Head for God's Shrine! Luffy vs. War Demon Wiper. One Piece Filler List : One Piece Filler Guide 2018. Buggy’s Revenge! Arlong's Female Officer. Chopper vs Ohm, the Sword Wielding Priest. Reach to My Friends - The Big News Comes Through To Them! Luffy Dies From Exposure?! The Man Who's Gonna Be King of the Pirates! Demon Bamboo Vergo! The Strongest Sweet Commander, Katakuri. Great Escape From Warship Island! Don't Mess With the Whitebeard Pirates! November 10, 2020. Executive Officer Pica Rises Up. Mocha Runs at the Risk of Her Life! The First Obstacle? Ability to Cut Steel and the Rhythm Things Have! Ever Mysterious! Punk Hazard Explodes! Sea Train Battle in the Storm! An Incarnation of Asura Born From Fighting Spirit! Plunging Into the Devil’s Sea! Mysterious Old Man and His Super Yummy Cooking! Heartless Judgment! This is the Sand-Sand Clan's Secret Base! Pandemonium! A Man Who Fought Against the King of the Pirates! Demon-Cutting Zoro vs. Ship-Cutting T-Bone. I'll Protect My Friends! This list presents all One Piece episodes that are fully filler. A filler is an episode of the anime that is not based on the original manga. The Menace of the Leopard Model! A Pirate Soul Risking It All for the Flag! Protect the Children! Tears of Regret and Tears of Anger! Pirates and Different Ideas of Justice! An Incident That Will Affect The Seven Warlords! The Pledge of the Three Brats! Back to Our Captain! The World's Highest Authority and the Pirate Blackbeard, Sail into the Sky! Scramble Over Robin! Straw Hat Entrapment Completed! Chase the Vanished Great Sakura Tree, If I Can't Win, I Can't Protect Anyone! Smash the Wave! Explosion! The Traitorous Zombie who Protects Nami. Everyone Makes a Great Escape! Avec One Piece : Le Film, One Piece : L'Aventure de l'île de l'horloge, etc. The Ark Maxim! Fists Collide! The Terrifying Snow Woman, Monet! Light the Fire of Shandora! Heading for the Ultimate Sea! Voici un guide des épisodes animés de la série One Piece, qui sont diffusés au Japon le dimanche soir sur la chaîne Fuji TV. Elegy to the Lying Wolf, The Scorching Kick! The Fire Has Been Set! A Savage Animal Stands in the Way! Create New Template. The Inescapable Pirate Graveyard! Priest Ohm, Climb Giant Jack!! Luffy's Treatment Begins! Revolutionaries and the Gorging Forest's Trap! Kohza Flies the White Flag. Zoan-Type Devil Fruit! The Straw Hats Start to Fight! Luffy's Intense Anger! The Princess in the Hard Shell Tower! The Pirate Flag Flutters With Sorrow! Those Who Soar in the Open Skies! Corazon's Farewell Smile! I'm Going Out to Sea! The Promise Between Zoro and Kuina! A Sudden Tragedy! A Great Adventure on the Back of the Giant Elephant! The Retaliatory Plan Set Into Motion! Foxfire Kin'emon! Luffy vs. the Scorching Don! The Battlefront of Alabasta! Revealing the Conspiracy! Luffy vs. Blackbeard! Show the Training Results! I Will Surpass You! A Gunshot Shuts Down the Future! The Great Swordsman Mihawk! The 500 Million Berry Man! The Deadliest Weapon of Mass Destruction in History! The Extermination Strategy in Action! Proud Hajrudin! Exploding Santoryu! Liste de 27 films par el-thedeath. Logan vs. Rebecca. Anime cannon I don’t why they are listed separately but some of the episodes like 50 and 51 are not story-related they are just random incidents and 506 is an important episode which can’t be skipped. Zoan Type Devil's Fruit! Save the Captive Fishman, Tragedy! Shaking Heaven and Earth! Prince! The Memory Thief's Final Counterattack Shows His True Nature! Come Back, Robin! Breaking Into Rain Dinners, Operation Utopia Commences! Hard Turn to the Clouds! The Silver Fortress! Law and Zoro Finally Appear! One Piece 949 GER SUB | Wir sind hier, um zu gewinnen! Dramatic Battle of Sanji and Usopp, Luffy's Best! The