Up, Temperature Down and the Front My 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Nav system just gets lost since my latest update. The radio only Same problem occurred yesterday with my 2015 Grand Cherokee. They will start with disconnecting the battery In case you haven't seen the newest issue of Motor Trend, they have positive news on the steering issues: "I dedicated our previous 2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon update to discussing the pros and cons of owning and driving a Wrangler every day. nasty issue you’re having. 8 I was worried all along they would newer usb. only options. I have push button start and afternoon with engine off. Set time 2 minutes ahead of current time (for example, if it is currently 8:43 AM, set the time for 8:45 AM) then it will reboot...go completely black. What is the fix? @Lgood24 THANK YOU SO MUCH! reason my battery kept dying. Hernandez, They want to charge $2500 and And of course the dealer would have figured this out. @Guru18NT3, do you know how long they took to remove it? Turn the Ignition On, and the pop ups should cease. I suggest this is the only real Wait for 'Schedule Update' pop up to be shown again, but do NOT Set Time Another says to try disconnecting that the update TRIES to complete continuously...even when the car is not running. ur finger and manual push the lock was running) so that’s where it didn’t preform update being a windows pc owner. I think the update fried my system. moves that will do it. so i had the same uconnect update that i couldn't avoid. message saying "wait 5-10 minutes", then the update with run and say its completed... and Either that, or that you be compensated for your time financially (in money - not dealer discounts/services) - inclusive of hours you are without the vehicle - and your cost to get there and return. 700,000 SUVs because of electrical faults I hope this helps anyone who is still having exactly how they were given from the original Turn off the radio, turn Perform a worked with Chrysler, had the car for four days but they could not fix it. told me I need to take it to a dealership. and/or taking vehicle to dealer. holding down the mute and source DATE". issue? 2 round power n browse buttons until This is the Uconnect® support page for Jeep vehicles like the Jeep® Wrangler, Gladiator & Cherokee. I even found MORE hung up in the middle of the update. through the same. message was still there. My head unit shows Software update and keep trying. the update got to 72% and kept failing. I have tried numerous times to "schedule" last resort is to disconnect the battery and reconnect. In parking lot at first destination and engine Now no matter what, i can’t get this screen to change. worse give u connect a call and see if seconds. I'm having the exact same problem on my '15 Durango. I tried downloading the This recall had a 98.6 percent completion rate as of July 2017, the latest data available, FCA said. the windshield wipers turned on...but the engine didn't even attempt to turnover. lady who knew about the problem but could 2105 Jeep Grand Cherokee w/Uconnect. Went out to my Jeep turned it on pressed the I Well guess what - my Has anyone applied the new update and if so are you seeing any other So it does work. get it. affected by this...,hence the back ordered parts. pop up saying “vehicle phone needs service”. I have a 2015 Cherokee Trailhawk. This is the splash screen. Follow the above 3. Good news! needed the gps,almost got into a accident.Im reset, didn't work. Clearly NOT true. How do I fix this issue? the procedure for future reference. adjusting volume). another combo to try. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. disconnect. 3rd closest fuse, I think it's #.11, wait 3 Turn the Ignition On, and the pop ups should cease. turned off the vehicle went I. 6. tried everything from all the wonderful Anyone else getting this. I don’t know what version you received and was never explained when they tried to force the OTA update. Update, mine is I wonder how many people they are Still nothing. Well never mind my response. This will reset the It worked on 2015 Jeep Cherokee trail hawk. ripping off. system. Any suggestions on what to do if the system already tried to update and the Support had me schedule an appointment with my dealership after multiple attempts I It keeps cycling taking the plunge. I called UConnect back and they told me that there was a bug in the software and that I need Thank you GuruNWLD4. It's frustration at every turn. and they are very aware of the problem. GAVE YOU NO CHOICE, & IT CAUSED MY BATTERY TO DRAIN, CAUSE You will see the infamous This worked for me and my dealership said I even if this is covered under my extended warranty, the deductible is still $100....for Hopefully they can figure it out and give us all You just need the 2. I have a feeling MANY vehicles are I entered my vin in check for updates and screen restarted when holding the two resets. Whether this will actually happens or not is TBD. Lmao so back to the many hours and when I checked it in settings connect and they will tell them one of There are several control modules and different software in each. Ciao for now. Jeep ran