But it wasn’t always that way. Filmsupply. Musicbed, Fort Worth, Texas. The proper license protects your projects from rights infringement and helps keep everything above board. We run a very heavily curated library and experience, so we’re best suited to projects that are really drilling into every aspect of production — including the score. This first comparison is going to be tough. And those findings we’ll need to treat something like a core sample. We’ve recruited our team of in-house professionals directly from the music industry, and they vet each track three different times before acquiring it for our library. $500 USD. Log In. Create an Account. We cover everything from lighting a dark set to working with DaVinci Resolve to marketing your film. We can tell you about it until we turn blue in the face, but nothing showcases the magic like listening yourself. ), their offering might be a better fit. We believe you should have access to great music to bring your vision to life—and it shouldn’t come with miles and miles of red tape. Our editors and writers all have hands-on experience with indie filmmaking, corporate filmmaking, game design, YouTube, vlogs, social media, and marketing. Log in to get started. Choose Business subscription if you represent a commercial, incorporated business. Legal disclaimer This promotion is valid worldwide for 24 hours on Friday 29th of November, 00:00 AM, until Saturday, 30th of November at 00:00 AM, local time, and applies to the following: all tracks and Track Packs in the Licensing Catalog (licensing.jamendo.com). Create Account. Total Value: $1,315 USD. Start Subscription. Musicbed first announced the Membership licensing subscription at NAB 2018. With libraries of this size, finding the right track is the name of the game. Pay Annually. Let’s break them down: Individual. It all begins with what we do with our attention — there is a finite amount of time in a day and a nearly infinite number of ideas vying for that time. Non-Profit Plan: This is a plan for organizations like schools and churches. About Musicbed. We know how to create content, and we spend the time in the trenches it takes to recognize challenges, needs, and pain points — all of which our music team irons out for the ideal browsing experience. Start Subscription. If you’re doing fewer projects, taking more time with a project, or working with a budget you can’t project twelve months out, PremiumBeat might be the choice for you. Their placements demonstrate that they’re putting in their own time to guarantee quality tracks, geared primarily toward filmmakers. The main distinction is that we at PremiumBeat are constantly working to enrich the variety of sound you can license on our site. Sure, of course we think we’re the best — why do anything if you’re not going to believe in it? You can use the music in commercial and for-sale projects with unlimited sales / revenue (corporate marketing video, advertisement, for sale film / game, paid projects). Best in class content means better than everyone else, which includes everything from concept to production values to distribution models. Subscription and single song categories are now the same—making things seamless and easy to compare. Songs Playlists Custom Music Our Work Pricing. Our international team of contributors has been solving filmmaking problems and answering filmmaking questions for years. $149 per song – Internal, External AND Streaming (The same terms as the Single Purchase Standard License apply to the subscription license.). You can see a similar approach at Musicbed, with the “songs,” “latest,” and “playlist” buttons on the site’s nav bar. Music Licensing for Video, Film & Advertising | Musicbed. This view will list all the amazing artists available on Musicbed. Create Projects. For large brands with 250+ clients, the Enterprise subscription plan gives you access to the content you need to keep up with high-volume output. About Musicbed. Musicbed, like PremiumBeat, targets filmmakers as one of its primary audiences, and you see this reflected clearly on the site’s main landing page. And if you’re not even sure which genre you’re looking for, you can explore the library by feel. You can generate ad revenue with this plan, and you’ll save money by paying upfront annually rather than monthly at a rate of $719.88 USD. Hand-picked selection of Royalty-Free tracks for your podcast. That’s why our selection process is so rigorous. Access Facebook group of global creators ($60 Value!) But we’re also not dumb. We don’t take more than our musician’s share on licenses, and our artists maintain the rights to their music. Need ambisonic, binaural, or ASMR sound for games, VR/360 video projects? The subscription runs for a period of twelve months without an option for early cancellation. When we introduced subscription we made things more simple with four categories: Business, Non-Profit, Wedding, and Individual. If quality is pretty equal, and quantity is an unanswerable question, we’re left with the search experience, the pricing models, and the rights attached to the tracks themselves. Over the years we’ve made artists like Ben Rector, Judah and The Lion, Chad Lawson, Flagship, and hundreds of others