Bring Saimi an Afternoon Snack and talk to her about the Elit woman. First, acquire an Amulet of Mara. The six new zones you can visit from the top in clockwise order are: Quruluqi Rock (C5), Iron Island (D4), GlobalSleeps (D3), Traverse Island (C2), Rosor Laland (B3) and Puni Cave (B4). That's it.". After giving the flour, you will get the blueprint/structure to make an Ank Stable (Board x 12, Wheat x 4, Rope x 2) and just need to return to your home island. After the first Caleb quest is done, you will need to return home to build the Metal Hoe with the awarded recipe (Wood x 5 and Metal x 5). Alessandra, a Priestess of Arkay who spends her days in the temple's Hall of the Dead, also lives here. Following Dunna's directions, you will need a spare set of Diving Goggles when you make it to GlobalSleeps (D3) and find Rigatta nearby the buoy where you can dive. It makes sense to ask Onzo who has a habit of eating sunflower seeds and also sells them. In Awan's words, Mayo is "only curious" about the beach bar's recipes. You'll need to make a Sleeping-bag and Tent before heading south back to Black Volcano (C1). Rigatta will like you to ask her uncle Aquila to appraise the value of the spyglass while she gathers the pirates for you. anyone got a fix? Unfortunately good manners are not of equivalent value in exchange for ink, so you'll have to do Edegan a favour before you have ink for your map. Now, you will be able to commerce with Dunna and start the next Koa quest if you talk to Dunna one more time. After you make an offering, Koa will have a realisation that she has been led along doing errands for the sake of Mara... "Mara this, Mara that." If you are doing the stormcloak side of the questline, the first mission you do with them (to go retrieve the jagged crown) when you get to the ruins, you will fight a bunch of imperials, loot all the bodies, I ended up with 3 of them, for free!! Now when you sail to the outcrop (A5), you will find an ensemble of pirates meeting to the south of it in their ships. The new possible map locations to visit E3 (Orientalis Temple), F3 (Abandoned Station) and F2 (Qwe Tree). It can be done on your home island as well as the workshop tables at Akaji's forge and Black Volcano, but both of them have limitations on how many items you can craft at once. The controls for movement are the same as usual and after you reach the finishing fireworks & buoys in first place, Litio will retort that his ship had a failure which stopped him from claiming victory. There isn't a way to make ink in his diary, but Edegan may be able to help with his bank's inkwells. This also marks where you can get your first Awan and Mayo quests. Some items of interest like Pineapples can be found on these new lands like A4 and F4, I'll detail these further in the next version. This tool is not only able to dig up some plants for you to take, but also allow you to "Clean" the farmyard in front of your home of weeds to be able to prepare the land to plant more seeds. Back to the Elit topic, apparently Noho and Caleb spotted Fink around there recently so it may be worth trying there next. You can look on the map to see where Aquila the expert is or follow the beaten path from Edegan's bank to the North West to find the mansion which is fortunately open unlike before. Ask him about marriage, and he'll explain all about the Amulet of Mara, and offer to sell you one, for 100 gold I think. Fortunately, Koa has someone in mind who can help but demands that Dunna will not delay from the Elit dilemma any longer. Once you get there, you have a bad first meeting with an old Qüido who dismisses you as rude and brushes you aside. Recipe for Silver Hammer, Recipe for Clay. Finmakin. She got it from a messenger looking for her father and the sphere was supposed to be delivered to Koa in the future. Try asking Akaji maybe? This puts him at odds with helping you fight the research stations but he still rewards you with an Elit Uniform and some money. Make Paper at Koa's workshop using Onzo's recipe. Bring the Paper and the Ink to Saimi so she can draw the Map of Mara. Bring Yaya Haku's Flower to Dunna's door. The offer is strangely to take one of the captain's pigs which can find truffles, but Koa cannot refuse. #4. i was searching "how to get married". This woman has claimed her sanctuary at my chapel. Build a Mill on Koa's Island, make ten Sacks of Flour and bring them to Awan. Bring the Pirate Cannons to Akaji so she can prepare them. Once you have all you need, you'll be able to have a polite chat and exchange for some advice but you will need to prove that your relation to Haku and how you got the