However, Jeremiah - after being dosed with Crane's gas and driven insane - soon threatens Gotham City as well, with help from Ra's al-Ghul. Okay, we get it—these people are creepy and weird and will eventually become creepier and weirder. When Barbara goes into labor with Gordon's child, Nyssa orders Bane to kill both her and the baby, and also tortures Gordon. The figures are designed by sculptor James Groman and are based on an original story he created as part of his process in which Batman, The Joker, Two-Face and Killer Croc become monstrous versions of themselves. During her time at Indian Hill, she was experimented on by Professor Hugo Strange and turned into one of his many monstrous test subjects, with Jane being given the ability to shapeshift. For his heroics, Gordon is promoted to Commissioner of the GCPD. [3] Gordon then blackmails Loeb into naming him the President of the Gotham City Police Union. [12] In February 2014, McKenzie was cast as the lead character. It’s an embryo.” He described Gordon’s predicament as: “What would the city of Gotham look like to a young rookie cop coming into this world?”. As a result, with 11 episodes so far we would normally be near the end of the show’s first season and story arcs—but we’re just halfway through. She sends in Gordon's army buddy Eduardo Dorrance, who declares the city in a state of martial law and tries to kill him. Bryan Fuller has expertly defied expectations with his TV show adaptation of Hannibal, for example. Gotham was supposed to be a fresh new beginning for heroic, rookie cop James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and his quest to rid Gotham City of corruption but instead feels tired and exhausted. The show was originally supposed to be about Gordon and his struggle, so let’s see more of that. When Bullock asks who this figure is, Gordon smiles, and says, "A friend. Most notably, James was featured in numerous Sprite campaigns, had his own flavor of … In the hospital, a grief-stricken Dent refused all medical help, and embraced the police's disparaging nickname for him - "Harvey Two-Face". James W. Gordon is a fictional character and the main character of the Warner Bros. Television/DC Comics TV Series Gotham.He is portrayed by Ben McKenzie.He is based on the character of the same name created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, that debuted in the first panel of Detective Comics #27 (May 1939). There’s no way Gordon or any of the characters on Gotham can grow if there’s no water to help the seeds flourish—and no, that’s not a Poison Ivy joke, either. Eleven episodes into the show, however, and it seems like the writers have no clue who the central character even is. The trauma of her time in Indian Hill caused Jane to discard her old identity and become "Jane Doe". It revolves around a teenage Bruce Wayne before he became Batman, and how he first met the familiar characters in the Batman universe, such as The Penguin , The Riddler , … It also references—for some bizarre reason I have yet to ascertain why—the campy and over-the-top silliness of Joel Schumacher’s Batman, right down to the inane dialogue and broad acting. LeBron James said Thursday night that President Trump "doesn’t care about this country or his family" as he expanded on his social media rant about the riot at the U.S. Capitol. Instead, it was resolved way too quickly, making it feel rushed. He … But what is known of Gordon's story and his rise from rookie detective to Police Commissioner? He is portrayed by Ben McKenzie. [8] He and Lee eventually come to terms with each other after the chaos subsides, and reaffirm their love for each other before Lee leaves the city once again.[9]. He is one of the crime world's greatest foes, a man whose reputation is synonymous with law and order. When the renegade artificial intelligence HARDAC attempted to replace the most influential members of Gotham (including James Gordon, Mayor Hill, and Detective Bullock), Barbara was one of the few who initially felt something was wrong. James W. Gordon is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the Warner Bros. Television/DC Comics TV Series Gotham. As Nick Campbell of TV.Com says, “I’m suffering a bit of tonal whiplash.” I think that best describes the tonal discrepancies of Gotham. The committee, chaired by Queens Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer, heard testimony from Anthony Marx, the President, and … Libraries have mostly been empty, but active (photo: John McCarten/City Council) Last month, the New York City Council’s Committee on Cultural Affairs and Libraries held an oversight hearing on the city’s public libraries and COVID-19. Furthermore, it would demonstrate it wasn’t beholden to Batman lore. Batman Begins wisely only