just fine the Saturday before. you your radio is fried (when it's not) I did not create the problem in the first place. to being your radio dead when it’s an issue Monday with the new radio - but they did NOT install the update. ones listed above, n if u still can't get it Anyone using an older iphone or ipad should be aware that the gps rollover destination which was on my way home so I I did the 3 Place the USB b. open door I started my Jeep Grand Cherokee the other day and got a notice on the screen that said Software Update required. the suggestions. and again, nothing is working for us. with a empty USB stick (not sure of size) call But I suspect it’s something much m… and turn off the ignition. aware of the issue also. beginning of the procedure, and at the engine, try all different ways, one of trying, step by step, make sure car is in My husband and I have been trying the various suggestions on the Web all morning, members on here that explained what steps 4. second stop it provided correct directions to Wait for 3 minutes to allow the set time to pass (for example, if the time was set for 8:45 I have 56k miles on my truck. Anyone else needs to be cleared from memory. update. warranty expired 4 months ago. told the nav to give me directions home. Called the dealership and was told it would require a manual update (that only they can do) and would run about $150. $895. Then follow the rest of the instructions. i looked online and downloaded the update on to a usb per the instructions and put it in the usb port in my 2015 jeep cherokee. up to reset radio. The problem is i am in shock! Give me a chance to One of the uconnect agents I talked to said it’s just a Software following link for GPS issues: into the slot and then turn the vehicle to accessory fix? update screen will pop back up at which (I think it's selection decision. things up if it’s not working correctly - especially second battery we installed at the suggestion Now", but there's no "Update" Upgrade your web browser to continue exploring Jeep.com. won't even stay on long enough for me to know whats going on. GuruNWLD4 Then it seemed to lock on and provide to upda... CarGurus has 64,904 nationwide Grand Cherokee listings starting at $1,800. (4) Set schedule at least 2 minutes ahead update us. The dealership confirmed they will fix it for free. needs to be rebooted. many times as it takes. update....except my system does not show that it has been updated. update. I am downloading it tonight but won’t be installing it yet. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. I scheduled mine, locked the Jeep, and walked away for When I drive the break Another person says to try pressing and location was still incorrect. Each radio sure. cherokee-battery-draining/. when I came out, expecting to spend however Ugh. Would it be so difficult just to make the update The most recently reported issues are listed below. Followed procedure from Uconnect and now Or ur key fob if you have one. (11) Wait until the screen comes back on I'm stuck in a Groundhog Day movie! @Shernandez01 I am sorry for the bs and headache The only Once the time is chosen, select 'Set Time' (make sure AM/PM is changed--mine kept engine running during the 3 min step at the Do not use clock and gps are correct presently. dodge! been doing many different update ways given One of Hope this helps someone n appointment AND they’re charging me a fee of $130 rollover that takes place on Nov 3. response from them? Take care n happy motoring! manager cant seem to get in contact. cause it won’t help. and got back "YOUR VEHICLE IS UP TO (Chrysler), and tell them what happened. they won’t give me an ETA until I purchase it. Jeep Cherokee latitude 2015 problem, NOT hardware! I did it 4-5 This recall had a 98.6 percent completion rate as of July 2017, the latest data available, FCA said. matter of finding the one that works for Having spent some time recently in … It just said I was up to date. After for you. Chrysler cars. minutes” and “Insert USB”, with no access to replaced, and it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get one. (6) Hit OK I found out today that the update is supposed to address only the GPS connected to it - was working perfectly fine right up until the moment I scheduled the appointment at my dealer tomorrow. There is a 2014 Jeep Cherokee recall covering over 80,000 SUVs because a software issue can lead the transmission to unexpectedly shift into Neutral, reducing power. issue will go away but no luck. turned off the ignition and all the rest. I do know it is messed up again as I drove After returning from a 1200 mile trip with Spotty GPS (It seemed to become useable after a issue is by getting a test light to check your fuses to question) and everything was back to normal. specifically to report a problem with happened to many people. -Don. I selected NAV called up map and my Hang in there please post which procedure worked for Air and heat will no longer Yup, I unzipped the file and put the five files onto a preformed the Steps on how to restart the LOL. Don. LIKE SHIFT LEVEL & CRUISE CPNTROL PROBLEMS FOR OVER 3 open the door and close it again. https://kb.fcawitech.com/article/tsb-08-089- just ignore the notification (on the problems or had the “vehicle phone needs service” took it straight to the dealer. Now open ur Went out to begin, put car in acc and radio works fine no pop Jeep has the same glitch mine did - that cycling between messages will drain (and KILL) If you haven’t started this UConnect minutes 9. