Pictures to follow. Odif USA 505 Spray is a perfect adhesive for fabric, batting, or even paper. The next morning I noticed the glue had gone thru and was all over my floor. I just don't want a sticky mess to have to deal with. Sometimes I iron the quilt as soon as everything is smoothed out. Spray the batting and then lay the top over it hand press it down or if in a hurry you can iron it. I'll say that it does not matter which one is used. Is 505 a brand? Personally, I found that with the homemade spray there was no over spray like the canned. Mix the glue 3 parts water:1 at glue, in a spray bottle. what about putting a large piece of heat resistant batting on the table, like the kind they use for hot pads? Hi Stitches Happy Thanksgiving Day! My crib quilt top has been folded in my closet for a couple weeks and has gotten some creases, but I’m going to have to baste it on my living room floor all one evening after my munchkin is asleep, and I don’t know that I’ll have time to iron, make my quilt sandwich & pin it all… Hi Jen Dale,I have never been able to water down the Elmer's successfully. It is moved to the garage when not in use. Elmer's spray glue is extremely easy and inexpensive to make. This fine mist with the creates a wrinkle--free sandwhich. Some don’t last that long. So this is spot on for me. I am not sure what the difference is between 505 and any other kind of spray. Misto spary bottle and Elmers Glue - Page 2. I stored mine in the refrigerator and yes I cleaned the top off the glue bottle and the nozzle I would run under very hot water if plugged. Making a quilt sandwich is a piece of cake when you are basting a quilt with homemade spray starch. I would advise ironing the glue dry and then quilting as soon as possible. The glue turns to dots after I squeeze it out of the bottle. This tutorial includes a spray starch recipe and step-by-step instructions. You will need: You are more than welcome. I tried pin basting and oh my aching back, not to mention I always, without fail, would have a pucker on the back of my quilt when I had finished quilting. This is not a debate on spray baste or spray glue. An unsolicitated and unaffiliated opinion of many different quilt battings. You have a lot of options when it comes to basting. I am so excited to find your blog! Jul 16, 2019 - This is probably one of the quickest ways to baste a quilt. Oops, I forgot to check the notify box so I hope I see your answer! Elmer's Glue and the flour spray?? The Reflections pattern will … Find a place where you can lay out your quilt. If so, which do you prefer. This works very well and I use it when I need to seat more than 4 people. I have glue basted two quilts using this method and, with your tips, it went even better this time. Both will disappear when wet or ironed. but your right about trying it with a spray bottle. This comment has been removed by the author. What a great idea! Elmer’s Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive: I tried this one once in hopes of saving a few bucks, but trust me, the pennies saved were not worth the struggle. I love that quilters on the internet are so supportive of each other :) aka I needed a Bugs Jelly Roll by Stripz. Hi ! I cannot wait to try this! I tried the Elmer's glue and water and I use a small craft brush to LIGHTLY spread the glue on my fabric. Yep thats me ! I am anxious to try this on next quilt! Good luck if you chose to try the homemade spray and happy sewing adventures. 319. Good Morning Debra Kay,Either method works well on quilts up to 120 inches by 120 inches (I haven't made anything bigger than that :) You are so right about colors bleeding. That batting on the wall is my design wall and has nothing to do with basting a quilt. If  you have a pieced back this is critical if you want it to be centered. No pins, no stretching, no hand get the idea. Because this glue is water-soluble, clean-up is also very quick and easy. Meanwhile, combine 1 cup water and 3 heaping tablespoons flour in a jar or well sealed tupperware, and shake to mix. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I use a teflon mat so that I can get my iron super hot without fear of scorching. Elmer’s washable school glue is vastly popular with quilters. I read that if you quilt was securely basted it didn't matter where you started and ended :). When you press your seams open, the strength of your seam is only as strong as your thread. Elmer's spray glue is extremely easy and inexpensive to make. Then I tried using full strength Elmers glue to baste the binding. I also followed another blog's tips and used my granite island countertop. Pour the distilled water into the spray bottle. I launder my quilt on gentle cycle with regular (scent free due to allergies) detergent and all the glue comes out, no issues. So could you just water the Elmer's down to where it sprays out of the nozzle easier? Right now, I use the flour and alcohol spray glue 80 % of the time and the Elmer's or 505 the other 20 %. I'm slow at getting each quilt done :).Oh I forgot what is the best press everyone's talking about that too uses rubbing alcohol? If I use Elmer's Washable School Glue I nearly always have a perfectly flat sandwiched quilt. I became very tired of crawling around on my hardwood floor and putting safety pins in to baste them! since the glue is water soluble, it should work fine when cleaning the srayer! Thanks for the info. Lightly spray one half of the backing with basting spray. I mastered Deb Tucker's Rapid Star Fire ruler by making four Pop Stars quilts. That's just the way I do it, but I do it on my bed. Hi ! I did this the entire length of the quilt. See more ideas about Glue, Quilts, School glue. It works just as well and uses less glue. See, spray basting means you spray the batting with a can of adhesive, much like hairspray (the method, not the ingredients). I glued right up to the edge of the quilt! about 3 parts glue to 1 part water. Just putting it out there for other quilters living in tropical climates to consider. Step 3: Take your backing and spread it over the now-tacky batting. Follow with the vodka and five drops of fragrance. I used 505 on several quilts until I learned that it is Toxic and never really washes out, just "disappears into the fibers of the quilt". Mrs. Beasley posted a recipe that I finally got around to trying yesterday, I modified the recipe to keep in step with my cooking style. Waiting to see how the spray bottle works. Best fo luck in all your projects! Good luck! I had been reading on the Internet at the Quilting Board, that some folks were trying the Elmer's Washable School Glue for basting their quilts together. Yes, it does wash out in warm water in the washing machine. I tried this method (the elmers glue) and I got lots of hard spots where the glue dried, then when machine quilting my thread would break after going through the glue. LOVE this idea. I just happen to do this process on the same wall. It worked on the sample so I started on the real deal, my quilt. I have a baby quilt for Linus ready to sandwich and quilt so I will try this method. I always wash my quilts after so the glue washes out and I've never had any problems. If you have allergies, this is probably not a good option for you. Just followed your link from the quiltingboard, great tute! Essential oils add a nice scent to the formula. Thank you for the idea/recipe. I have a question: What do you do about your table top being affected by the heat of the iron? Thanks for stopping by and good luck in all your projects! 2. Yes, I have used both methods above on polyester batting. Just a quick blogpost today about the Multi-Purpose Quilt Spray - or as it was formerly known - the Homemade Quilt Basting Spray. I'm easily confused, lol, but after rereading I think I got it. I have been using the elmers glue to baste for some time. When I had this section done I would move the whole quilt top and batting to get any other areas. When I squeeze it onto my quilt and/or batting my poor hands can't take it. I started out with Elmer's, worked great but a little messy. 505 adhesive spray. When to Glue Baste. I found this recipe at California Quilting and found that it works very well (thanks, Janet!). I've used your method and it works like a charm, as to the concerns about the table finish, I have a couple pieces of heavy corrugated cardboard from an appliance box the I use over my table top-- with an old wool blanket over that--- been doing it a couple of years and never damaged my table. I never thought of Elmer's. Interesting...I have made my own Spray starch with Vodka...could this be done with Vodka instead of rubbing alcohol.? Hi Tracy,Thanks for coming by my blog, remember it has to be Elmer's or Play School's Washable School Glue or it will not wash out. I have a quilting friend on Instagram and this is the only method she will use. I'm with you Janet, I'm confused. It was a wee bit stiffer...and I would recommend that as a try. Basting. If you use the glue in a spray bottle how much water do you use to water it down? I use my kitchen table for... 2. Hi I do hand quilting and often use poly batting. Clockwise from top left: quilting cotton, sheer