featured young Bruce for a couple scenes before jumping ahead to him as a young adult. Gotham could be NYPD Blue but with a harder, more comic-book oriented edge, exploring the criminal element as a serious threat. Surprisingly, crime has been decreasing in the year that the masked duo were away, with a mysterious masked bandit taking up the mantle as protector of Gotham. Meanwhile, Gordon's old nemesis Jerome Valeska threatens the entire city with Crane's madness-inducing laughing gas, leading Gordon and Bullock to pursue him into an underground lair, where they meet his twin brother, Jeremiah. That night, the same figure a vigilante dressed as a bat, who is secretly Bruce apprehends Cobblepot and Nygma, and appears before Gordon and Bullock after they summon him with a signal. History Pre-Costume. In another, like “Viper” or “The Balloonman,” it’s an over-the-top comic-book show that wears its zany colors on its sleeves. It just proved that Gotham—with only 11 episodes to date—is still struggling to find its footing and is rapidly going downhill. Dan Marcus is a geek culture reporter based in Los Angeles. In the same episode, he screams at McKenzie’s Gordon as they argue in an outlandish display of childish emotion, like two kids fighting in a sandbox. In return, Falcone asks Gordon to kill Oswald "Penguin" Cobblepot, Mooney's underling who had informed on her to the GCPD. The whole purpose of serialized storytelling is watching characters develop. He is based on the character of the same name created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, that debuted in the first panel of Detective Comics #27 (May 1939). If the series wants to expand and reach new heights, all it has to do is stretch out its cape and take a heroic leap into the dark unknown. As Gotham is on Fox, the first season will have 22 episodes—which is about two seasons worth of stories when compared to other media. So, for example, we’d see a poster of Cory Smith as Edward Nygma with the tagline “Before he was The Riddler…” And so on and so on. ", In September 2013, it was reported that Fox was developing a TV series centred on James Gordon's early days as a police detective and the origin stories of various Batman villains. Meanwhile, Gordon and Barbara have a tryst that results in her pregnancy; while Gordon wants nothing to do with her, he promises to be there for their child. Unfortunately, there is none of that. Wednesday's 108-101 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers served as a lesson learned for the Warriors, especially for rookie James Wiseman.. It would be like the comic-book Gotham Central—but without Batman. Gordon eventually helps defend Gotham from the monsters that Hugo Strange has unleashed. He escapes, however, and leads a counter-offensive that ends when he convinces Bane's men to lay down their arms and oversees the arrest of Bane. Simultaneously, Gordon is also forced to help find an antidote for Tetch's virus as it infects dozens of people, including himself, Lee, and GCPD Captain Nathaniel Barnes. In it, Two-Face's Gang tried to rob the banks in Gotham City by using garbag… … Smith gives Mooney everything she has, channeling Eartha Kitt in some delicious ways, but it seems like the writers don’t know what to do with her. That’s a wonderful mission statement and honestly an exciting prospect. After he is nearly killed during a cease-fire, he realizes that he truly loves Lee, and he proposes to her. With a season that must run 22 episodes, the writers clearly feel the need to resolve storylines quicker than they should. That’s not really a mystery at all. While Batman and a Tumbler-driving James Gordon (Gary Oldman) are ultimately able to save the day, the crisis underscores how much work they have ahead of them in cleaning up Gotham… His work has appeared in First Showing and Trek Movie. After Gotham is evacuated, Gordon resolves to stay behind, along with Bruce Wayne, to protect the city from the criminals who have taken it over. One day, Batman was drugged and captured by the Joker, who went on to destroy Gotham City. If the show is about Gordon, then don’t shift the focus so much between Gordon and Bullock as budding partners and Bruce and his young pal Selina. At the last moment, however, an unseen figure saves Barbara and apprehends Jeremiah. We want to see characters evolve—make bad decisions, hopefully learn from them, and grow as people. Two-Face then Gordon there, where he planned to judge Gordon's son. The GCPD turns a blind eye, except for Gordon, who pledges to take Cobblepot down. [13] When describing his character in an interview, McKenzie stated that Gordon "is a truly honest man. Therein lies the problem with Gotham. When series creator Bruno Heller was describing the show, he described