I love speculative fiction that ties an envisioned future with historical roots and Nicole Glover’s debut does just that; then it adds in pinches of mystery and magic for good measure. In one of the most insightful memoirs of the recent past, Meredith Talusan tells her story of being born a Filipino boy with albinism to becoming a Filipino American woman with albinism. By Chana Porter (@PorterChana). One of the few wonderful things about 2020 has been the incredible queer and/or feminist books that have already been published. If you enjoyed Meija’s amazing debut, We Set the Dark on Fire, you will love its thrilling, twisting, queer, feminist sequel. 336 pages. 304 pages. 260 pages. Harper One. Her memoir, Minor Feelings: An … An intimate memoir by Glennon Doyle, this New York Times Nonfiction Bestseller tells the story of personal development, reclaiming your true self and trusting your boundaries. The feminist academic and writer spent almost 16 months inside Luzira prison in Uganda for writing a … Out May 5. There’s only one way to find out: Read ’em all. One World. Inspired by interviews with Central American refugees, the latest captivating novel by Micheline Aharonian Marcom centers a Dreamer named Emilio, who is determined to return to California after being deported. It will be impossible to list down all the key texts of feminism. By Kacen Callender (@kacencallender). If you read Gyasi’s triumphant debut, Homegoing, you know what an extraordinary storyteller she is. A unique autobiography exploring how morality, duty, decorum, beauty, happiness and whatever else the patriarchy is selling corsets women’s bodies, souls and sexualities. By Meredith Talusan (@1demerith). University of Chicago Press. This one-of-a-kind anthology includes poems, essays, excerpts and stories about reproductive freedom by the likes of Amy Tan, Gwendolyn Brooks, Gloria Naylor, Lindy West, Audre Lorde, Camonghne Felix, Leslie Marmon Silko and Gloria Steinem, to name a few. HarperOne. This is a unique examination of gender fluidity and queerness across genres of popular music; a must-read for music lovers. 304 pages. By Deborah Paredez (@debparedez). Hub City Press. April 2020 is finally here, and it's brought a boatload of great reading material with it. With this unflinching collection of essays, Mikki Kendall serves feminists the reality check we need in order to make a more inclusive, equitable and useful feminism for the many, not just the privileged few. Twitter. 288 pages. The feminist and queer voices in these books are amplified by the group of poet-translators, whose own politics… 671. Facebook. By Jaipreet Virdi (@jaivirdi). Algonquin Books. 88 pages. Del Rey. Dealing with topics like identity-building, body image and toxic beauty standards in a society in which sexism and misogyny is still a part of everyday life. While it had its ups and downs, 2019 was a great year for books written by women, trans and gender nonconforming writers and other historically marginalized writers. Books with feminist subjects or themes, to publish in 2020. Out March 3. A struggle that may take shape in many forms, but is essentially shared. Best Feminist Books in 2020 – Reviewed Even though feminism in the broadest sense possible encompasses several different ideologies, social movements, and political movements, it’s all based on its most important principle: the advocacy of women’s rights predicated on the reasoning that the sexes are equal. Here are the 10 Best Books of 2020, along with 100 Notable Books of the year. Out March 3. 384 pages. Black Sundays follows the chaotic fate of one Nigerian family over two decades telling the joyful tale of grace and connection in the midst of daily oppression and the constant incursions of an unremitting patriarchy. In this unsparing, unapologetic collection of poems, Lucia LoTempio addresses violence against women in intricate, powerful and potent style and language. 296 pages. 416 pages. Out March 24. By Francesca Momplaisir. Written from the perspective of two sisters—one a trans activist and the other an actor in “Orange is the New Black”—this book candidly relates the challenges and triumphs of supporting a loved one through exploration and affirmation of their authentic self. Out July 14. Out August 11. Don't let the word "feminist" deter you—these books are required reading for anybody who believes in equality, freedom, and women's rights. Simon & Schuster. While there are a few young adult (YA) novels here, I focused mainly on adult books, so there are no middle grade or children’s books. Out Nov. 3. 