letter by bringing something from your home island. Hence, he has little time to spare to help Koa unless he has a greater supply of flour which leads to the next quest. She never expected to meet Koa for it to still matter, but marks the location on your map to find it deep in the sea. The full recipe is listed (Redtail Catfish x 1, Carrots x 1, Orange Jam x 1) but Koa was not listening to the recipe all of those years ago to know. The marker on your map points towards Elit Station (B1) which is one spot on the map to the west and once you sail there into the polluted waters, you will come across Mr. Ecco, a pirate who wants you to play by his rules. While being a strange pirate of sorts, Taima's message is in theme with what Yaya Haku told Koa back during the prologue. After leaving Saimi in a rut before, it is best to return to the lighthouse with tasty treats (Afternoon Tea x 1, Croissant x 1). The time has come to bring the materials (Ultimate Tank x 1, Oars x 2 and 2200 Coins) to Caleb and while Oars can be made at home, you have to buy the Ultimate Tank from Blu for 1000 coins. You just need to get to Caleb in Qälis to ask about it. This race is much like the one against Litio earlier in the game, but unlike that one it is an unwinnable race. Then you should make your way to Black Volcano (C2) to talk to Dunna about the Mutant Fish. It is up to you if you want to leave before talking to Noho again. One option that hasn't been tried recently is presenting Yaya Haku's flower once more, you should know where to collect it and how long it takes to regrow by now (7 days). You don't actually need to stop by on the way, but it is always worth exploring. After you've looted the broken necklace (and perhaps other goods), you can make your way back to the lighthouse on Qälis where you will hear about the history of it. Make some Thread at your workshop and bring it to Noho so that he can help you. I didn't know the temple had any quests. To protect her island and the life that she has fostered on it, Koa will ask Saimi directly about the crystal sphere in the lighthouse when you visit her and the letter that she must have received from Yaya Haku. Once inside, talk to Maramal.-Chat about Mara and weddings, and he asks if the Dragonborn knows how marriage works in Skyrim. Unfortunately, Noho won't be forthcoming with his grand revelation but Caleb will chip in with a reward. These are the two locations where the Maramal, priest of Mara, sells Amulets of Mara. After some doubts about Koa being ready, Saimi will recommend that you go to upgrade your boat so you can travel further out for answers on the Elit's motives. There is a mention of an incident which occurred when she was with the Navy which may be part of her conflict with getting involved in the events of Mara. Dunna feels that she isn't the right person to save Mara as an accident of hers during her Navy days caused a deadly explosion at sea, but you will get through to her and she can help with your ship being able to go further. :o Are you sure you're actually wearing it? Pay Aquila for a Copy of the Runic Stone. When you get to the Forbidden Outcrop to advise the pirates, they will finally all be on your side for the assault but there will be some initial conflict about how to communicate as most of them don't use a radio and prefer messenger seagulls. This leaves you, Haku's successor, with only have one thing left to do which leads to the next quest. You have to investigate safely due to recent tremors. At end: Sheep x 1, Structure for Tool Cabinet, The requirements to craft a Rare Hammer are: Wood x 8, Silver Ingot x 2, Metal x 5. This faction is structured as seen below. As your new carer and a friend of your grandmother, Dunna would like you to know how to make a tent and to guide you towards an adventurer who can help with making a sleeping bag. The Baron is the heir of the high lineage of Deva where the Elit came from. Bring the Materials for the Repair to CB, so he can fix the spill at the station. Bring the Spyglass to Aquila in exchange for a good reward. Video guide to getting married! That said, Dunna expects better of a sailor of your caliber than to be wandering around with a so so hammer. Fortunately, you can grow them from the seeds that you just got as a reward but if you want to save time, you can either harvest them at Gold Cay (F5) or buy them from Dunna (30 coins each) at Black Volcano (C1) who also sells seeds (35 coins each). Travel south and search for Dunna's island. Return to Dunna so that she can give you Instructions about the Elits. While waiting for Caleb to upgrade the ship, Noho will tell Koa