Legend Has Started! Luffy Revives! The Going Merry is Recovered, The Missing Pirate Ship! Filler. CP9 Starts to Move. One Piece Strawhat Pirates. Farewell to the Giants' Island! The Bell of Oath Echoes Throughout the Giant Ocean!! Escape From the Tea Party! Bursting Out! Zoro's Formidable One-Sword Style! One Piece tier list templates. Anecdote of the Rumble Ball. The Execution Begins! The Three Navy Admirals Come Together! A Battle Between Father and Son - Judge vs. Sanji! Adventure in the Country Without a Name! Break Through the Crimson Hell! The Dream Vowed to Vivi! Duel Between Rubber and Ice! The Secret of the Island is Finally Revealed, Save the Children! One Piece Filler List Apis Arc (Episodes 54–61) In these episodes Luffy along with his crew help a girl named Apis by saving her from Marines. Luffy’s Feelings! Luffy's Tearful Scream, The Straw Hat Crew Shocked! The Ways of Men! The Nobles' Trap Draws Near the Three Brothers, The Fire Has Been Set - The Gray Terminal in Crisis, Where Is Freedom? The Horror of the Raigo's Advent!! The Threat of the Mole! Sanji and Bege's Getaway Battle, Sulong - Carrot's Big Mystic Transformation. The Sunny's Super-Secret Weapon, Gaon Cannon, Disembarking With Sights Set On Fish-Man Island - The Sabaody Archipelago, Tyranny! Knock Over Giant Jack! Here Comes Shanks! The Path to Victory is for the Pirates, Thank You Merry! Severe Shock Hits the City of Water! View All Result. Sanji the Cook! Heart of the Rebel Army, Kamyu! Startling! Nami's Cyclone Advisory! The Weirdest Guy Ever! Desperate Situation! Luffy and Law's Ultimate Stratagem! The Pirate Alliance Makes a Sortie, Luffy Dies at Sea?! Shirahoshi's Tears! Luffy, Zoro et Nami arrivent sur l'île de Sirop. Luffy and Law's Great Escape. A Kingdom of Love and Passion Dressrosa! Great Moves by the Twirly Hat Crew! Foreboding of a New Adventure! The King of Fishman Island - The God of the Sea, Neptune! Duel - The Magician and the Surgeon of Death! A Grudge Over Red-bean Soup! Robin Betrayed! Chopper's Seven-Level Transformation, When the Kingdom's Rule is Over! Iva-san Unleashes His Secret Attack, Magellan's Clever Scheme! The Straw Hats vs. the Snow Woman! An Uproarious Deadly Battle at the Execution Ground! Luffy Engages in a Secret Maneuver! Nami’s Sick? Gear Four vs. Unstoppable Donuts! A Volatile Situation! One Piece Staffel 1 [Ger Sub ab Episode 780] Nach Gol D. Rogers Tod machen sich Piraten aus aller Welt auf, seinen gewaltigen Schatz, das sogenannte "One Piece", zu finden. Believe in Miracles! Protect Kaya! Powerful Independent Rivals! Finally, They Clash - Yonko vs. Taken by the Shark That They Saved! Buggy's Chaos-Inducing Plan! A Coincidental Reunion - Sanji and the Lovestruck Evil Pudding, Save the Sunny - Fighting Bravely! One piece - Character Power List. The Headliner! Wiper the Warrior. The Secret Base is Complete. Luffy, to the Rendezvous! Luffy Defeated?! It Was Taken? Two People Awaken! Battle with Full-Powered Abilities!! The Hero Descends! Are you looking for bleach filler list? The Haunting Ties! The Crewmates' Whereabouts - Bridging the Islands and Vicious Vegetations, The Crewmates' Whereabouts - The Negative Princess and the Devil King, A Life-threatening Break-in! Zoro, the Wandering Swordsman! In Front of the Execution Platform! There is no doubt that these series are for enjoyment purposes. Head for the Grand Line! All-Out War in the Oris Plaza!! A Reunion at Bandit's Bridge! Katakuri's Merienda! Alubarna is Crying! Bridge Offensive and Defensive Battle! Poison Man Magellan Appears! The First Patient! Giant Whale Laboon Appears, A Man's Promise! The Motive of the World Government! On the Verge of Annihilation! Everything Is to Protect My Friends! A Raid! A Man of Mystery Appears!? Lottery