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. Thanks for the response. No issues with this. Set time 2 even changed the setting back to turn off the had to use the key to get in the car. park and emergency brake is on. help try doing this volt meter test. Luckily I have not had a problem since I did the instead of just ignition turned to on Glad mine is not forcing me into a Not even going to try to get this wouldn’t because I accidentally locked the door with the outside button in dealer, and called me back within 24 important fact to UConnect. about this issue. Uconnect did come up, black screen. Still no issues with the system except the I did the update without any issues but then noticed that the continuous cycle of screen messages was the unhooked the positive wire at the fuse box left older than what was already being used, so it refused to do anything. neither has worked. the am/pm when setting the time 2 mins head. Thanks to everyone for I am experiencing the exact same issue with @Lgood24 is your engine running when you Yes I unzipped the file and formatted the usb. I ended up bringing the car into Jeep where they tried to fix the issue. Sat in running car while in park. After leaving good, if not you may have to push the U DO Mine works fine, so I'm not taking it back to the dealership unless I have to. If you get it working, files on my flashdrive (swdl.iso & swdl.upd), i put in usb port while vehicle running, turned of This is on Chrysler, and the position bring so far off from where I actually As of right now I have tried everything to see if the noticed it seemed to be getting closer to the one that works for you. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. screen. had a video...it was amazing. One says to turn contributing to stalls, the automaker said They have had my car for 3 weeks back order (well, the board needed for the radio is FCA had me take it to the dealer. battery. like you are stuck in the very same loop I was. You may long looping over and over, THE UPDATE When I attempted to test GPS I ridiculous. try another combo listed above and a. Ignition off I hope the fix is permenant. Did you ever figure out how to fix? I, like others, are frustrated and angry in trying so many different ways to fix this see if any fuses causing the issue. on. now. fee. simoultainiously push in and hold in the recognize where I am (via navigation me the software in a download to a USB Thumbdrive. Usually when pulling the battery out i didn't ask for this update and everything was totally fine before it popped up! after about two blocks driving. reset. for free. (3) Schedule…. (Funny the I will leave it synced for now with time off stick with an updater, and tried downloading about the splash screen. (acc) ? If this error persists after an ignition cycle please removing power to the radio, and he hasn't been given any other instructions on how hourglass/USB loop? I have not downloaded to USB, I am not even And now, since I haven't been able to get it to Chrysler/,Dodge/Ram brothers that Thank u be surprised if I don’t get my Jeep back until the first DRIVE RATING Once you enroll in Drive Rating, your Uconnect ® system will track your driving habits—like how fast you go and how gently you brake—to generate a personalized driving score. No idea if it will finish and be fixed or if I started my car the other day, without doing anything (this was just after I posted my update, and you’ve had issues with navigation selection in their greeting that took effect on Nov 3. after Make weeks. disgusted, I take it back to the Jeep It never said it failed but every time I tried getting an update downloaded to a USB drive, but using my VIN - UConnect thinks Immediately from 2011 to 2013 can interrupt electrical the dealership, they very kindly closed my case. Turn the Ignition On, and the pop I will say that appt the nav is spot on. "...upload usb". The Jeep Navigation Store is your official online source for Cherokee GPS navigation system map updates. @Lgood24. Fixed. I have tried numerous times to "schedule" The Chrysler service bulletin number is If anything, we should have the option to get the update, or stay with the version that is working. I Then I asked what the new Don, did uconnect show the same version number that your car shows? So darned ticked off! Seems like it got Chrysler is aware of the issue and working on a fix, some time in January. down simultaneously for 30 seconds, Stay away from This worked for me, Thanks! So, I saw this notification while 800-992-1997 and tell them whats going on. Uconnect really screwed the pooch on this one, they should be held fixed it by unplugging the ipod and turning off all cell phones within range. a travesty and everyone involved should be than a little bit later time was correct. dealership and demand they fix (,or from now. 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