These New Mexico statutes pertain to controlling aquatic invasive species. These mostly relate to what an ESA actually is, and the legal rights around where you live and how you may travel with an ESA. The effective date of the provisions of Section 7 of this act is July 1, 2017. Added by L. 2005, Ch. A. June 15, 2007. No Comments January 2, 2016. Food. This act may be cited as the "Pet Sterilization Act." Regulation and licensure of dogs; impoundment of animals; qualified service animals exempt, § 77-1-16. If a dog previously determined to be potentially dangerous has not exhibited any of the behaviors specified in Subsection D of Section 2 of the Dangerous Dog Act for thirty-six consecutive months, the owner may request the animal control authority in the jurisdiction to lift the requirements for registration pursuant to this section. Injury to a police dog, police horse or fire dog; harassment of a police dog, police horse or fire dog, § 77-1-1 . Our New Mexico dog bite attorneys are highly experienced in dog bite law and provide the highest quality legal representation to all injured clients. The 2013 New Mexico State Legislature passed a bill (SB320) that updates the Service Animal Act. Repealed by L. 1989, Ch. B. is the official legal research tool of the New Mexico courts and legislature. Ireland Dog Control Act | Dublin Breen Ban; New South Wales: Companion Animal Act; New Zealand Dog Control Amendment Act Repealed by L. 1979, Ch. If it is not a Spanish colonial horse, it shall be returned to the public land, relocated to a public or private wild horse preserve or put up for adoption by the agency on whose land the wild horse was captured. 151, § 1, eff. NM - Veterinary - Article 14. Upon conviction, the court may order a person to participate in an animal cruelty prevention program or an animal cruelty education program, or to obtain psychological counseling for treatment of a mental health disorder. L. 1959, Ch. H. Nothing in Chapter 77, Article 1B NMSA 1978 shall be construed as preventing a euthanasia instructor from euthanizing animals during a board-approved course on euthanasia instruction. 131, § 1. All euthanasia agencies shall be licensed by the board prior to euthanasia being performed by that agency. C. Animals less than six months of age shall be released only upon payment of the adoption fee and a sterilization deposit and after the adopting person has signed an agreement stating he will have the adopted animal sterilized when it is no older than six months of age. 102, § 9, eff. New Mexico Laws on Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals New Mexico law allows qualified service animals (dogs or miniature horses) into all public accommodations. Added by L. 2005, Ch. Injury to a police dog, police horse or fire dog; harassment of a police dog, police horse or fire dog . Animals and Livestock. Equine Liability, NM - Exotic Pets - § 77-18-1. NM - Hunting - Chapter 17. … (6) a clearly visible warning sign with a conspicuous warning symbol indicating that there is a dangerous dog on the premises is posted where the dog is kept and is visible from a public roadway or from fifty feet, whichever is less. Are you thinking about getting an Emotional Support Animal in New Mexico? We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life. 192, § 2, eff. Landlords must substantially comply will all building and housing codes materially affecting health and safety and make whatever repairs are necessary to keep … B. Money collected pursuant to Section 7-2-30.9 NMSA 1978, Section 66-3-424.3 NMSA 1978 and Section 5 of this 2020 act shall be deposited in the subaccount. L. 1901, Ch. Definitions. J. New Mexico NM N. Mex. New Mexico’s five food banks and the hundreds of food pantries around the state are in desperate need of healthy volunteers to help with sorting, packing and distributing food. Each municipality and each county shall make provision by ordinance for the seizure and disposition of dogs and cats running at large and not kept or claimed by any person on the person's premises; provided, however, that the ordinance does not conflict with the provisions of Chapter 77, Article 1B NMSA 1978. 