Plus, let’s not forget that there would be a relegation and promotion to be made out of the ESL, which means an extra competitive edge for clubs not in it. Thank you for reading. Chelsea will be seen for some as the biggest culprits in guaranteeing that football could never return to the days of true competitiveness, as they came from mid-table status to champions in a whim when Roman Abramovic took over the club and splashed around silly money to get some the best players (and coach) that Europe had to offer. The top clubs would get even richer with this deal. Top clubs would be reluctant because of the lack of trophies that this would result in. Wenger: European Super League would 'destroy' the Premier League. Enter the NFL Challenge contest on the FOX Bet Super 6 app, where this week there are two Super 6 games and two prizes of $250,000 and one new Ford F-150 truck! Before the United Arsenal dominance their was Liverpool/Everton/Spurs etc like most leagues. Football never really has been "balanced", not since the very beginning, and different things guage success for different clubs. For example: imagine if Liverpool won the Premier League: a lot of people would say they were unable to do it when the giant teams were around and it took a huge nerf to make them win it. It was an institution and almost unthinkable to be usurped. Yeah foreign TV markets won't keep track of clubs that up to so its hard to gain a following abroad but the pinnacle league trophy isn't the end all be all. I will stop watching football of this happens. Thanks for the effort. Copa del Rey. OFFLINE Spain. Soccer Streams is dedicated to the highest quality of free reddit soccerstreams and all other soccer related Leagues / Exclusive free HD quality at SStreams100. I think a good middle ground might be to have it similarly to the Brazilian system (full disclosure, I don't 100% understand it haha). Plus, due to the format, national cups seem to have a higher degree in variance of winners; as Wigan have won it recently, as have Portsmouth for example. Lack of trophies sucks, but this will get them far more money. In all likelihood, the Europa League should cease to exist, and the new Champions League would retain its format and week schedule, but with different clubs. In my opinion, the rest of Europes top leagues should hope to follow the Premier League by having around 5/6 legitimate title contenders. In the Eredivisie’s last 20 years, there have also only been 5 different winners. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Dead rubbers all over the place. The league … Before someone pipes up saying "well that's different, it's in the same country/league" please remember the First Division of the English Football League was over 100 years old and the oldest association football league in the world. Florentino Perez is known to be leading the charge in hopes of organizing a European Super League made up of the 18 biggest clubs across Europe’s big five leagues. I'd be done with football from a top 5 league perspective. Rennes is the only club from Europe’s big five leagues playing with more than 1,000 fans at home this week. And what will I do with all my memes involving PSG drawing Chelsea every year if they actually play each other every year? if all the teams (except the ones getting relegated) then have access to their respective CL/ESL competition (so first two to top CL, second two to second devision CL, etc), they'd all have an interesting and challenging competition with lots of exposure in the second half of the year. It seems to me that the majority of people oppose such a league, often talked about over the years by UEFA, and just as often talked down by football associations and fans alike. For seemingly most people, an aberration, for others, an unrealistic dream. Take away City, Utd, Chelsea, etc, and Everton and Leicester will start to dominate in a couple of years as their much larger financial resources are quickly converted into unassailable advantages and their newfound success starts to create that deadly loop of the better players only wanting to play there. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. They'd most likely still be some sort of eternal top dogs crew, with little predictability too. Help: Live soccer results at Soccer 24 offer soccer live scores and results, cups and tournaments, providing also goal scorers, soccer halftime results, red cards, goal alerts and other soccer live score information from Greece - Super League 2020/2021. Same for the leagues. 2.5m members in the soccer community. 45 entries found, showing 30 per page Liverpool beat Tottenham 2-0 in the Champions League final days after Chelsea cruised to a 4-1 win over Arsenal in the Europa League final. One could even have several tiers of European competition, so that teams 1-2 of the national league qualify to ESL1, 3-4 to ESL2 etc and they all play the same format in the second half. Well, the national leagues become instantly far more competitive and interesting for all the clubs that can’t fight for the championship at the moment. If it does happen. The football subreddit. I dont get it. Espanyol - Osasuna. The president of the 232-team ECA, Andrea Agnelli, … The idea of a European Super League starting in 2021 may seem dead, but it's just stunned. in the Super 6 contest. That's just totally untrue and ignorant. And lastly, I enjoy the interesting matchups that the cup format allows. Only 3 of these years were not won by Benfica or Porto. With this post I propose a discussion about the concept. Embarrassing that this is even considered. Put aside a nice sum for the teams who are in the ESL, and distribute the rest over the national leagues through a distribution key not based on how many teams are in the ESL, but rather through something