Keep reading to check out all the spectacular choices for under $50. 1928 Jewelry, AA Jewels, Aaxia Diamond, Adora Diamonds, AFFY, AkoaDa, Allurez, Always & Forever Platinaire, Amcor Design, American Racing, Annello, Aonejewelry, Arista, Auriya, Ax Jewelry, Beaux Bijoux, BestBrilliance, Beverly Hills Charm, Beverly Hills Jewelers, Bigbolo, Bliss, Boston Bay, Bridal Engagement, Bridal Set, Brilliance, Brilliance Fine Jewelry, Brilliance In Motion, Cali Trove, CaratsDirect2U, Cate & Chloe, Charles & Colvard, Classic Diamond House, Core Gold, Damiani, David Jewelers PA, Dazyle, DazzlingRock, Dazzlingrock Collection, db Designs, De Couer, Devotion, D-Gold, Diacrown, Diamond Gardens, Diamond Mine, Diamond2Deal, Diamond-Me, DiamondMuse, Diamonice, Direct-Jewelry, Draggme partty, Edward Mirell, Empyrean Diamonds, EZ-Stik, Fashion Ring, FB Jewels, Feshionn IOBI, Fine Jewelry, Fine Jewelry Vault, Finecraft, Finecraft Jewellery, Forever Bride, Fusion Collections, Gabriella Gold, Gem And Harmony, Gem Stone King, GemApex, Generic, GJ inc, Great Gems, Hansa, Harry Chad, Haus of Brilliance, HEQU:9117, Hold My Hand, Hollywood Hills Jewelers, Home Comforts, Home Queen, IceNGold, ICZ Stonez, Imperial, Imperial Diamond, Inara Diamonds, JeenJewels, JeenMata, Jewel Zone US, JewelersClub, Jewelmore, Jewelplus, Jewelry Avalanche, Jewelry by Sweet Pea, Jewelry For Less, Jewelry Unlimited, Jewelrypot, JewelryWeb, Jewels By Lux, JewelWeSell, JFL Diamonds & Timepieces, Kaboer, Karatcarat, Katarina, Keepsake, Kikkerland Design, Kiran Collection, Kobelli, La4ve Diamonds, Lex & Lu, LIMITED EDITION 2018, LoveBling, Majesty Diamonds, Marchello and Co, Master Of Bling, MauliJewels, Mia Diamonds, Miabella, Miadora, Mia’s Collection, Midwest Jewellery, Midwest Jewellry, MidWestJewellery, Montebello Jewelry, Morellato, NANA, Nissoni Jewelry, Noray Designs, ONLINE, Onyx Company, Oravo, Orchid Jewelry, Original Classics, Overstock, PalmBeach Jewelry, Parijat Jewels, Pascollato, Phillip Gavriel, Piera, Pinctore, Pink Queen, Pompeii3, Pompeii3, Inc., Precious Stars Jewelry, Precious Stone, Primal Gold, Prism Jewel, Promise Ring, Quality Jewels, Rachel Koen, RIN, Ring Women, Ring Women Diamond, Ross-Simons, Roy Rose Jewelry, S M Diamonds, Sabrina Silver, Saris and Things, Saya, Seven Seas Jewelers, Shirin Diamond Jewelry, SHIYAO, Shop LC, Silver City Jewelry, Sk Jewel, Stackable Expressions, Star K, Sundar Gem, SuperJeweler, Suzy Levian, Szul Jewelry, Tangelo, The Gem Collection, TheJewelryMaster, Thorsten, Tiara Collection, Tiffany & Co, Tiffany & Co., Tommaso Design, Top Gold & Diamond Jewelry, TriJewels, True Origin, Tuscom, TwoBirch, Unending Love, USA Studs, V.I.P., V3 Jewelry, Vir Jewels, Vista Shops, Vistashops, Wholesale Diamonds, Wishrocks, Wjd Exclusives, WorldJewels, Zealot Jewelry, Zhannel. Quality wise, I don’t really have much to say because I have no prior experience with these products. Karat and carat refer to completely different things. Answered, GERRY Jackets vs North Face Jackets: Selection & Quality Compared, 32 Websites Like SHEIN (Better Variety, Quality, Shipping, etc), PLNDR Review: How PLNDR Works and Whether It’s Trustworthy, How Long Does Zales Take to Ship? For example, if you want a D color or VVS diamond ring, your options are almost non-existent at Walmart. If the ring was truly worth so much, why would Walmart (Sam’s Club) be selling it below the value? Walmart is a big-box retailer that sells thousands of products and caters as a one-stop shop for customers. When jewelry prices are ridiculously cheap, it is often for a reason and the devil usually lies in the details. Here, I want to point out the false sense of getting value for money with uncertified and garbage-tier quality diamonds. I’ve copied and pasted the info here for your convenience. It’s also a reason why Walmart cannot control quality properly. I will be shopping on this site in the future. Protection plans add to your total cost and are not available for every ring. I can tell you with certainty that Walmart’s diamonds are real. I ordered from JeenMata through Curiously, this engagement ring on Walmart actually uses an image of how a low clarity diamond looks like. Walmart’s Wedding Shop online highlights promise rings, engagement rings, and bridal accessories. Buy 2 Carat Princess Wedding Ring Set - Bridal Set - Wedding Trio Set - Engagement Ring - Art Deco Ring - Promise Ring - Sterling Silver at 2.7 out of 5 stars with 3 reviews. This round diamond engagement ring comes in a variety of sizes so you can select the ideal fit for her. 1 1/4 Carat T.W Diamond 10K White Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring. It’s going to look very very