Initially, when the dragonborn interacted with Ysolda, the dialogue progressed to starting the Ysolda's Tough Lesson quest. During the quest A Night To Remember, you will have to retrace your steps after the blackout cause by drinking heavily with Sam Guevenne.Your search takes you to Rorikstead where local farmer Ennis will provide a hint: "You left a note but it was mostly gibberish, the only bit I could make out was 'after repaying Ysolda in Whiterun.'" - posted in Skyrim Special Edition Discussion: I never noticed this before, but after robbing Belethor I was able to sell his items back to him, which confused me. She does keep mentioning a bard named Mikael. I ended up with the quest for Ysolda in Whiterun and the mammoth tusk before I went to Falkreath. Hope that helps. Find Mammoth Tusk. save. There are just two dialogues, one related to khajit and the other related to trading caravans and no third option. I reccommend having a home first, as hers is poo. Okay, managed to get Ysolda's mammoth tusk quest. I ended up with the quest for Ysolda in Whiterun and the mammoth tusk before I went to Falkreath. 6. I talked to Ysolda again and was able to start her quest. So I did her quest and got her a mammoth tusk and there is still no dialogue option to marry her. 4. Ysolda Quest not appearing Ysolda will not give me the quest rare gifts even though i have not completed it, and once came up to her with a mammoth tusk... help D: (edited by A Fandom user) So i got a mammoth tusk but for some reason Ysolda won't give the quest. The quest to bring Ysolda the mammoth tusk is an instance of the radiant quest Rare Gifts. ". Bethesda sucks for one. Ysolda wont give me the mammoth tusk quest. I’ve gone through every dialogue option many times, i’ve spoken to her pretty much every time im in whiterun, i’ve tried getting rid of the mammoth tusk from my inventory and then speaking to her, and i’ve even done the sleeping tree sap thing and sold her the sap. Ysolda is scripted to take over the Bannered Mare upon the death of Hulda. OR, give the Mammoth Tusk to Modesi in Riften for his quest (if you haven't already done so), and getting a new tusk for Ysolda. It is also one of only two locations where the Transmute spell tome may be found. (*Later that day, we see Ysolda passed out in the back room of the Bannered Mare, evidently after snorting moon sugar and doing the nasty with three Khajiit dudes. hide. Ergo, you'll need to leave the general area and come back later to receive the quest. So yeah I want to marry Ysolda. And it won't happen with Ysolda for every player. ... Reading this note will start the quest Build Your Own Home. Ysolda gave me this miscellaneous quest to bring her a mammoth tusk but when i returned with it, the dialogue option does not appear. Please send help! To make Ysolda the innkeeper of the Bannered Mare, you'll have to kill Hulda, or get her to die in some manner. Yep it doesn't work. Ysolda is a female Nord ... the help and aid of the Khajiit to start her own Merchant/caravan business of her own. The reason you're not able to get Ysolda to offer the mammoth tusk quest is because that quest is tied to a Change Location Event. I do want to kill a giant at some stage but my I reloaded previous saves to test things out and it came to be after giving Ysolda the mammoth tusk, it removed the stolen tag. Now whenever I speak to several NPCs who give you miscellaneous quests, the option to get the quest wont appear. It shows up as a quest in the journal, and it has two tasks: Talk to Ysolda, and Get and complete Ysolda's related quest to retrieve a Mammoth's Tusk. Anyone know what to do? However for them to help her she requires to present them with a mammoth’s tusk. Source(s): Married her 3 times. She will not appear in all the shops at the same time. It was around a year when i've started developement on this mod. Few things of note here. what should I do? 5. Can someone please help because i am going to purchase hearthfire but i am not thane of falkreath and siddgeir hasn't given me a quest for black briar mead. However, Ysolda is not leaving her house. i have a mammoth tusk cause i know you have to do a quest for her n get it but i cant even get that quest to start.

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