176, § 1; L. 1973, Ch. This is the information a victim needs to know when someone suffers a dog bite or dog attack in New Mexico. Find the best animal & dog attorney serving Cibola County. NM - Dog Bite - Chapter 77. Search and retrieve annotated statutes and court rules, appellate court opinions, court forms, … Animals and Livestock. Quick Fact: Any minor child through his parent or guardian may file with the health authority either an (1) affidavits or written affirmation from an officer of a recognized religious denomination that such child's parents or guardians are bona fide members of a denomination whose religious teaching requires … A. [FN1] All antirabies vaccine shall be administered by or under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian who shall issue a serially numbered certificate and tag for each such administration. There is no legal requirement for grace periods, which means that landlords can charge tenants late fees as soon as rent is late. It is also unlawful to keep any unvaccinated dog or cat or any animal with any symptom of rabies or to fail or to refuse to destroy vicious animals or unvaccinated dogs or cats with symptoms of rabies. 60, § 1, eff. A person certified to practice as a euthanasia instructor shall: (1) have passed the examination approved by the board to qualify as a euthanasia instructor; (2) have completed training in euthanasia practices, as defined by the board, within one year preceding the date the application for certification is submitted; (3) have participated in the euthanasia of animals for a minimum of three years preceding the date of application; (4) not have been found guilty of fraud or deceit in procuring or attempting to procure any type of certification; and. Amended by L. 2009, Ch. C. The board may issue letters of admonition or deny, suspend, refuse to renew, restrict or revoke a license or certification authorized pursuant to the Animal Sheltering Act if the applicant or licensee: (1) has refused or failed to comply with a provision of the Animal Sheltering Act, a rule adopted pursuant to that act or an order of the board; (2) is guilty of cruelty to animals pursuant to a statute of this state or another state; (3) has had an equivalent license or certificate denied, revoked or suspended by an authority; (4) has refused to provide the board with reasonable, complete and accurate information regarding the care or euthanasia of animals when requested by the board; or. Of course, the one bite rule is not exclusive in deciding whether an owner is liable. It is crucial that anyone involved in an accident provide their identifying information, render a reasonable amount of assistance, and contact emergency personnel. Dangerous Dog… The section states, "[i]f the secretary of public safety finds that the K-9 dog presents no threat to public safety, the K-9 dog shall be released from public ownership as provided in this subsection. The mission of the City of Las Cruces Animal Control is to ensure the well-being of both animals and residents of our community by delivering professional high quality, responsive and cost-effective animal control services. July 1, 2018 >. No Comments January 2, 2016. Added by L. 2007, Ch. The “animal sheltering committee” is created. Added by L. 2007, Ch. Computer-assisted remote hunting prohibited; penalties. Activity in New Mexico . Breed safety laws :: Over 900 U.S. cities have enacted breed-specific legislation and wolf-dog hybrid laws. June 15, 2007. G. Nothing in Chapter 77, Article 1B NMSA 1978 shall be construed as allowing a euthanasia technician or a euthanasia instructor to engage in the practice of veterinary medicine when performing the duties set forth in that act. 105, § 5; L. 1973, Ch. The fund shall be administered by the board to carry out the purposes of the Animal Sheltering Act. 44, § 9, eff. Trappers and Fur Dealers. Added by L. 2005, Ch. June 19, 2009. E. Euthanasia agencies using controlled substances shall have on staff or under contract a consulting pharmacist as that position is defined in the Pharmacy Act. E. If the owner does not admit that the dog is dangerous or potentially dangerous and the animal control authority does not bring a petition in court within fourteen days of seizure of the dog, the court shall immediately order the release of the dog to its owner. NM - Ordinances - Chapter 77. NM - Licenses - Chapter 77. State of New Mexico, §45-2-907; §46A-4-408, NMSA; Watch Over Our Friends; Assistance Animals. New Mexico State Laws The following is from the New Mexico Statutes 77-1-2. If the court finds, by clear and convincing evidence, that the dog is dangerous and poses an imminent threat to public safety or potentially dangerous and poses a threat to public safety, the court shall order the owner to comply with the registration and handling requirements for the dog and obtain a certificate of registration within thirty days or have the dog humanely destroyed. A formulary shall be developed by the board and be approved by the board of pharmacy.

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