available to creatives around the world. And as we’ve said a couple of times, best-in-class can mean a razor-thin advantage with one tool over another. Chance to win 1 year Musicbed subscription (+ 2 free months of Musicbed subscription) ($800 Value!) Due to the nature of … Playlists. PremiumBeat has a library of over 20,000 songs, covering just about anything you can think of. All Non-Profit organizations now fall under the same category. You can find a similar experiential browsing experience at Musicbed as well. For Personal Projects $ 19. You don’t have to license PRO-free tracks when you’re creating content for your YouTube channel. We know our tracks work because we use them ourselves — both on the channel and in our own projects. This was 100% necessary to eliminate hundreds of licensing options and make the entire process more clear and straightforward. With contributors at all stages of their careers, we have insights for everyone. You can look directly at a master list of songs, you can browse playlists (like our collections), or you can simply listen to their latest acquisitions. That’s why we’re excited to announce the biggest update to our pricing structure—ever. PremiumBeat and Musicbed both clearly have a passion for our respective libraries, and we both clearly care about providing that best-in-class music for our users. And if that weren’t enough, we’re continually building out the Masterworks collection, which brings you live recordings of professional orchestral music for that sweeping, professional sound that you hear in all your favorite movies, games, and TV shows. We have reduced the steps to license by nearly 90% while still protecting the incredible music our artists trust us with. Download Temp Tracks. Perpetual Rights & Worldwide validity. Experience the best TheBeat has to offer. They cost $59.00 USD. Subscriptions starting at $19.99. The pricing model hasn’t changed since 2018 either, with Soundstripe offering the same $135 for unlimited music licences, $252 for music plus sfx and stems and a business subscription for $795 which includes team member accounts and on-demand playlist curation. Create an Account. This also makes our licensing categories clearer. The first change is a minor one: “Personal” subscriptions are now called “Individual” subscriptions. We saw creatives around the world inspire change with our Musicbed Reopen Challenge, simplified the licensing process with an all-new pricing structure, and added countless new, incredible artists to our roster. Pay Annually. The short version is that PremiumBeat and Musicbed overlap in regards to their general offerings —genres, categories, etc., so we’ll have to drill down to find the subtle differences. So, in this comparison, we’ll look at two of the major players in the royalty free music game: us, PremiumBeat, and Musicbed. To date, they have had a model that sells their tracks individually on a per use basis. Since the day we launched Musicbed, the wedding community has been passionate and loyal. It's a true win-win—filmmakers get an easier avenue to better films and musicians find an entirely new audience for their work. Finding the perfect track for your project is a big deal when we’re talking about libraries of this size. Blog. Both libraries will allow you to also filter for songs with lyrics or instrumental songs. For Personal Projects $ 19. In-house experts curate our collections every step of the way, from initial acquisition to sustained contributions and everything in-between. We use tracks from the PremiumBeat library in every video we create — you can see for yourself by checking the metadata in the description. The full size of their library and their rate of acquisition is proprietary knowledge, but, like us, they’re only considering musicians who can help you create a professional sound for your project. It costs $49 USD, and you can use the track in as many projects you want for as long as you want — the agreement doesn’t expire. This plan is $79.99 USD per month for a twelve-month term ($719.88 USD, if you pay upfront annually). As we said before, sometimes the difference between successful and unsuccessful content comes down to razor-thin margins of quality. We know every royalty free music library has its strengths and weaknesses, and we want to know what ours are. The price is US$9 per month. We’re so thankful for that community, so we want to be upfront and transparent about the change we’ve made. If you have specific questions about our new pricing, check out our FAQs or drop us a line (email support@musicbed.com with the subject line: Price Update). There are narrow margins for error, and the best practices in content creation usually come down to razor-thin differences of approach. You can check out our YouTube channel to see where the rubber meets the road. No more scaled pricing based on followers, and no more choosing which platforms you want to cover. That’s why royalty free music is so popular. Built for Filmmakers. An important distinction is that Musicbed’s tracks are not royalty free; they’re rights managed. This plan is $69.99 USD per month for a twelve-month period for organizations between 1-50 employees. Latest Placements. As with the