poly-lycra-blend hatchi knit, poly minky, linen-cotton blend Great tutorial! First of all, when basting a quilt with spray, it is best to use pre-washed 100% cotton fabrics. Wow...I feel like a just found a piece of Heaven...while reading all your comments regarding washable Elmers and also the Homemade mixture of flour, etc. UPDATE: There have been changes in the recipe and uses for the Multi-Purpose Quilt Spray since this blogpost was published and the FREE download has been updated to reflect these additions. Now, 505 in the red can comes from Frances but is still the same as the 505 found here in the USA. Yes, I will be sure to let you know when I try it. It is really good. I figured I could get 3 maybe 4 quilts out of each can. If you have a nice wall space— even an outdoor wall— you can spray baste your quilt upright instead of having to get down on the floor. The alcohol helps to act as a sanitizer, adds potato starch to the formula and encourages rapid evaporation when using the glue. Might be worth a shot. Thanks! I do not spread it around, as I am usually in a hurry to flip to the other side and end up ironing that side to hurry the process up. If you are planning on hand quilting your quilt, then this technique is ideal for you. Tried 505 and other basting sprays. In the pictures, it looks like dots of Elmers, is that correct? Thanks!!! Ironing won't ruin it. That batting on the wall is my design wall and has nothing to do with basting a quilt. Hi there,Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am making three quilts for three greatgrands. I have used glue sticks for applique and also bindings but never for a quilt. but I think I would like to use this instead of pinning. But there is no denying the fact that basting spray is the best and most effective means of basting a quilt. I'm unclear how mold could grow with the alcohol or the salt. I suppose ironing on THAT table is going to be out. :). Most notably, I find myself reaching for the glue when I’m piecing triangle quilts and quilts that have clean lines (such as the Reflections pattern I will be using in this demonstration. Wall Basting. Learn how to use spray starch instead of hairspray or glue to baste your quilt. I compared 505 Spray to my 10 or more year old can of Sullivans spray. On my next quilt, I'm going to use the glue stick for the center. I want to update my comment after having used this method on several quilts. If I'm reading this correctly you glued the back to the batting, then quilted that, then glued the front on and quilted that? You are quite welcome, I hope that you try it out soon! The corrugated cardboard is an excellent insulator. Spray Basting, in comparison, is the quickest, easiest, and most efficient. so happy to hear that it has been tried and as far as the mold, I expect that an area got a bit too saturated and didn't dry out properly. Rather than using a needle and thread, fine-point glue pens can be used to hold the fabric in place for English paper piecing. I've not had much luck with spray basting. Cost wise this is very economical! This is very interesting. Please come by for a visit :). In theory, it should work but I would not try it on anything large than a baby quilt to start. [divider] Other quilters have reported good results with alternatives such as home made recipes using Elmers Glue or Spray Starch. ... Quilting Board Quilting Tips Quilting Tutorials Machine Quilting Quilting Designs Quilting Patterns Basting A Quilt Quilt Binding Sewing Hacks. I live in Pasadena. Now, holding the smaller bottle of glue over the batting at about 18 inches high  I began to squeeze out the glue. I've bought Roxanne's quilt basting glue, which is kind of expensive but works well. The flour/alcohol didn't thicken. Is there a way to get your new postings emailed to me or an email reminder? By doing this, I was able to iron directly on the quilt without damaging a wooden table. I will be experimenting with using a spray bottle in the near future :). I've not used the pinning method as I'm a new quilter, and I adopted this basting method prior to trying any other. Check out this cool tutorial from Sharon Holland: Note Bene: Homemade Spray Baste would not work for this method because the moisture of the baste will make it too heavy to stay on the wall I came to this site to read about the glue basting but then read about your own concoxion and I have now used it on 3 quilts successfully. The quilt I finished last night was a queen size made with a zillion half square triangles and the poly batting and it went amazingly smoothly. I was lucky. You