512 pages. Henry Holt and Co. (BYR). This book explores puberty, mental health, self-care, why diets are bad news, dealing with social media and everything in between. We appreciate your patience in awaiting a reply. The poets, however, were not necessarily unified in their themes or formal techniques, but had links to specific movements and trends, such as the New York Poets, the Black Mountain poets , the San Francisco Renaissance , or the Beat Poets . It seems I can’t turn on Sirius XM or any of my go-to news stations lately without hearing Zerlina Maxwell and I am a better citizen because of it. Out Feb. 25. By Kelli Jo Ford (@kellijoford). Cinema. We’ve heard your feedback and will continue to produce monthly Reads for the Rest of Us lists this year. By P. Carl (@pcarlphd). By John Elizabeth Stintzi (@stintzi). 208 pages. By Judith Heumann (@judithheumann) with Kristen Joiner (@kristenjoiner). These are Alice Walker’s journals; need I say more? They have  to reinvent things in their own way and take a leaf out of the millennial handbook. This arresting memoir is a reflection of a daughter—EJ Koh—left in the U.S. by her mother who returned to Korea; Koh uses history, poetry and her mother’s letters to make sense of their relationship and herself. Out May 26. 320 pages. By E. J. Koh (@thisisEJKoh). By Abi Daré (@abidare_author). 240 pages. Out February 25. Out July 21. By K.S. During a time of crisis, it can be difficult to focus on books, but if you can, doing so might offer some comfort. Out August 4. It doesn’t matter on which Caribbean island you look at. The debut collection of poetry from moira j focuses on Indigeneity, queerness, nature and kinship. 272 pages. One World. 288 pages. The Feminist Know-It-All: You know her. Read for necessary truths of today and everyday. Milk and Honey book. May 22, 2020: The word feminism can conjure up all sorts of stereotypes and negative connotations for people, and these books are just a small sampling of works meant to change that. September 1. By Selenis Leyva (@selenis_leyva) and Marizol Leyva (@iam_marizol). Copper Canyon Press. This year, English-speaking readers will be introduced to three books in translation from Russian, each of which is groundbreaking on its own terms; taken together, these books showcase the aesthetic potential of feminism in contemporary Russian-language poetry. We’ve compiled a list of books, encouraging parents to read these to their children. Here are some recommendations for feminist novels, poetry, and nonfiction books. New to poetry and don’t know where to start? Troublemaker and love evangelist Alexis Pauline Gumbs is back with the final installment of her extraordinary trilogy of collections, with themes of Blackness, feminism, colonialism, humanity,  environmentalism and genius. 120 pages. 256 pages. An essential collection of essays and speeches by Audre Lorde, exploring race, sexuality, poetry, friendship,  feminism, motherhood and the need for female solidarity. Composite: PR. This is a story about enslaved women who struggled for freedom in the West Indies. 320 pages. Out May 12. “Graywolf Press publishes about 30-35 books annually, mostly poetry, memoirs, essays, novels, translations, and short stories. 240 pages. By moira j (@mxmoiraj). Out April 28. Amistad. Riaz’s poetry encapsulates the struggle that feminine perspectives face in being heard. This list includes books and writers from over 25 different countries, including Korea, Nigeria, India, Colombia, Philippines, Việt Nam, Cambodia, Trinidad, Palestine, Guatemala, Somalia, Liberia, Taiwan, Ghana, Haiti, Morocco, the U.S. and more. This is an informative book with a good sense of humour. 264 pages. 272 pages. In her first book, she examines and exposes the shortcomings of liberal politics as well as what needs to be done to get us all out of this current political crisis. 296 pages. Out May 19. From the bestselling author of what a time to be alone, in this new book Chidera Eggerue will show you, once and for all, how to reframe the stale goal of finding a man. By Ijeoma Oluo (@ijeomaoluo). 312 pages. Available for the first time in English, this volume collects some of cartoonist Kuniko Tsurita’s best graphic short stories in all their feminist, gender-questioning, visionary, dystopian glory. P. Carl has written a candid, intimate and moving memoir about his gender transition in our current cultural moment and how it affected his relationships, his inner and outer identities and his place within the world. In the list that follows, I highlight a few books that helped shape my notions as a 21st-century feminist. 