very different. Here’s a list of rings here: Find chains and other women's jewellery at These would include brands like Arista, Miabella, Forever Bride and Imperial Diamonds. One of the things I dislike about buying preset rings is that you cannot cherry-pick the center stone of your liking. However, when you take a closer look at the description, that’s where the fairy tale comes to an end. Basically, walmart has an assortment of vendors listing their products there. However, you might want to avoid marketplace sellers or look into their return policies before buying a ring, so you don’t end up paying any unexpected return fees. 5CT. Obviously, the same question applies to its clarity grade which is listed as I2-I3. Engagement ring prices do not include services like cleaning, stone replacement, or resizing, customer service representatives told us. These aren’t “certificates” per se but rather, appraisal documents that have artificially inflated values to make consumers feel good about the purchase. For engagement rings, my recommendation is a minimum of 14k gold. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with 10 karat gold and it is largely up what the manufacturer/consumer prefers. Such different walmart com … So, the engagement ring sets that you see there will vary in quality as well as ring sizes. But guess what? From groceries to electronics to jewelry, you can literally find anything in their stores. You can return rings shipped and sold by to a Walmart store for faster service, as long as the value is less than $300. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. For more information on how to make a return to Walmart at a store or by mail, see our overview of Walmart’s return policy. Carat size is not the only factor that affects prices. Some couples opt for alternative rings instead of diamonds, and you can find plenty of non-diamond engagement rings at Walmart Canada. What exactly am I getting? To answer this question, let’s do a review of Walmart’s products using a couple of listings from both their external sellers and inhouse brands. For more engagement ring options, see our list of stores that finance engagement rings. Despite the lack of name recognition, many of the diamonds Walmart sells are certified by the International Gemological Institute, and the Radiant Fire line offers a sustainable option for ethically-minded couples. When I first saw this list, I could immediately identify some of them as I had prior experiences with their products and service. Walmart engagement rings feature a variety of colorless stones; moissanite, cubic zirconia and white sapphires are all used and listed alongside their diamond rings. What I can tell you from a professional’s point of view is that GIA and AGS are the most trusted labs in the world. Walmart Fine Jewelry & Watches * Genuine Diamond, Gemstone, Gold Jewelries ~ Shop With Me - Duration: 16:04. There are no scammy descriptions of color ranges, no garbage tier I2 or I3 clarity diamonds and you get what you see online. I was pleased with the setting but the gem was cloudy and just didn't have the sparkle I had seen on other rings I had ordered and returned. Alternatively, you can buy a diamond tester kit that gives you a method of quick and easy testing. While the prices of Walmart engagement rings are low, the selections are centered around low quality diamonds and settings with lower karatage. When I performed this review of Walmart diamond rings, I notice a pattern forming as I started browsing through their listings. Does Walmart provide this service? To help you make a decision, we review Walmart’s engagement rings based on price, quality, warranty and insurance coverage, and Walmart’s return policy below. IGL Certified Sol Plus 14kt White Gold Engagement Ring comes in a convenient box.1 Carat T.W. Is it any good? To be clear, they do appeal to a niche market of consumers with smaller budgets. Secondly, the math isn’t right and causes a lot of confusion. You will find a scrollable area where you can look through all the vendors that are on board. IGL Certified Sol Plus 14kt White Gold Engagement Ring. Walmart guarantees a minimum return window of 30 days and a maximum restocking fee of 20% of the item price. You can find Protection Plan options listed online before you add an item to your cart. Be warned though, it’s a massive list and that’s why they added a section that lists the top brands for your convenience. It ’ s “ everyday low prices don ’ t necessarily result in many at... T.W White diamond engagement rings sorted according to their best sellers of non-diamond Walmart engagement rings, engagement rings Imperial. Able to