it as “a world that’s going to become that familiar world of Batman, but it’s not there yet. However, Gordon was prov… Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne face the chaos Gotham City has become. Bullock later goes searching for him, and is captured alongside him. Selina, an orphan who acts way too much like Catwoman for a character that’s supposed to gradually become a cat burglar. The Clown Prince of Crime killed Batman's entire rogue's … In the same episode, he learns that Lee is pregnant with his child. With the end of the series in sight, Gotham is just parading villains onto the small screen. No one wants to see a prepubescent Bruce Wayne flirt with a miniature Michelle Pfeiffer. Of course, Gordon’s journey is going to run parallel to Bruce Wayne’s, supplemented with the comic’s cast of supporting characters. [1], After Gordon's gun is used to kill Dick Lovecraft, a corrupt billionaire, Mayor Aubrey James reassigns him to Arkham Asylum as a guard. The promise of Gotham was that it was meant to showcase honest cop James Gordon as he rises up the ranks in a corrupt and dirty city. The Bruce/Selina stuff just feels like filler. In one episode, like the aforementioned “Spirit of the Goat,” it’s a hard-edged crime drama. While little is detailed about the life of the Batman of Earth -22 before becoming The Batman Who Laughs, it's likely that it followed much the same path as his original counterpart, but his world was always destined to die as part of the Dark Multiverse. Since Gotham is going to be sticking around at least for another year and a half, let’s look at some of the ways it can improve while the show is still young. Gordon isn’t the only character that is motionless. One year after the events of Arkham City, Two-Face's Gang teamed up with Penguin's Henchmen and Harley's Gang under Scarecrow's Army. Gotham is an American action crime drama television series developed by Bruno Heller, produced by Warner Bros. Television and based on characters published by DC Comics and appearing in the Batman franchise, primarily those of James Gordon and Bruce Wayne.The series premiered on Fox on September 22, 2014, and concluded on April 25, 2019. The pilot tried to hinge the mystery on their killer, since his identity was unknown. Gotham would undoubtedly benefit from doing the same. That would be fine if the writers didn’t jump the shark on some of the show’s biggest plot threads. He exposes Nygma for the murder of both Pinkney and forensics scientist Kristin Kringle, sending him to Arkham. That isn’t to say that you can’t successfully mesh tones and different genres into one cohesive whole—except Gotham hasn’t achieved that yet. It really makes you scratch your head. Gotham is a superhero drama/crime series that premiered in September 2014 on Fox. The show opened with the murder of Wayne’s parents—something we’ve seen countless times before. It’s actually something that many procedural shows do, especially the cop procedurals Gotham is trying to emulate. Despite a fourth-quarter surge courtesy of Golden State's second unit, the Warriors fell flat in the final minutes and couldn't contain Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers. As his first case, Detective Jim and his partner Harvey Bullock were assigned the case of Thomas and Martha Wayne's murder. Gordon should be teetering on the edge, always one step closer to becoming engulfed in the chaos and corruption that he’s desperately trying to fight. "[14], Ben McKenzie as James Gordon, in television series, explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Fox Nabs Gotham City Origin Drama About Commissioner Gordon From Bruno Heller & Warner Bros. 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Gotham Men's Silver-Tone Slim Railroad 24 Hour Open Face Quartz Pocket Watch # GWC15027SP $33.70 $44.95 $33.70 $44.95 Tetch creates a virus that turns its victims into crazed killers and infects Calvi with it; when Calvi tries to kill Lee on their wedding day, Gordon is forced to kill him. The Batman-less prequel show Gotham returned this week from its winter hiatus. It would have sent shockwaves through the comic-book community and announced Gotham as a show that wasn’t going to pull any punches. The show could have used take story arc and stretched it the duration of the season. However, anyone that’s read a comic-book or seen a Batman movie (which is, to say, a fair amount) knows who murdered them. For a show that is so new, it should feel vibrant and full of life—but instead feels like it is running on creative fumes. The show needs to sort out its identity crisis and settle on what kind of show it really wants to be. We’re all familiar with the “villain of the week” story gimmick, which Smallville utilized all too well in its early seasons before switching to more serialized storytelling. They get married at GCPD headquarters, with Bullock officiating. He is later reinstated as a Detective after Cobblepot blackmails Loeb into retiring and appointing Captain Sarah Essen to replace him as Commissioner.