Denmark in 1864 to secure two NW provinces, Austria in 1866, France in 1870, all of those to demonstrate to the other states that Prussia was 'the best leader'. German states formed a loose grouping called the _____. Commentary Like Italy, Germany had quite a few serious issues to resolve once unification took place. Prussia had a large german Population, nationalism unified Prussia, Prussia army was the mostpowerful in central Europe. A link to an external website The Cleaning Prussia-San Game! Advantages of Prussia. Frederick the Great had built an efficient state and a strong army.

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