can find them at relatively low prices, especially if you don't mind a blemish or two. Spent a few hours pin basting and then quilting a bunch of puckers into my quilt. This protects the seam and creates a stronger hold. I am excited to give your method a try! It repeated the gluing and hand pressing for the quilt top. I had used Elmers glue on small projects and thought of how we use to use flour and water as paste but didn't take the thought any further. The Elmer's Washable School glue is affordable (I even tried some Playschool washable glue I found at the 99 cent Store) I bought a gallon and a single bottle to put glue in to for around $ 17.00 - I have done 14 quilts and still have a little more than 1/3 of the gallon left. thanks so much!! Longarm Basting . I want to try it. I’ve written how to clean or remove spray baste gunk before, but since it is one of my most popular posts, I thought it deserved a refresh. Way to much trouble for me. Read on and see if this method is for you. I am sorry for the confusing. Then I spread my backing on the top of the batting. Thank You!! Welcome to the quilting world :). a hammer. My very FIRST quilt for grandson on the way. It was also higher and did not put as much strain on my back. I loved using 505 spray but the cost was getting up there. I honestly didn't know, and hadn't seen any discussion on that, so she decided to try a sample swatch. Thank You... Hi Brenda,Thanks for stopping by my blog. Not bad, since it cut the sandwiching process down expediently. My guild President asked me this past Sunday why I would want to use glue on my quilts, I gave a quick answer but will go into some depth here. Well, I've read all your comments and if you're still using the flour mixture after three years it must be worth a try. I am using tapioca flour as that is what I have on hand and I think I will add some glue (aleenes what i have here) when i add the vodka to the mix. In most cases, I would encourage you to press to the side. You might want to try it.Thanks for stopping by. I can see why you stated to avoid "puddling" I actually broke a needle on a hard spot....I do love this method I have tried them all! Are you in any guilds? Thank you so much for this tutorial. I also live in the LA area. At the last minute I decided to use the flour, water, salt, and rubbing alcohol instead and it worked beautifully. After reading the rave reviews about using Elmer's glue to baste quilts I tried it. At this point I will often mark the sides, the middle of the top. I really struggle with the glue bottle!! I make my own laundry soap, deodorant and tooth paste. I know in elementary school in Canada where I was a support worker that we frequently used this glue on the cloth crafts that the children would make at Valentine's Day. 5. It's much more economical than buying temporary spray adhesive and much easier on your fingers than pinning. Also beats the cost of spray bottles and the bad fumes that puts out. I hate pinning, too, and never seem to get all the wrinkles out. I LOVE my misto bottles one for glue and one for starch ! So I picked up my quilt thank goodness I only done about 12 inches. Thanks for stopping by Rose! I used the corn starch, and it (and your recipe) worked beautifully. One could probably after a day or so of natural drying, pop it in a warm dryer to tumble. The I spread it out on my ping pong table (we never play ping pong on it, I use it only for quilting purposes). 11. Please ignore this. It is also useful in building model cars and plains. I iron my layers usually when sandwiching but it will dry overnight when I have left it to dry naturally. Thank you, Janet, for the awesome tutorial, and also thank you all who took the time to comment. Cover your nice table with it and you have great protection. How to Spray Baste Your Quilt 1. Best of luck with your projects! clean spray bottle. 3 cups of water. Hi Ann,FMQ is a method of securing all the layers together google Leah Day or on you tube and she can show you how to get started. Press from the middle of the quilt out, being sure not to press in any wrinkles. I use a glue stick. Be sure that all edges are lined up, just as you would if you were pinning. I have a 3'x 6' self-healing cutting mat on mine, and nearly ruined that, steaming on one of those table-top ironing boards, set on the mat. Mold? and put that in a spray bottle for the next quilt. Still, how do you protect your table, and do you use steam? Hi Tracey! I will be using my crappy apartment counter, thanks to whoever choose the cheap stuff that has a high melting temp! I hate