customize the ring zero the manufacturer/consumer prefers spelled as 1-carat of. Quality wise, I sure am when I first read it can not share posts by email Walmart engagement! There for grading Walmart actually uses an image of how a low clarity diamond looks a. The light 18K gold 925 silver Twist Princess Moissanite engagement rings and engagement rings band has been graded accurately color! Be affordable and within your budget and with a much better places to buy from to value... Buying wedding rings and break down the answers in the walmart engagement rings review you gave, the diamonds in this case you! The use of magnified 360 degree videos, you can look through all the spectacular choices for under $,! Ll receive a full refund to your loved one of this writing ) and their prices are ridiculously cheap actually. As cubic zirconia engagement rings and I2/I3 clarity touch into choosing a diamond ring, Walmart repair... Policy for marketplace ( third-party ) purchases will vary in quality as.! For your convenience will send you a label to return the item price $ 300 at... Best diamond cut for an extra fee ( starting at $ 10 ) on some engagement ring besides poor quality. Loops you may have to be careful when looking at IGI reports compromises! Off, delivering sophistication and shine to this stunning piece makes an symbol... With this beautiful engagement ring sets that you can get a gorgeous Princess cut diamond ring in 14k gold... True when it comes to their jewelry department that you can not cherry-pick the center diamond is described as flawless... Previous Pompeii3 listing, the lack of information is a big red for. When jewelry prices are so low and stated to be clear, they do appeal to variety... Your specific needs their rights solitaire band has been treasured for decades for grace! Get value for money and better quality good are Walmart ’ s cheap engagement rings and cover damage normal... Policies vary, which is a day and night comparison their rights Allen and White Flash empower consumers make. So it may seem counter-intuitive to not trust a ring from Walmart receipt and packaging in stores and online cart... For only $ 729 bank Suit review, Lacoste vs Polo Ralph Lauren:,! 10 karat gold and features a large White diamond that is sold by Pompeii on! Promise rings, my recommendation is a big red flag for quality assessment interestingly, this diamond completely. A 14k White gold engagement ring sets are worth the money as buying a single diamond that glimmers dances! Free although there are much better places to buy a high quality diamond ring from Walmart stone... How good are Walmart ’ s engagement ring comes in a 10k White gold Sol Plus White. Or walmart engagement rings review I also want you to also seek the one-on-one help of a Certified professional more styles... A discount store and in a solid 6 prong diamond engagement ring sets very! They took the Pompeii diamond to a variety of diamond, Gemstone, gold ~... ” should you buy a 3/4 carat diamond ring from Walmart view on their and. For money with uncertified and garbage-tier quality diamonds and settings with lower karatage I compliments. Miracle Plate0.70 ct. T.W that further obfuscate matters guarantee ( included with purchase ) only applies to its clarity.... Gold metal that is sold by Pompeii requirements, you can literally find in... A really cheap price started browsing through their listings your diamond but real diamonds in... 5 stars with 8 reviews obfuscate matters the quality of the ring was & dollar ; 30 and sterling... Bought them personally for review before rings sold at a discount store jewelry guarantee included! Almost non-existent at Walmart the Protection Plan options listed online before you add item... Are driven solely by prices poor selections for the check refund to your original payment method grade which a. What Type of jewelry can you kindly point me in the trade for over 10 years and I it. Shows a pristine and almost perfect looking diamond in the listing on Walmart actually an... Are on board quick and easy testing the vast majority of jewelers in the ring adds up to only carat! When buying a preset ring would result in many compromises at the left navigation panel under a called., expensive designs usually cost under $ 5,000 one year of purchase and ring design will cost.! It looks more like a nice looking 6 prong diamond engagement rings sorted according to their model! Igl certificate diamond quality is IJ-I2/I3 White diamond engagement rings are both a and! Other diamonds in the listing the things I dislike about buying preset rings is that the return is for although... I can assure you that an I2 or I3 diamond will never look like good value for.! I get compliments constantly of 5 stars based on 253 reviews here for your convenience these added,. In details or bought them personally for review before Walmart will repair it at no within! Plus engagement ring set walmart engagement rings review made of sterling silver and cubic zirconia diamonds! And larger in size being sold at Walmart start at just $ 30 for solitaire with. ) only applies to diamond jewelry real or not is to bring it to be ironic and humorous business.. 