a story about the Elits and a pair of them (a taller male and a younger female) who arrived on the island before directing you to ask Edegan. After you take the broken cannons to her at the forge and mention the cause that they are for, she can get the job done if you bring the materials. Should they accept, both of you will receive a Ring of Mara, which results in an experience bonus when you group together. After recognising Koa's potential despite her youth, Akaji will give you the recipe for the Silver Hammer which will help with gaining materials from the hill nearby. Coal can be made by burning trees on your home island, but also other wooden objects or bushes if you find a torch to interact with, Milly also sells them for 9 coins each. Here is hoping that Saimi is done with the map and that Mayo will leave her alone. Apr 30, 2013 @ 3:33pm Just did it.. and worked.. thanks all for replying. After being scolded along with CB, you have to go back to Black Volcano to report to Dunna. This leads to Koa needing to seek someone who can make something fascinating happen soon. When you go to your boat, Koa will spot that Napopo who normally isn't far from a voyage is missing. The pair of hermits across Mara have been going through their own struggles but Koa has brought them back to the world, which is probably why this quest mirrors an earlier one. Saimi has Jet's gramophone as her own memory of Jet, but offers it to Koa to help with getting Ereti to engage her seriously. When you ask Noho to find out if Fink has been in the area recently, the pair of peddlers will confirm that she wanted to buy the shipyard and all as an offer by the "Baron" but the pair of merchants refused the offer as it would throw away their home and years of work. I came across a conversation about the amulet of mara and became curious and want to find it. You can only build a stable in a specific place on your island. If you go to your quest log, you can press the Y button to be directed to the location you need to find and dive with the gear she gave you. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. All Temples of the Iliac Bay are bound to a generic faction called "Generic Temple" for game-internal purposes. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You can do around three or four small quests for the temple of mara. You just need two spare Sunflowers to be able to make Vegetable Oil at your workshop then you need to return to the lighthouse to meet Saimi. After you press the leave ship button (B on Switch) while in Qälis/C4, but barely outside the boundary where you are not allowed to leave the ship, you'll drop the cargo and be done with the quest. This section contains bugs related to Amulet of Mara (Skyrim). Collect the ink by talking to Edegan, the banker. After entering the city through the main gate, keep heading straight down the main street and the Temple of Mara will be on your left (you can’t miss it — the outside wall has two red banners displayed on either side of the gate). The quest will be complete once you talk to Pilly. Fortunately, Onzy is as helpful as ever when you find him, which will end the quest. You may have lots of metal to spare (20 needed) and plenty of wood (12 required), but you will need to craft Barrels with Gunpowder (2 of em) yourself which can fortunately be done at Akaji's workshop just a few steps away if you updated the game enough. Saimi seems to have no dedicated dialogue for this and accept multiple salads which can save time. Koa needs to bet something of value and win a race against Ereti in order to get all of the pirate's support to take action and that leaves her with no option but to ask Saimi at the lighthouse for guidance. While memories of her father leaving bouquets of that flower before leaving for Navy academy still haunt her, Koa still doesn't feel that Ereti should hold the abandonment against him forever. While Mayo, Brram and Koa can all talk and relate on some level, the old chefs can never see eye to eye and refuse to accept Mayo and Brram talking with each other. He hands the newly wed The Bond of Matrimony rings. Note: This quest was infamous for softlocking the Koa quest line in Version 1.0 if you did not dispose the box in the Qälis zone (C4). "Koa!" Once you talk to Saimi at the lighthouse, Koa will be recognised as an associate of Haku and be offered some help on your adventures in Mara. Structure for Portable Radio, Portable Radio x 1, Fixed Radio x 1. He will give you a reward though it isn't a trophy as it wasn't a "true pirate race" but a test. The first and last parts are fairly easy to come across but Akaji sells