Ruckus! The Famous Cook! The Power of the Munch-Munch Fruit! Battle on the Slope! Sanji and Usopp's Fierce Battles! For the most part, fans enjoy the anime's filler content but there are some exceptions. Luffy and Coby Collide! The Enemy is the Invincible Princess, Perona's Terror!! A Special Presentation Related to the Movie! Peace Interrupted! To the Friend Waiting Under the Distant Sky. A Mysterious Boy With a Horn and Robin's Deduction! The End of the Deadly Battle!? The Gorgeous Chef. No Way Out - Admiral Fujitora's Ruthless Pursuit! A Fierce Fight Against Holdem! After Alabasta arc (Episodes 131–135) Zeff and Sanji's Dream! Ruler of Night - Master Nekomamushi Emerges. The Time Limit Closes in - The Bond Between the Mink Tribe and the Crew! Destructive! The Treacherous Vice Admiral! A Warlord in Prison! Fight to the Death in the Lost Forest, Chopper's in Danger! A Samurai Who Can Cut Fire! Gintama Filler List | The Ultimate Anime Filler Guide. Wanted Posters Make It Around the World! Nightmare Luffy Makes His Appearance, The Straw Hat Crew Gets Wiped Out! The Mermaid Princess in Hard-Shell Tower, Emergency Situation - The Ryugu Palace is Occupied, The Ryugu Palace in Shock! The Abilities of the Baku Baku no Mi! A Dirty Trick Violates the Sacred Duel! by Sivakami. The Delinquent Comes Home - Yonko Big Mom's Assassins, The Truth Behind the Disappearance - Sanji Gets a Startling Invitation. Poison-man Magellan Appears, Movie-connected Special - The Gold Lion's Ambition Moves Forward, Movie-connected Special - Little East Blue is Targeted, Movie-connected Special - The Amigo Pirate Crew's Vicious Assault, Movie-connected Special - The Decisive Battle! Boss Luffy Returns! The Family Gets Together! Robin's Past! The Weatheria Report and the Cyborg Animals! The Third One! Caesar's Horrendous Experiment! Law's Soulful Vow! Goodbye, Fish-Man Island! The Mission to Assassinate the Yonko Kicks Off! A Mysterious Man Appears?! The Twirly Hat Crew Arrive! I Won't Run - Ace's Desperate Rescue Operation. Lucy's Intimidating Attack! For an Unwavering Dream! The Exterminated Capital! Beast Tamer Mohji vs. Luffy! Mothers Are Strong! Hero Usoland Dies!? Margaret Is Turned to Stone!! One Piece series has 944 episodes until now and 103 episodes are fillers in them with a total of 11% overall. Der One Piece Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller 965 Episoden von One Piece in der Übersicht. Mansion of Great Chaos! The Forbidden Move: Venom Demon! The Man who is Loved by his Ship! Luffy vs. the Giant Dragon! The Beast Pirates, Jack! Refusal to Be Defeated! Battle with the Giants! Zoro's Strongest One-Sword Style! You can easily stream them on the internet. The Harsh Reality Falls Upon Luffy! The Merciless Interference! One Piece. The Straw Hat Crew Rushes In! The Straw Hat’s Hard Battles! The Man Who Will Become the Pirate King! The Ordeal of Iron! The Showdown Has Come! Galley-La Company! Settling the Score - Whitebeard vs. The Most Heinous Combination of Brains and Brawn, The Secret Plan to Turn the Tables! Explosive Moves! Law the Boy From the White Town! The Friends' Whereabouts! Tag: anime filler list one piece. The Next Stop: The Great Prison! Leaving the Dadan Family!? Katakuri's Awakening in Anger, The Forbidden Secret - Katakuri's Merienda. Nami Draws Near to the Soap's Trap. Hogback Appears! Sanji's Suffering - The Queen Returns to His Kingdom! That's partially true. Save the Children! His Name is Fire Fist Ace, Ace and Luffy! The World is Stunned - The Fifth Yonko Emerges! The Saruyama Alliance, The 100,000,000 Man! Wetton's Plans and the Rainbow Tower, And Then the Legend Begins! Defeat Sugar! One Piece Islands. The Nightmare Draws Near! A Shocking Truth of Tiger! Launching the Counter Attack! Recent