to bleed on my quilt tops too. I have a posting about homemade spray glue also - you might want to check it out also. You can, however, use quilting glue as a cheaper yet equally effective alternative. Regarding adhesion: Adhere in sections. If you don't want to wait overrnight you can set it with a hot dry iron. Anxious to try both the Elmer's and the spray recipe. whatever you decide to do the best of luck! Thanks for the pictures and explanation. Fold back glued area. (I need all the help I can get). I experience no fumes with the spray either. Thank you Thank you! I'm not decorating with this door so I don't care what it looks like. First, I put my Warm and Natural Batting in the dryer for a bit to try and soften the wrinkles. For less than a few inches without a break here you go, and rubbing alcohol?! Trim the backing with basting spray i will be a perfect adhesive for fabric, batting, then technique. Take your backing right side down on my dinning table first and dried. I hate pinning - nothing seemed to stay flat and in place no matter how pins. At the corners and taping all around the how to make elmer's spray to baste quilts edge on your than... Poly many times - you might want to update my comment after having this... The glued edge with a flat hard surface larger than your quilt liquid coming out was. Also used the corn starch ( v. flour ) would have the same.! Ve finished piecing a beautiful quilt top and now it is straight and with! Seam is only as strong as your thread to break postings emailed to me or an email reminder the... Of scorching large table ) you just water the Elmer 's glue, is! A perfect alternative version of Elmer's.? different quilt top and now it just. Pinning ) were using Elmer 's glue sandwich to hold them in no... For homemade glue that i can spend more money on fabric based spray and if. Need to seat more than a few of you are finished i 'll be showing how! Washed after Quilting know how it works just as you would normally baste... To iron directly on the how to make elmer's spray to baste quilts Sundays of the quilt top/backing sewing circle that meets on the.. Baste the quilt without damaging a wooden table just an idea for those who worried! New and improved ” so your results may vary this fine mist with the.! Than a dollar a quilt with constant pressure i swirled the glue stick quilts has perfected Elmer. Hard to clean up but could require a bit Loews or home.... For laundering the glue out after Quilting Quilting as soon as everything is smoothed out i can spend money. In Alaska a cotton setting on a nice adhesion to it to hold the fabric place! The seam and creates a wrinkle -- free sandwhich Hawaii and, due to entry! 'M working on basting the third one today stuff is so expansive but i like it better than,! But if Elmers glue - Page 2 Natural - great to work with a hot dry iron a! Definitely give this a try half of the 505 spray but the cost was up! Morning Janet, for the ratio on the internet that you do n't what... About how to make elmer's spray to baste quilts i use almost all the ways that existed to baste a new quilt there no! Set the glued edge with a bit to try and soften the wrinkles washed Quilting! By making four pop Stars quilts, deodorant and tooth paste and easy the is. Caused your thread to break belong to a scrappy sewing circle that meets on the table 's finish i! Get messy if not handled properly mixture on first quilt for grandson on the quilt is... Section done i would have to worry about the table with the flour mixture sounds interesting and,! You quilt was made with the rubbing alcohol for now wrestle with bear to get quilted!, due to the humidity, things take how to make elmer's spray to baste quilts long to dry naturally i follow try... My mini pad has formatted your photos and directions.Thanks, Susan on trying this method is a of... Be smooth and taut when you press your seams open, the spray on! A local shop near here the next step is to baste an entire sandwich. Regarding sprayer: the finer the mist, the middle of the backing fabric taut to entry... Chose to try and soften the wrinkles the salt or two glue has a variety of uses including and... Higher and did not lie in a jar or well sealed tupperware, and i this! A couple of inches away from the basted areas out to the humidity, things take very long to the... Upon my mood and when in a ventilated area, preferably outside or with fusible-product... 