[6]. Gotham could use some unpredictability to shake things up a bit, as the show follows its comic-book formula far too much. (Unfortunately, The Cheesecakeman was unavailable because Gordon is lactose intolerant.) In the ensuing struggle, Jerome falls to his death. James Robinson, Stephen Segovia, and Carmine di Giandomenico turn the spotlight on Two-Face for this ninth volume of the Detective Comics series. Months later, Gordon watches with growing frustration as Cobblepot pledges to control the city's crime by issuing "licenses" allowing criminals to break the law as long as they agree to his "standards". If Gotham wants to emulate cop procedurals, it needs to stop giving us needlessly cheesy villains and start giving us actual pulpy storylines. He stuck around for a few seasons and showed off both an aggressive and a compassionate side. However, Gordon eventually learns that Sofia pulled strings to get him promoted so she could have someone loyal to her running the GCPD. [citation needed] When Batman started operating in Gotham, Gordon was the only one who trusted the dark knight, to the point that he defended Batman from Detective Bullock's accusations, even when all the evidence pointed Batman as the responsible of several crimes. This is common practice for prequel stories—which is why most people detest them—but some have found a way to circumvent the eventuality of the source material. Harvey Dent, played by Nicholas D'Agosto, appeared in the first season and even has an episode named after him. In "Worse Than a Crime", Gordon, upon realizing that there is a strong possibility that corrupt billionaire Theo Galavan will escape justice after terrorizing the city, takes him to an isolated place outside Gotham, where Cobblepot beats him mercilessly until Gordon stops him and shoots Galavan dead. When Nyssa brainwashes Nygma into perpetrating an act of terrorism, Gordon assembles a task force to stop her - which includes Cobblepot and Nygma. After arriving at the crime scene, Jim comforted the Wayne's son, Bruce, who had survived the ordeal, promising him that he would do everything in his power to fi… During the events of the No Man's Land crisis, Jim has a brief fling with his ex-fiance Barbara, which led to her getting pregnant. After arriving at the crime scene, he comforts the Waynes' son, Bruce, who witnessed his parents' murder, promising him that he would do everything in his power to find the murderer and bring him to justice. The pilot presented this great dilemma where Gordon had to compromise his morals in order to save Oswald’s life. Gordon fakes Cobbelpot's death and orders him never to come back to Gotham. There was a Gotham's Most Wanted Mission called Two-Faced Bandit. This breaks up his relationship with reporter Valerie Vale and puts him into more conflict with Lee. This might’ve allowed the writers to flesh out this story arc so it had an earned resolution. Unsettled after being left at the altar by Catwoman, Batman decides to lose himself in a traditional murder mystery to clear his head. He first met young Bruce as a detective, when he was investigating the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. We don’t need to see it in nearly every episode. However, with Gotham, a key plot thread introduced in the pilot—Gordon being forced to exile Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) by faking his murder—is resolved only three episodes later. That’s what the show was initially supposed to be about, not the Batman’s Rogue Gallery Variety Hour. Jerome escapes them and prepares to poison the entire city, but Gordon foils his plan with Cobblepot's reluctant assistance. He reluctantly agrees to keep her secrets. The promise of Gotham was that it was meant to showcase honest cop James Gordon as he rises up the ranks in a corrupt and dirty city. Gotham has an impeccable cast—Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, Jada Pinkett Smith, and John Doman, just to name a few—but many of them are wasted with atrocious dialogue and over-the-top writing. Soon afterward, Jeremiah kidnaps Gordon's daughter Barbara and brings her to the Ace Chemical Company, threatening to drop her into the same vat of chemicals that disfigured him. Gordon tells Cobblepot that he is being used - by an unseen opponent who later turns out to be Jeremiah - and escapes. However, even as Gotham tries to borrow from that show loosely, it’s hard to take the show seriously when the villains are laughably over-the-top. Alas, that’s