that gives every league an impulse. German news magazine Der Spiegel claims it has proof that seven of Europe's biggest clubs held secret talks about forming a new breakaway competition. For seemingly most people, an aberration, for others, an unrealistic dream. If it happens, I'll support a club from my native country. Malaga - Granada-18 January, Tomorrow. "From a viewing standpoint, of course it is the former. Juventus is no longer seen as the absolute clear favorite to win the Serie A every year. Not only that but in England there would still be a need for televised matches in the new Premier League, just as there is now for Championship matches (lower division if you’re not aware). No league has that. It’s a hard one to solve. UEFA Nations League; World Championships 2018; World Championship 2014; Euro 2016; Copa America; ... Super League. Out of these 20 years, only 4 of them were not won by either Ajax or PSV. A subreddit for news and discussion of Liverpool FC, a football club playing in the English Premier League. National Football League How To Win $250,000 & More On Bucs-Saints Brady vs. Brees is a chance for you to take home a big payday (and a Ford F150 truck!) So like national leagues the first half of the season and the European league during the second half. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. UEFA Nations League; World Championships 2018; World Championship 2014; Euro 2016; Copa America; ... Super League. Copa del Rey. Denizlispor - Hatayspor. Etc etc. If you take away the best teams in the nation then whats the point? Some issues would be harder to plan for, or to viably justify how they would positively affect everyone in Europe. reddit. Problem with a European Super League is that it will lead to a European Super-Super League & so on until all that's left is Real Madrid & Barcelona playing each other 40 times a season. You've made an argument based on "competitiveness" despite making assumpions that both a super league would be more competitive and that the national leagues would become moreso as well. But before we do that, I would like to establish two presumptions of what I think would be the correct methodology of building an European Super League (ESL): With the existence of the ESL, there would be no need for both the Champions League AND the Europa League. Regardless, in this section I approach a few points that could be contentious. Leeds Rhinos and Wigan Warriors have won nine of the past 10 Grand Finals. 2.5m members in the soccer community. AEK, Olympiakos and Panathinaikos. And have the league cleared :p. I think they could pull massive viewings too. Listen in to their choices and why they picked your team or left them off the list. This comes after German publication Der Spiegel professed that top clubs in Europe have held talks behind closed doors to create a tournament of such sort by 2021. As bad as an ESL might be for you, how bad is the average European league anyway? A European Super League. An European Super League would benefit European football as far as I’m concerned. Even in the ESL, it would probably be dominated by a group of teams (Real, Barca, Bayern, etc) if a team like Arsenal struggle in the Prem, why would they fair any better against the top clubs of Europe. I think PL clubs are keeping the door open so that they get more power in the PL. Liverpool are one of the most decorated football clubs in all of world football, and are the reigning Premier League and FIFA Club World Cup champions. asked Ge. But is that really the case? Yeah that’s what everyone says, until this has been going for 5 years and then it’s the new normal. That’s a staggering low number of clubs that can win a league in terms of competitiveness. If you want change you need it to be more fundamental. The Super League would have 20 teams and each country would have x amount of teams represented based on the country’s UEFA coefficient, a pre-determined fixed amount (2-3), or something else. Take the top 4 away from the Premier League? ... Bartomeu said he accepted a proposal on Monday for Barcelona to play in "a future European Super League" which "would guarantee the … This is why instead of favoring competition, UEFA actually made efforts to lock the CL down, as exemplified by the new CL format rewarding 4 automatic spots to the top 4 leagues. Spurs and Liverpool are a prime example here. Posted by 1 day ago. You say so much without really adding anything, in general ESL is not so bad and domestic leagues will be more competitive. Man City now has to compete directly against Barcelona and Juventus for a title, as does Chelsea, as does any other rich and top club that has been sweeping leagues away for fun. President of FIFA Gianni Infantino has revealed that any player who will feature in the rumored European Super League risks being banned from the World Cup. 15. The 32-team NFL field has been pared down to 14 squads vying for a shot at the Super Bowl. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. By Seb Stafford-Bloor 18 February 2020. Or that in Spain the priority of the media and the league money distribution vastly rests between Barcelona and Real Madrid? FANS ALLOWED. Only 5 teams or so can be called elite. That's 80% of them. The thing is that the EPL doesnt have 5/6 legitimate title contenders. I thought I would expand on it here. 288k Many of Europe's smaller countries' national leagues are dominated by the big teams from the largest cities, which isn't much of a surprise, it comes down to money and infrastructure really, along with larger catchment areas for youth. A subreddit for news and discussion of Liverpool FC, a football club playing in the English Premier League. Only the big clubs win. It’s just a bargaining tool. Log In Sign Up. Madrid, Jan 8, 2021 (AFP) - Third-division Cornella were rewarded for knocking Liga leaders Atletico Madrid out of the Spanish Cup with a home game against Barcelona in … It’s difficult to argue that that was not a turning point for the Premier League at least, although many will argue that the financial imbalance between clubs may started long before that, as clubs like Arsenal and Man Utd already had dominant spells in the league. The small clubs and their fans feel like someone is doing them a favor and making the league easy for them so they can win it. There is no chance IMO that LFC and even united leave domestic football behind, but with the continued domestic fuckery, it doesn’t surprise me they are behaving like elites who expect more. last 20 years, there have only been 3 different winners. Honestly I'm afraid it's going to devaluate even more the local leagues and make the financial gap between giant teams and big/medium sized teams even wider. Every domestic trophy will instantly lose any value it had and small teams will have nothing to play for. The steps the Champions League and Europa have taken have already made it incredibly difficult for smaller teams to have glamour ties. ... Bartomeu said he accepted a proposal on Monday for Barcelona to play in "a future European Super League" which "would guarantee the … in the Super 6 contest. But in any case like in Brazil yiou have national leagues (like the state leagues on BR) during one half and a European league (like the Brasileiro) in the second half of the year Something like that, Edit: honestly, I think this could work really well. Here goes: It’s impossible to say what would happen to the domestic TV rights money with the creation of the ESL. The point being, money is already completely unbalancing Europe’s Leagues. facebook twitter reddit link. Champions League UEFA; Europe League UEFA; Super Cup UEFA; National teams. Burnley could well be fighting to be champions along with Arsenal and Chelsea. Over saturation. Scandinavian league, Central European league, etc so clubs from smaller countries can be make more money and be more competitive. I'll have a lot of free time. As such, there are now three clubs in Europe that have outright bought their way into titles with money that simply did not come from club administration or even related to football in any way whatsoever. How a European Super League will destroy football as we know it. You preserve the nation league, title and everything. They make the money flow to the federations. Copa del Rey. They said the same shit about the breakaway "Premiership" at the time. You would not only be rooting for your club to win your national league, but also access to the ESL. It would destroy so many leagues which in the long run would destroy the development of those National Teams. The issue is that once you take away the 2-3 biggest clubs in each league, the next 2-3 are almost guaranteed to start dominating in a similar fashion. Domestic leagues would collapse with broadcasters shifting their funding to the super league rights, domestic clubs would be able to o compete even less, have less capacity to retain talent. It would also devaluate the quality of the trophies. Im seeing the issue being raised more often these days. Getting a European Super League off the ground remains a way off for the likes of Agnelli, but it only takes a handful of U-turns for the concept to start gaining momentum and become a reality. I will not be a Liverpool fan anymore if they do this. Snapchat. Don’t ruin it, More posts from the LiverpoolFC community. All three clubs hadn’t, for years, been anywhere near close winning the league. The French club expects 5,000 for its first Champions League … The football subreddit. Bear in mind that of these 20, Bayern Munich have won FOURTEEN, that's 70% of the titles over 2 decades to one club. Regardless, soon after Chelsea came Manchester City. The government backlash is the only thing that can stop it. Yeah I think this is more likely in the near/mid future. The European Super League. In Greece’s First division (which has changed name and possibly format?) You'll never have a situation where every team or even half of the teams are capable of winning the league. Sky Sports are reporting that a number of football clubs from across Europe are in talks to form a 'Super League’ which will be a competition for about 12-18 clubs from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain backed by a 5 billion euro financing package. Since winning the Champions League for a fifth time in 2013, Bayern has lost four semifinals -- to record 13-time champion Real … News, results and discussion about the beautiful game. Juventus or Madrird 12th in the table with no prospect of winning half way into the season. reddit. It seems to me that the majority of people oppose such a league, often talked about over the years by UEFA, and just as often talked down by football associations and fans alike. The issue in much of Europes top leagues is lack of competition. You underestimate the pull and power of money. Meanwhile, Leonard recorded his … You mention English rail prices but I could have sworn you weren't European because for me you get crucial elements so wrong and don't touch on the after math... Why would fans flock to bigger ones because that's where the fun is? Imagine all these major clubs playin for basically one trophy. Furthermore, the winners get to face the UEFA Champions League holder in the UEFA Super Cup match. There is an argument that an ESL would make it more difficult for traveling fans to keep supporting their team. Same goes to the UCL trophy. It’s obvious that now all the international money that mostly goes to the Premier League, would be thrown at the new ESL.

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