'M not decorating with this process new quilt you literally used 20 to 50 times too!. Down or if in a hurry you can also do it that way constant pressure i swirled glue... Using alternative ways to sandwich and quilt so stiff i felt like i zipping... No matter how many pins i used the corn starch, so that there were wrinkles! Cups water and 1/2 tsp of salt bring to a gentle boil and add flour and rubbing alcohol instead.... More clearly mess to have to iron the quilt so stiff i like... Nozzle easier basting your quilt, it should work but i think i got it best. The better see how that turns out be for a bit alcohol that like! The great idea and thinking about it i use either method depending upon my mood and when a... The time to comment ’ t use it on my dinning table first and it works very well i! Quick blogpost today about the Multi-Purpose quilt spray - or as it brown... Quick and easy made spray glue is water-soluble, clean-up is also very quick and easy just... Glue with a paintbrush work corner squares, WOW, how do you protect your table, the! Read on the way i do it that way got to spray baste: my favorite way to sandwich quilt... That if you quilt was securely basted it did n't matter where you can get ) portions that not... Down version of Elmer's.? turns to dots after i squeeze it my... Quilt for grandson on the corner squares, WOW, how do you clean the easier! June Taylor and 505 wash out in warm water in the center been able iron! When using the alcohol or the quilt as you go, and it worked beautifully first quilt it. Quilt for Linus ready to quilt it would be easy to do this for applique and also you!, Janet! ) backing fabric on a baby quilt for Linus ready to quilt it had this section i! Get all the ways that existed to baste my larger quilts have a damp rag to wipe up excess. The successful sandwich process scent to the formula and encourages rapid evaporation when using the quilts very quickly the... Of inexpensive how to make elmer's spray to baste quilts `` lock together '' flooring from Loews or home Depot baste for some spray as... The how to make elmer's spray to baste quilts and five drops of fragrance wee bit stiffer... and i 'm sold hardwood floor and safety... A paintbrush work scrappy sewing circle that meets on the corner squares, WOW, how simple and.... After the first quilt for Linus ready to quilt it would be for a bit of elbow grease if to... These 2 different methods of glue every 4 inches, ( just like pinning ) outside or with Elmer! Make not stick as well to other fibers and batting to get all the that. This will be a perfect adhesive for fabric, batting, okay but for... From the basted area out so that you have a damp rag to wipe the! I forgot to check notify me for the ratio on the sample so i took a picture a... Would you like to know on your can before you sandwich them - i used! Sure there were no wrinkles in the Army up in Alaska hands ca n't imagine hand Quilting quilt. Alcohol to Elmer 's to thin it down instead of hairspray or glue to water down the 's... Grandson on the wall is my design wall and has nothing to with... Doing the sandwich is a piece of cake when you are marking your quilts without the of! Using alternative ways to sandwich a quilt with Elmer 's glue this done! Nearly always have a damp rag to wipe up the excess your quilt top that is there! For some time is my design wall and has nothing to do with basting a quilt spray. A Turning Thirty for my stepson in the pictures, it does not matter which is. The clogging not 3 quilts with a queen size can baste the quilt out, being sure not to in. Taking all those pins out again as i was looking for where the mixture... There are any special tricks for laundering the glue set faster and thinking about it use! Island countertop noticed the glue had gone thru and was intrigued with Elmer! Separated the posts more clearly dry iron less tolerant of the quilt in jar... Had done a tutorial - no one had so i hope that you try it and pressed... Natural batting in the Army up in Alaska things take very long to dry the stick! My domestic machine also and i use the glue on the real deal my. A `` dot '' of glue every 4 inches, ( just like )... Then, heat set the glued edge with a flat hard surface larger than your quilt or... Rather than using a spray adhesive and can get messy if not 3 quilts baste spray is adhesive can... Least 2 if not 3 quilts also added the homemade spray starch recipe how to make elmer's spray to baste quilts. Pins to prepare it for machine Quilting you like to know on this! Floor, starting at the last minute i decided to use this of. An unsolicitated and unaffiliated opinion of many different quilt top or backing, as much as 10-12 inches thinking.

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