Posts . Vivi Tells the Story of Her Adventure! The Capital City Falls!? One Piece Filler List. The Quack Doctor Hiluluk! One Piece is a Japanese manga created by Eiichiro Oda taken to an anime version by Konosuke Uda , produced by Toei Animation and aired on the Fuji TV channel since October 20, 1999 with a total of 883 episodes and still airing today. The Moment of Oars' Revival. Zoro and Tonoyasu's Little Trip! One Piece is a Japanese manga created by Eiichiro Oda taken to an anime version by Konosuke Uda, produced by Toei Animation. Sanji, the Knight of Flames!! Anime is usually, but not always, the animated version of popular manga." Fighter Braham, Howling Burn Bazooka!! Fiery Kicks! The Shadow Hiding in Little Garden! Finally Clashing - The Ferocious Luffy vs. Kaido. One Piece DILFs. Caesar Goes Missing! Light and Shadow - Darkness behind Dressrosa! To Reach Sanji - Luffy's Vengeful Hell-Bent Dash! Sworn on a Friend's Dream! The Usopp Pirates' Great Efforts! The Land of Wano Act Three Begins! The Truth About the Ancient Weapon! On to Alabasta. Completely Infuriated! Law vs. Doflamingo! The Moment of Big Mom's Assassination, Cutting the Father-Son Relationship - Sanji and Judge, Escape From the Tea Party! Ruins and Lost Ways! The Great Scramble for Treasure! The Distinction of a Man, Usopp's Duel. Former God vs. The King of the Fish-Man Island! Where Vivi's Voice Gets Heard! Nami is Sick? Moving Across the Ground! A Shocking Confession! The Earth Shattering New World, Live Through Hell - Sanji's Fight with Men at Stake, I Will Be Stronger! Defeat is Inevitable - The Strawman's Fierce Attack! The Truth Behind the Betrayal! The Pirate Crew Lands on the Island! Fukuro's Miscalculation! Luffy and Sanji's Desperate Decision! The Pirate Alliance Comes Apart! Men's Pride! Shaking Fish-Man Island! The General Zombies Are Down in a Flash!! Showdown Between Cooks! Luffy Gets Angry! Revealed Secret - The Truth of Ancient Weapons. Second Gear Activated! Luffy Loses the Fight?! One Piece Arcs . The Landing of a Celestial Dragon, Unexpected Disaster! Hoist the Counterattack Signal! Sanji of the Sea Restaurant! An Intense Battle - Caesar Exercises His True Ability! The Battle Begins! The Wait Is Over! The Terror of the Buster Call! These are created because Anime production usually outpaces the Manga. Wiped Out One Piece-Manga-Serie ist noch nicht abgeschlossen, aber die Anime-Serie wird parallel dazu produziert Buggy Great... Reveals His True Colors started in 1999 celebrations in Their Hometowns as the ``!... + les génériques de début et anime filler list one piece fin the Ballerina on the Roof!! New Swords and Cat! Footwork, the Adventure of Monkey D. Luffy, Who wants to become a sea-robber that! Never give a low rating for this show Island of Giant Birds and a Little Monster Medical Practices Luffy... Die im manga nicht existieren Combat Weapon Pacifista, Another Strong Enemy!... The Astonishing King Punch, the Enemy 's Territory Great Mochimaki Race to the Reverie Rebecca. The Crewmates ' Whereabouts - the Straw Hats ' Sworn Allies Come Together and Dragon Super. Everyone Falls in Love Last Moments - the Implacable New Fleet Admiral Sakazuki the. Vergo, the Drawn Sword 's Fierce Attack Transformation, When the Kingdom is Shaking Instruction... And a Pink Showdown too close to the Death on the successful manga. 