208 pages. With the assistance of Julie Schwietert Collazo, founder of Immigrant Families Together, Rosy Pablo Cruz shares her story of her desperate departure from Guatemala and her subsequent separation from her two children at the U.S. border. By jessica Care moore (@jessicacaremoor). Consider it #RequiredReading. By Mikki Kendall (@karnythia). Master poet jessica Care moore gifts us this latest collection of sharp, smart and defiant pieces and we will be better humans because of it. Being forty doesn’t mean you only have bad sleep, hot flashes and begin to wear wide clothes and dye your hair. The Original 'F' Collection - by Carola Marin, The Shift: How I (lost And) Found Myself After 40 – and You Can Too by Sam Baker, Difficult Women: A History of Feminism in 11 Fights by Helen Lewis, Men Who Hate Women: From Incels to Pickup Artists, the Truth about Extreme Misogyny and how it Affects Us All by Laura Bates, Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches by Audre Lorde, Sensuous Knowledge: A Black Feminist Approach for Everyone by Minna Salami, The Body Image Book For Girls: Love Yourself and Grow Up Fearless by Charlotte Markey, Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by Florence Given, She Will Soar : Bright, brave poems about freedom by women, Too Much: How Victorian Constraints Still Bind Women Today by Rachel Vorona Cote, Interview with Clare Willets, founder of Not Only Pink and Blue, White women...we have work to do, when nobody is liking, Interview with Kelly McGonigle, Co-Founder of LWL. By Nicole Glover (@ni_glover). By Ingrid Persaud (@ingridpersaud). With grace, empathy and wisdom, this robustly written debut examines an American Muslim immigrant experience against the backdrop of a school shooting. Those of you who keep up with my lists know that Akwaeke Emezi is one of my favorite writers of the last few years, so I am thrilled they are back with their next unforgettable novel of connection, understanding, loss and growth. By Tola Rotimi Abraham (@thattola). Center Street. Haymarket Books. By Morgan Jerkins (@morganjerkins). By turns fearless, intimate, wry, and laugh-out-loud funny, these collections will strengthen your soul and inspire you to celebrate your own experience. Best poetry books of 2020. A kick in the Belly follows footprints and clues to unravel how women played a distinctly female role in the development of a culture of slave resistance. With this volume, she can be assured that she’s made her mark on history and our current moment with an urgent call for truth. Seal Press. Let some of the best LGBTQ books 2020 had to offer be the rainbow-colored light at the end of the tunnel. Out January 28. Simon & Schuster. By Alice Walker (Author), Valerie Boyd (Editor). Abrams Press. This is the book supporting the anti-harassment street art campaign created by Fazlalizadeh in 2012, which continues to light the flame of knowledge and resistance to fight for the safety and respect all women deserve. And even when the word CRISIS has popped up every second in my publishing and arts-focused feed, 2020 still managed to deliver the goods. Forge Books. 384 pages. BOA Editions Ltd. 128 pages. 160 pages. By Maisy Card (@dracm). Katherine Tegen Books. McSweeney’s Publishing. 80 pages. You can’t stand her. By Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida (Author), Eric M B Becker (@ericmbbecker) (Translator). By Emerson Whitney (@emersonwhitney_). Personal and searing, Laila Lalami’s latest book is focused on immigration, white supremacy and what it means to be “American”. Out May 1. Hood feminism asks how we stand in solidarity as a movement for equality, when the likelihood is that same women are oppressing others. Our May 12. Nadia Owusu has penned an engaging and reflective new memoir focused on universal themes of home, abandonment, identity and autonomy. Ms. is wholly owned and published by the Feminist Majority Foundation, National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, How Misogyny Drives the Marginalized to Kill, Supreme Court Reinstates Anti-Abortion Measure, Biden Nominates Ambassador Samantha Power as USAID Administrator, New House Rules Mandate Gender-Neutral Language. 272 pages. 420 pages. This list also represents over 55 publishers, from the Big Five to indies to university presses. By Monica Sok (@monicasokwrites). The poetry collections below give us a window into the quiet, solitary moments of some of the modern era’s leading feminist voices. Out March 4. Out Feb. 4. I also include poetry here, which most other lists do not; my 2019 list didn’t either, but then I rediscovered my love of poetry. ... 7 Feminist Films Of 2020 That You Can Watch Online. Mapping The Migrant’s City Through Muzaffar Ali’s Gaman (1978) Books. In a truly Caribbean novel, Ingrid Persaud tells the story of one Trinidadian family struggling to stay together across miles, secrets and differences. 352 pages. Through poetry, Monica Sok processes her family’s experiences of the Khmer Rouge, immigration and the Cambodian diaspora with mythical, tender reflection.

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