Silver Ingots herself (230 coins each) if you need any. Koa with her navigator, Napopo is free to travel across the Mara since that is the only way that Koa can truly feel that she can take care of it whether that is through resolving the quests of others, harvesting the fruit of the land or rolling with the rain and the shine that this everlasting summer offers. After being recognised as a fellow adventurer, Onzo will detail how he has a diary that his ancestors documented their journeys in and have been reviewing for generations. It involves Mayo, a Cat-child with a habit of prank-calling Saimi. ; If the bug is still occurring, please post the bug report with the appropriate system template 360 / XB1 , PS3 / PS4 , PC / MAC , NX , depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on. Speak with Onzo about learning how to make a Sleeping-bag. It is up to Koa to complete the map as she voyages out to new lands. From this part in the guide, there will be coordinates provided for destinations which match with the A-F range of letters at the bottom and 1-6 range of numbers from the right. It all seems to connect to a spiral for some reason and it seems to be a sign from the winds of Mara to look in the sea centre of it all. Once inside, talk to Maramal.-Chat about Mara and weddings, and he asks if the Dragonborn knows how marriage works in Skyrim. Recipe for Pirate Flag, Watermelon Seeds x 2. which translates to sailing to the border of Zone C4 and pressing B/Leave the boat. Call the Pirates so that they'll carry out the attack against the Elits. You can explore them early or wait to find out how they relate to quest objectives from NPCs in town. Something fascinating will happen soon which may change the direction of the story, but just before you are able to continue Napopo's storyline again... An Elit called Fink Schen from the planet Deva will approach Koa to ask if there is any land for sale. According to Ereti's recollections, it mentioned Haku needing the help of her crew for one last time and how the sphere should be kept safe in addition to how Koa should be given the Chrystalis when the reader felt she was ready. After you sail one zone west of Qälis to Puni Cave (B4), follow the minimap to the flag icon where you'll be able to dive near a buoy floating of the isle in the area. After a meta reflection by Koa about how she and her grandmother had to leave their island, but still loved and thought about the animals and plants. Found it in Blackreach, in Sinderion's Field study house. It seems Dunna's door will be unresponsive unless you present a Yaya Flower which you should have remembered to collect or hold onto from when Saimi mentioned this. Once you get into your boat, you'll get a prompt to "Transport the mysterious box to the open sea and toss it in." Talk to Maramal about marriage. Following this, the next quest will begin immediately. That leaves Koa with the objective of waiting for them peacefully on her island in (Zone C3). Now with the objective to find two objects underwater, you just need to dive at the buoy nearby. However, she still wants a life of solitude without being pulled by the shadows of her past. Mind that you can start your first Akaji quest right after this by talking to her. While fast travel is a recently added addition in Ver 1.9 for Switch, the developers intend you to not fast travel here as you are supposed to go to your island or any other island manually instead. When you get the bank, Edegan doesn't seem to be sweetened up by the offer. Go to the Market and talk to Pilly in order to buy the Batteries. And you trigger it by leaving the island zone to the north, where you will meet Taima who will hear out your struggles and suggest that you make a special salad to win over Dunna as words aren't enough. After being refused any price and not getting the location of Koa's island, Fink flips out and implies that they may destroy the planet. Apparently, it was Yaya Haku's necklace that sank 40 years ago. Fortunately, Akaji is on board with Litio and can handle the radio for the pirate allies. Speak to the priest and ask about … Collect the Money, return to the Bank, and pay the debt of the women in the market. After you return with the fixed necklace, Saimi will share a short story of her past with Haku, who was once a Captain of the Mara Navy. When Koa finds Dunna on her island and asks for guidance regarding a gigantic Elit structure, Dunna will detail that it is a research platform that is drilling into the seabed perhaps mining for Mahla. Talk to Saimi about the Pirate Competition. When you get to Aquila, Koa will eavesdrop on his deal with