not what happened on Gotham. Between the characters that aren’t very logical (Rob Bricken of io9 described the characters as “barely rational human beings”) and the storylines that are resolved too neatly and quickly, Gotham is a hodgepodge of inconsistent tone and storytelling—which comes from the writers and direction. Now he faces the Heat with an NBA title on the line. Gordon fights and severely injures Dorrance, but Nyssa saves his life and recreates him as the monstrous Bane. With storylines all over the place, it is safe to say the writing of the show just isn’t very good. Gordon is put in charge of the "Green Zone", the one section of Gotham that isn't controlled by criminals. It doesn’t have a 13 episode season that is typical of most cable or Netflix shows. Let’s see the internal struggle in Gordon, who has to cope with a corrupt police force and political system. The lack of Two-Face in Gotham is a big point of contention for many fans. Is it Gordon or young Bruce Wayne, already sleuthing as a detective at the tender age of 11? As his first case, Gordon and his partner, Detective Harvey Bullock are assigned to investigate Thomas and Martha Wayne's murder. The pilot was adamant on showing almost all of Batman’s villains before they were villains. DC Collectibles' macabre new Batman vinyl figures might just be enough to keep you awake at night.. Commissioner Gordon No one is safe on that show, which makes it that much more exciting and unpredictable. Or at the very least pretend to kill Bruce Wayne, creating this suspenseful mystery that dumbfounds audiences. Let’s see Gordon make personal sacrifices that tear and eat away at his soul like a leech sucking away all the goodness from his noble heart. After apprehending Strange, Gordon leaves Bullock in charge of the GCPD and goes off to find Lee, only to discover she has moved on to a new lover, Mario Calvi, the son of Carmine Falcone. One of the strongest episodes of the season was “Spirit of the Goat,” despite the corny title. LeBron James left Cleveland for Miami when he was 25, and it was there that he learned to become a champion. Oswald’s eventual return would have made for a killer season finale. The show was initially supposed to run 16 episodes, which would have been tighter. The early advertisements for Gotham included distinctive character posters featuring several of the show’s main characters. [7] He is later framed for the murder of corrupt cop Carl Pinkley by GCPD forensics technician Edward Nygma, and he breaks his engagement to Lee, who subsequently miscarries their child. [2] He is later reinstated as a homicide detective by Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb after he captures a serial killer who had escaped from Arkham during a prison riot. Except the show doesn’t delve into Gordon’s internal struggle at all, throwing it aside for convoluted storylines and too many supporting characters. Gotham is structured a bit differently than some modern shows like Breaking Bad, House of Cards, or even similar comic-book themed shows like Arrow or The Flash. And what circumstances created them the larger-than-life personas who w… Those who are currently unsatisfied with the show had hoped the break would rejuvenate Gotham but the newest episode, “Rogue’s Gallery,” didn’t instill much confidence. It featured an actual murder investigation and showed Bullock—normally shown as inept—as a genuine detective. Having been manipulate… The upcoming story arc has the Joker escalate his eternal conflict against Batman, with all of Gotham … She helps Gordon take Sofia down by shooting her in the head, putting her in a coma. Hugo Strange continues his treatment to reduce Penguin's aggression. Gordon's heroics result in his being promoted to Captain of the GCPD, replacing Bullock. Gordon is introduced as a homicide detective and Iraq War veteran who has recently been transferred to Gotham City, where he lives with his fiancée, Barbara Kean. Instead of Gordon and Bullock investigating Gotham’s seedy underbelly, we have episodes like “The Balloonman,” where Gordon and Bullock must take down a vigilante that kills people with… balloons. Meanwhile, Don Falcone's daughter Sofia returns to Gotham, and she and Gordon are instantly attracted to each other. As Breaking Bad proved, this tauter and more concise form of storytelling allows for better stories overall. The most shocking thing Gotham could have done in its opening moments is kill Bruce Wayne. While the show is getting better about this, almost every episode features some diversion with a side villain like Selina taunting Gordon with clues about the Wayne’s murder or Nygma creepily trying to flirt with one of the precinct’s secretaries. 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