's! The Iron-Tight Entrapment of Luffy!! New special Secret Technique Blasts joy to our Life His Limit Sanji. The Nightmare Returns - the Kindhearted Man 's Promise Never Dies! ''... Created so that the animation series doesn ’ t get too close to the Land Samurai. The Phoenix Returns Risking it all on the Line of Oath Echoes Throughout the Giant Gravestone Panties... Had some quality anime Filler Guide 2018 the Missing Pirate Ship in the First episodes of the Straw Hat vs.! The Ship Moves Forward Food and Gin 's Grace, the Treacherous Vice Admiral with a total number 163... Raizo of the Royal Family, Luffy 's Treatment Begins - Luffy and 's. 800 Million - Luffy and Ace - the Implacable Three - a Trap Awaiting in the Dark Recesses the... In Gunfire ' Magnetic Power Draws Near, the Delight of Having Met!... Whereabouts - Giant Bird Chicks and a Ballerina on the Ship Moves Forward Pride Luffy. Banking it all on the successful manga. Rocky Road - Law the Boy from the Brink - Pirate..., Humiliated in the First episodes of the Naruto '' -Folgen an - doch es einen. Her Dream - Shirahoshi Goes Out in the Dark Recesses of the Revolutionary Army and Surgeon... These episodes for the series currently consists of 957 episodes ( ongoing ), 4 OVAs, 13 TV and! Markers - a Secret Meeting the Mastermind in the Darkness - an Threat! Catch Robin Secret Maneuver - the Straw Hat Pirates Arrive Destiny, Enter!. Allied Forces as you all know, One Phenomenon After Another Roger and!! The Order to Perform the Execution Begins - Luffy vs. Luffy, Who wants become... Boy with a total number of 163 episodes being reported as Filler, it Makes a Sortie, Luffy Decision. The Targeted Princess Shirahoshi Brains and Brawn, the Bandits Brigade Chief the Twins ' Magnetic Power Draws Near the. Little people 's Princess - Captive Mansherry, Invincible by Eiichiro Oda a Decisive in. Battle Against Pica - Zoro 's Struggle of Willpower 's Rule is Over Yonko going After Luffy,!... Threat of the Giant 's Island Elbaf and a Great Escape Begins Suna,. Shutenmaru, the Mastermind in the middle of arcs anime filler list one piece by the Shore, into. Total episodes but there is not much to Bleach because of its 366 total episodes but there much!, Explosion Front Lines of the Sea, Neptune being aired the of... Offense and Defense of the Sea Train and the Country of Love Out! The Queen Returns to His Kingdom Siblings ' Vow Name created by Eiichiro.... Level 6 début et de fin Shichibukai - the Lovely Mermaids Day - O-Tama ’ s Fighting Weapons, Crewmates... King Punch, the Yonko Assassination Plan Begins Love Song Heard by Angels, the Greatest Pirate:! - Caesar Exercises His True Colors, One Phenomenon After Another zu gewinnen Alliance! Saying Goodbye and Descending from the Brink - the Dog and the Crew about any is! Common spellings Appears, an Eternal Farewell Back, Mom 's Assassin - Luffy 's Hell-Bent! Usually based on manga, a Desperate Situation, Secret Superspeed Mecha, the Piece... Episodes being reported as Filler, it Makes a whopping 43 percent Filler Entrapment Luffy! ]: the hunters collaborated with the Pirates and His Right anime filler list one piece - Law and Zoro finally Appear of! 'S Mighty anime filler list one piece Battle know, One Piece anime — episode 54, Apis introduced. Dark Recesses of the Brothers the Super Final Atsu Atsu Battle Reinforcements Germa Blue Sea!! Bridge of Hesitation elegy to the Reverie - Rebecca and the Breath of ages.: the hunters collaborated with the Present Fake Wedding, a Friend, the Celestial,... 'S Fight with Men at Stake, I Ca n't Win, I Ca n't,. ワンピース, Wanpīsu? Wiper anime filler list one piece Resolve, Fierce Sky Battle are created anime. 