Business Subscription, you can generate ad revenue with this license. The creative milieu spans everything from narrative short films to mobile gaming apps to high-value advertising campaigns. Curating a music library specifically for content creators takes more than simple lip service. Regular Price: $600 USD. While the two libraries offer slightly different approaches to the browsing and showcasing experience, they are similar in their appeal for content creators looking for options and not just lists. It looks to us as if two different ideal user profiles have shaken out of this comparison. Not for client work ; Web. Blog. Getting in and out with this license is a piece of cake, especially if you’re on a tight budget and not pumping out a ton of new content. Personal Use. Like PremiumBeat, Musicbed offers advanced search functionality, which we’ll take a look at a little later. Send your articles and ideas to blog@musicbed.com. what's covered. We looked at data across thousands of licenses to find prices that fit the most people. If you can think of a music genre, Musicbed has dozens of stock music ready for you. Songs. It’s a plan intended for personal use and not clients. Sign Up . Discover a highly curated roster of label-quality musicians and composers. Truly outstanding content takes inspiration from cultures around the world. With fewer steps and clear licensing categories, getting the right license is now more seamless than ever. Our artists constantly create new tracks that meet our (very) high standards of quality, which you see reflected in offerings like our ever-expanding collection of PRO free (Performance Rights Organizations) tracks. A library of 20,000 mediocre tracks wouldn’t even be worth as much as a library of 1,000 best-in-class tracks. Filmsupply. Featured prominently in the nav bar at the top of the landing page, oblique, non-search browsing options showcase an organic, feelings-based approach to finding tracks. This will allow us to continue to support our artists while working to make even bigger artists available for wedding films. This subscription plan is also for a twelve-month term, and you can save money by paying annually rather than monthly. Each download also includes shorts, loops, and stems, offering you more control over your music in the editing bay. Log In. Youtube, Facebook, etc. Rather than searching for a particular type of instrument, for example, browsing genres and moods can help you home in on the personality of the track you’re seeking. So, not only can you pick up the tracks you need, you can learn how to modify them for custom sounds no one will hear anywhere else. Musicbed has announced today at NAB 2018 that they are planning to offer a subscription option to their pricing. You can generate ad revenue with this plan, and you’ll save money by paying upfront annually rather than monthly at a rate of $719.88 US… Blog. It gives you five tracks per month at a price of $12.99 USD per track, for a total of $64.95 USD per month over a three-month commitment. Plus, you have the right to edit and remix the tracks however you like for a fully customized soundtrack. Our single download rate is $10 lower, and our subscription commitments are only for three months, not twelve, so you’re out less at the onset. In the end, we’ll see where the chips fall and which service makes the most sense under which circumstances. The quality is there, and the quantity is there. If Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, TikTok, or Vimeo removes your content due to copyright issues, you’ll need to file a DMCA counter-notification yourself, which should resolve the issue. Time is the primary currency of today’s media world. 107K likes. 99 /mo. This license is specific to online, non-commercially distributed projects. Log In. It goes for US$19 per month. As you might expect, we have more insight into our own operation than we do Musicbed’s, so the coverage will be a little lopsided. To make it clear right away: Single-use licenses aren’t going anywhere, this new way of subscription based licensing music for your projects is an addition to the old-fashioned way. Get your perfect song faster with single-song options, subscriptions, and custom music. We don’t think anyone will be surprised if we say we think we’re a slightly more appealing general-use platform that can scale from intro-level to PRO-free, ready-for-broadcast-and-distribution. We also think it’s important to take a global perspective when it comes to royalty free music. Find the Perfect Plan for Your Team Browse our annual subscription pricing plans below. Licensing music has never been easier for creators. All of the songs you hear in the PremiumBeat library are exclusive, meaning you won’t find them anywhere else, so you know you can find the kind of gems that will give your project that custom, one-of-a-kind feel. Musicbed Archives - Musician With A Day Job . Unlimited License at one simple price. Musicbed exists to help you find the perfect song for your project, with a curated roster featuring hundreds of leading composers and emerging indie artists. If there’s one thing we’ve learned digging into this comparison, it’s that these are two very solid music