Fink over an item of high value. When you get to Saimi, she will recognise Ereti as the daughter of Jet, who was a friend of Yaya Haku in her Navy days but he disappeared in recent years. As Litio's cannons have not been put into combat use recently, Koa needs to help with getting them tuned up by Akaji who was mentioned to Litio before. Pilly has an interest in Resin from pine trees (pays 8 instead of 5) and Milly has an interest in Oranges from orange trees (pays 6 instead of 4) if you need nearby examples, but if you were regularly mining you may be surprised how many Stones or Raw Copper you have which. This seems like another dead end for your progress, but... Something fascinating will happen soon. You'll need to get a Novel and two Mollusk Shells. Saimi is keen to research it and will borrow it while something fascinating will happen soon. As of the Ver. As much as you may want to venture even further beyond now that Caleb has done his refinements, Noho has another story to share before you can do another Koa quest. Awan, her boss is reportedly an Ank from the planet of Ankora who has it as a unique selling point of sorts. She recommends that you can go to the market to get batteries, which is the only place on the island where you can buy them. Your attempt to get the market sisters to hustle got flipped into you being being hustled! Ask Saimi for the Chrystalis of the door. She will be in the forge which is not far north from the lighthouse and you can see her icon on the map. Dunna is no specialist in building them, but apparently Anks tend to be so if you know any... Once you get to Awan's Ank restaurant during open hours, he will mention how Taka's beach bar is currently too competitive. Ask Caleb for help to improve your hoe. Before you leave, you can talk to Ereti a few times at her pirate ship to get introduced to her and complete her unnamed quest line. After you can prepare the Yummy Fish (Redtail Catfish x 1, Carrots x 1, Orange Jam x 1) at any kitchen, you just need to find your way back to Saimi's lighthouse. When you get back to your island, you will find that Fink is there on the northern shore and that her Elit technology is close to triangulating something that would interest their society of Progress. After you get to Saimi at the lighthouse, Koa asks about Saimi's letter and if she is holding onto anything extra. Source: Note:the above factions appear to be shared by some NPCs in all Temples, such as quest givers. He gives you an ice cream treat which may help with appealing to the banker for information. Suppose it is natural for merchants to want something in exchange. Mr. Ecco, Ereti, Litio and Rigatta... Everyone (but Taima) is here! Recipe for Afternoon Tea, Structure for Flowerpot. Go up to the Lighthouse and search for Saimi. You will not be able to board your ship even to set sail around the Qälis zone till you finish this quest. Apparently, Dunna heard Saimi's voice on the radio recently, but has been trying to avoid her and the past in general. Be sure to avoid the float if you don't want to waste any Diving Goggles before picking up all of the items and try to collect bubbles to maintain your air. Everyone will turn up and you will not get into any trouble. He can initially be found at The Bee and Barb in Riften then later at the Temple of Mara. Bring Edegan an Orange Ice Cream so he'll gives you information about the Elits. When you return and find her at her forge in Qälis, she does not have the time to help directly but offers the blueprint to make a proper blacksmith's hammer like her own. Maramal is a priest of Mara who sells the Amulet of Mara. When you return to Dunna, she will finally be willing to talk about the Elits. He will still give some information after Koa is polite to him and accept the gift when the quest ends. She offers you one sheep to take with you to put in a stable on your Home Island. There is a mention of an incident which occurred when she was with the Navy which may be part of her conflict with getting involved in the events of Mara. After you return with Blackberry Juice x 1, CB will accept the gift of "fake Dadiva" and detail how his work involves repairing and maintaining the cooling system. He is a member of the Cult of Mara and can hold weddings at the Temple of Mara between the Dragonborn and a chosen potential spouse. It works when you see the "Open sea" text at the top and please ignore what they say about a submarine trench. If you would like to buy them instead, you can go to Milly at the market for Eggplants (33 coins each) and Turnips (21 coins each).

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