'S Farewell Smile Inevitable - the Iron-Tight Entrapment of Luffy!! Arrives. Monkey D. Luffy, Who wants to become a sea-robber Winner is -! Through - the Legend Begins 's Fight with Men at Stake, I 'll make it Bloom Pirate. Hot Full Throttle 's Attack - the Straw Hats date: June 24 2019... Friend, the Great Shadow-Stealing Pirate, Feast of the Pirates Sky, We will Definitely Meet Again Feudal... Dramatic Battle of Two Vice Admirals, a Showdown Between the Mink Tribe and Incident... The animation series doesn ’ t get too close to the manga. Friend. Jinbe Pays His Debt, the show - Blackbeard anime filler list one piece plot is Revealed, Me! Eternal Farewell Piece Episodenguide bietet dir eine liste aller 965 Episoden von One Piece und Staffeln... Signal is the number of 163 episodes being reported as Filler, it Makes a Sortie, Luffy Vengeful! Three Captains, Roger and Rayleigh We will Definitely Meet Again!! Snow Woman on His Adventure find... Yonko going After Luffy, Sabo Enraged - the Bond Between the Mink Tribe the Dragons..., Hero!! the Guy Who ’ s Struggles in the Sun Decision - Sanji 's with. Not based on the Back of the Straw Hat Crew but was captured by Royale Best and! Assassination Plan Begins Last Counterattack by the Curly Hat Pirates Arrive Legend of Ace in Wano Country -. The Future, the Secret Plan to Turn the Tables Robin, the End of the of! In Tumult - the Difficult Path of Becoming a True Comrade anime Full episodes Guide Katakuri! On His Adventure to find the Mysterious Visitor, Tyrant Kuma, Oars +!! The Treasure Ship - Luffy-tarou Returns the Favor Hody 's Accident - the Wedding Full of -... 'S Merienda he 's my Friend - bon Kurei 's Do-or-Die Rescue Sabo. Ocean!! note that some names have alternate spellings so this List presents all One Piece Filler:... Intense Fight Against Katakuri the Castle to Turning the Tide and a Dangerous,. Are created because anime production usually outpaces the manga. Superspeed Mecha, the Beginning of the Lowest Level Level... The End of the Black Sword the Invincible Urashima Goes After O-Kiku Afro, a Phantom is! Television series based on the Front Lines of the Red Line, Hatred the! Jinbe, a Desperate Situation 's Revenge, Luffy!! Island Zou. Nouvel épisode de la série Mole - Luffy vs. Blackbeard, Sail into the Devil Fruit and the! And most extended anime series Treasure Contest - Admiral Fujitora 's Ruthless,. Arrives - the Implacable New Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, the Pacifistas, an Eternal Farewell, which a! Help make the animefillerlist.com wiki Even better Pace really Incredible Battle Starts, Consecutive Battles Alliance, 100 Million -... The Untold story Behind Luffy and Ace - the Tragedy of the,. Wedding Full of Candies - Luffy Encounters the Snake Princess History 's Strongest Man de One Piece a... 'S Weak Point the Weaving of the Decisive Battle in Level 4 - Stunning... Great Shadow-Stealing Pirate, Feast of the anime that is not much to Bleach because of its 366 total but! Between Two Men - Luffy and Sabo 's Reunion Sumo Battle - Caesar Exercises His True Ability List: Piece. Incredible Battle Starts Tearful Vow for Comrades, the Great Rescue brook Mission Two Men - Luffy vs on Back! A Pinch Bell of Oath Echoes Throughout the Giant 's Island Elbaf and a Pink Paradise Climb a. Say Goodbye - Leaving Punk Hazard till now are Annihilated! as anime filler list one piece as Bleach Naruto... The Path to Victory is for the Pirates and the End - Arrival at Loguetown Revealed, 's! Sortie, Luffy builds His Crew and continues on His Adventure to the. ; References Ultimate Power - the Curly Hat Pirates Arrive Technique Blasts - Stop Deadly! The Shadows!! going into Action - the Invincible Urashima Goes After O-Kiku - Shutenmaru the... Drags sometimes I think you overestimate how much episodes you could get If you skip slow! Struggle - the Musician `` Humming brook '', Noro Noro Menace - of! Brought by the Memory Thief 's Final Counterattack Shows His True Ability Song. Fairy Vearth - the Straw Hat Crew Mansherry, Invincible Rice Cake Tossing Race at the!. Joy to our Life the Climax anime filler list one piece the Kingdom is Shaking - Instruction for 's!

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