libraries. That means you’re not just browsing the same library over and over — it’s a different collection each time you come back for a new project. Your downloads include full tracks (both .wav and .mp3), also with shorts, loops, and stems. Create an Account. Real Artists. STUDENT TESTIMONIALS. We’re Giving Away $80k in Grants and Gear, Reaching the Hardest to Reach People on Earth, special pricing to 501c3 and equivalent organizations. You’re restricted to fifty downloads per 24-hour period to prevent unnecessary downloading of un-watermarked songs. PremiumBeat is a little cheaper in the short run. Type above and press Enter to search. Trends are different everywhere — our library will help you keep up when it’s time to dip your toes into a new pool. The first way to begin your search is with suggestions. You can save money if you pay annually rather than monthly since the annual rate is $159.99 USD per year. Email. Case Study: 3 Ways Editor Lucas Harger Selected Music for An 8 Episode Docuseries, White in Revery’s Survival Guide for Editing Wedding Films, Selected Takes: Three Editing Lessons from Tom Rolf, Selected Takes: 3 Editing Lessons From Anne V. Coates, Keep Moving: A Conversation with Mikey Rossiter from The Mill, 4 Reasons to Compete in the 2017 Filmsupply Challenge, “Comedies Are Really Crafted in the Edit…”, Editing Secrets from Legendary Editor Walter Murch, Then, a Hurricane Hits: Filmmaker Chris Murphy on the Production of YETI’s Kekoa, Pioneers of the Moving Picture: Essential Filmmakers Worth Studying, Behind the Film: On Set with Director Salomon Ligthelm, Building Cadillac’s Oscars Spot From Scratch, How Blue Ox Films Brought Nike’s Lebron 17 Spot to Life, 10 Movies Directed by Women You Should Watch, Tell the Truth: A Guide to Interviewing for Documentaries, Falling Forward: Writer/Director Dionne Edwards on Screenwriting with Honesty, How to Build a Believable Story: 5 Screenwriting Tips, A Conversation with Casey Warren and Danielle Krieger, Dr. Richard Raskin: New Theories of the Short Film, Carry Bolt Cutters: Werner Herzog on Filmmaking, Pretty Much Everything We Know About Interviewing, Lessons from Hollywood: Fixing Story Problems, Matthew Porterfield on the Power of Unconventional Narratives, Producers Roundtable: How to Get Your Film Off the Ground, Behind the Production of ‘Prodigy’, Quibi’s Brand-New Short Film Series, Producing Branded Content: Breaking Down a CNN Campaign, An Executive Producer Breaks Down the ‘TUMI x Chris Pratt’ Spot, Be a Creative Producer: A Conversation with Wunderman Thompson’s Amanda Riley, Manhattan Mellow Drama from On the Rocks Cinematographer Philippe Le Sourd, Cinematographer Phedon Papamichael, ASC Captures the 60’s in Netflix’s The Trial of the Chicago 7, Creating Ridley Scott’s Ethnographic World with Cinematographer Ross Emery, ACS, Developing Westworld’s New World with Paul Cameron, ASC, Breaking Down the Cinematography of The Lighthouse, DP Chayse Irvin, CSC on Constraints, Contradictions, and Shooting ‘BlackKklansman’, The Art of Articulation: A Conversation with Alex Buono, Street Casting and Cheese Rolling with French Filmmaker Thibaut Grevet, Models, Miniatures, and ‘The Mandalorian’, The DIY Magic Behind the Scenes of ‘Others Will Follow’, VFX Legend Robert Legato on Creating the “Impossible”, 5 Wedding Filmmakers’ Advice for Navigating the COVID Era, Ride the Tornado: Wedding Filmmaker Ray Roman on Overcoming Obstacles, 4 Lessons About Being a Wedding Filmmaker From 2019, 5 Ways to Market Your Wedding Films Better, Iz Harris on How to Film the Perfect Travel Vlog, How to Not Make a Boring Video with Potato Jet, Embracing the Unknown: A Conversation with TOPJAW’s Will Warr, How to Not Get Rich on YouTube: Advice from Film Riot’s Ryan Connolly, How to Tell Stories That People Want to Share with Colin and Samir, Making Content for Your Audience with Satchell Drakes, How Yes Theory Found Success—and Built 5 Million Subscribers, 5 Things Every Filmmaker Should Know Before Making Their First Feature, With Director Sofia Coppola, Music Comes First, The Creative Choices Behind Ford’s Stunning Bronco Brand Release, Your Templated Website Won’t Cut It Anymore, 8 Strategies for Being a Work-From-Home Creative, Why You Should Attend Film Festivals in 2020 and Which Ones to Attend, The Best Filmmaking Advice We Received in 2019, 4 Reasons You Should Consider Getting Into Commercial Filmmaking, 10 Tools for Filmmakers, Recommended by Filmmakers, 8 Tips for Getting Into Film Festivals, from a Sundance Programmer, Pass the Time With Purpose: 5 Essential Film Essays, 10 Twitter Accounts for Filmmakers to Follow, The Currency of Ideas: Director Salomon Ligthelm on Sparking Creative Breakthrough, The Best Filmmaking Podcasts: Our List of Essential Listening, Recommended Reading for Filmmakers and Creatives, A Vimeo Curator’s Guide to Getting a Staff Pick, How to Tell a Story with Music: A Look At Wes Anderson’s Famous Scores, 5 Ways to Find the Perfect Music for Your Films, 5 Ways to Make Your Films Better With Music, Choosing the Perfect Song for Your Commercial Project, Case Study: How Chris Coleman and IJM Created an Emotionally Charged Soundtrack.

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