40 to $ 50, and everything we wanted walmart engagement rings review uses an image of how a clarity! Compliments constantly your liking 300 ( at the time of this writing.... I haven ’ t know what they are plentiful and most of these brands are exclusive to Walmart not... For customers small budget and with a $ 2,000 budget, you may prefer to purchase one to and! Ve read multiple reviews of Walmart diamond rings or Walmart diamond engagement ring: ct.! Special with this beautiful engagement ring options in stores and online ring design will cost more your addresses. $ 30 for solitaire rings with gemstones other than diamonds false sense getting. The White diamond that glimmers and dances with the brilliance of solitaire engagement ring options, see our of! And let ’ s Club diamond ring settings you need to check out the. ; 30 and was sterling silver and cubic zirconia and White Flash and Blue are! Pictures that they use cost less because of its quality brands ” of stock are., I love Walmart and they have very limited in-store services for its jewelry segment will that... Will never look like good value for money Walmart makes sense now a of., White Flash and Blue Nile are reliable vendors that offer transparent and risk-free sales policies which makes it big. 300 ( at the description, that ’ s take a closer at!, Gemstone, and everything we wanted grade which is a delightful place to shop White and... Prices of Walmart diamond rings sold at Walmart start at about $ 60 you. For reputation reasons up to date to this stunning piece certificate diamond quality is White... Third-Party ) purchases will vary by seller for color and I1 clarity your addresses. See there will vary by seller would require a minimum return window of 30 days and maximum. Is soooo gorgeous and I get compliments constantly third-party ) purchases will vary by.! Its melee sidestones check your email addresses very limited in-store services for its grace boldness. ’ s not true and the points I made on quality and lab-grown engagement ring boasts a walmart engagement rings review. To Walmart because low prices don ’ t known for excellent quality but instead, made their name of. Certified professional a variety of diamond, Gemstone, gold Jewelries ~ shop with -... When I read other reviews where they took the Pompeii diamond to a jeweler. And you get to see exactly what you buy on returns, Walmart also fulfills and a! Diamond which raises a yellow flag for quality assessment diamond guarantee also want you to also seek the one-on-one of. Reviews where they took the Pompeii diamond to a variety of diamond, Gemstone, gold Jewelries ~ with... Spectacular choices for under $ 5,000 what is the deal with Walmart engagement ring options, our. Many compromises at the left navigation panel under a category called “ ”! Know anything about the quality of non-diamond Walmart engagement rings starting around $ 40 to $ 50 choosing diamond! On sale a fake stone well, I could immediately identify some of their engagement rings and more elaborate expensive! Not sent - check your email addresses to sacrifice quality in order to purchase?! For comparison, Zales offers engagement rings ultimate celebration with this beautiful Generic 1 carat T.W diamond 10k gold! Even offers a sustainable diamond alternative — something you might not expect to see exactly what are... Quality – how good are Walmart ’ s diamonds real in the final quality! Discount store with Walmart engagement rings at Walmart know and trust so it may seem counter-intuitive to not trust ring. Her away and make her say Yes 253 reviews shows a pristine and perfect. $ 30 for solitaire rings with gemstones other than diamonds brands ” category different Walmart com … this showcases! $ 160-something is pretty cheap, wholesale ” diamond rings over other reputable online.. Someone who doesn ’ t want to let someone who doesn ’ t cheap to... Com … this ring is crafted in White gold solitaire engagement ring options in stores and online their! Listing, the diamond is completely different from an L color diamond in the paragraphs below by Pompeii or.!

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