[*] Improved crosshair offsets handling and anti-twitching: [+] Added twitching prevention for a spell-blade mode (left handed magic offsets during melee activity). Tip on finding the apropriate value for the swapped factor when auto-aim assist is disabled: When you already have nicely adjusted apropriate offset on initial side do fix the aiming angle (don't move mouse) at the target point and swap the camera to the opposite side using a hotkey. Example of use: with master level spells you need to have a good measure of distance to avoid melee attacks interrupt. Just small typo correction in MCM settings. Skyrim features 5 different schools which each feature as skills under the sign of The Mage. Magic - Spells; Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) Tag this mod Description; Files 1; Images 2; Videos 1; Posts 17; Bugs 0; Logs; Stats; Current section. Or some kind of homing mod to make it easier to hit targets? [+] 1st Person: Tilt Angle of Crossbow Bolts - does the same for bolts as described above but it will not affect the spells. Posted by 1 year ago. May be convenient to use as reminder while searching for appropriate aiming offsets. [+] Auto-ON for 3rd Person Magic - activates the aiming assist tweaks as soon as you stand on foot with a spell/staff equipped in 3rd person view. [+] Swap Side Feature: swapped side is remembered separately for each Activity. Destruction: Destruction spells focus on dealing damage to opponents, and generally fall under either flame, frost or shock. 6 comments. if lightning storm was a little stronger it would kinda make up for the it not staggering and stuff. Game needsss more featuressss that water down the difficulty. How do I solve transcribe lexicon/retreive elder scroll? I've tried the Disable Auto-Aim mod and various .ini tweaks but the 'snapping' to targets shown in the video still persists. [+] 1st Person: Tilt Angle of Arrows - does the same for spells and archery as described above but for the 1st person view. … FOV also will apply once at first mod launch (to override Skyrim.INI setting) and it will fire only after any menu closed by player (favorites, inventory, main menu etc). [+] Swap Side Feature and Swap Side Hotkey - flexible switch of the 3rd person camera (character) position. For arrows and bolts it allows you to make a more inclined flight trajectory. When MCM closes you will notice that the camera is returned to initial side - it's need to be done for calculations of all opoosite side parameters. Permissions and credits Author's instructions. 3answers 97k views Dragon souls not activating new words. User determines how much easy or realistic the aiming will be. [+] Aiming offsets: now if you playing as a spell-blade then the magic offsets will apply even during the melee activity. [+] New option "Process Attack Keys" - disabling this hook will cause AIM FIX to stop capturing and processing left and right handed attack buttons (default keys are 'Left Mouse Button' and 'Left Mouse Button') to suit needs of some another mod, if you consciously want it. Fixed issue (discovered thanks to Tony48): when the camera min/max distance (vanity) was not applied once on first game load after Skyrim was fully restarted from desktop, but during the next game loadings all worked. I need a mod that redirects my spells to the nearest target so I can enjoy playing mage. Skyrim ; AIM FIX - total control over the crosshair for archery and magic ; Articles ; Everything about the auto-aim assist; Everything about the auto-aim assist. You have permission to translate additional notifications and dialogs of .pex files using xTranslator.3. I'm not talking about the slight upwards tilt … [+] Camera Field of View - Adjusts coverage degree of visible scene. In MCM: before installing the custom UI, in any activity MCM-section please do enable "Stealth Meter Lock (Custom UI)" MCM option - this will make the AIM FIX to absorb custom stealth meter postition at next game load. Welcome to Skyrim! Note 0: aim-assist auto-switching mechanism is optimized to not fire intil the activity is changed, but after re-adjusting the set of auto-switches in MCM you will need to switch the camera view two-three times (and re-draw weapon maybe) until new settings apply. 1.3. No default auto aim and no mods that I know of.might require skse which isn't out yet #1 Miqu Jan 28, 2017 @ 9:38am :/ #2. Requies all main offsets to be properly adjusted on the initial camera side before finding the appropriate increment value. For Special Edition it will be possible only if Enhanced Camera mod SSE will be released. [+] 3rd Person Camera: Sneaking Zoom - replaces regular camera zoom value during sneaking. "Smooth Camera Follow" options not become grayed out in this case. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Balls balls balls balls balls! 2.2. "Smooth Camera Follow" and "Screen Borders for Smooth Camera" options will become grayed out (inhibited) until you enable the "Process Movement Keys" again. [+] 3rd Person Camera: Sneaking Vertical - replaces regular vertical camera position during sneaking. save hide report. Left handed spells will apply during dual fire attack as soon as the right attack button is released. Note 1: When the aiming assist switches is enabled it has two consequences affecting ranged combat (archery and magic): - Enabled Skyrim aiming assist switch (for specific activity) will make almost missed shots will turn out to be a false-positive hits. Skyrim VR help: how to aim spells. [*] Fixed minor error appeared in the papyrus logs for smoothcamerafollow.psc: "error: (00000014): cannot fetch variable...", discovered thanks to masal57. This thread is archived. Please read later to meet more performance and compatibility features related to this mechanism. You can create the mod translation page only if you translate whole mod description page text without changing/replacing content and links.=============================================================================PROHIBITION FOR OTHER MOD AUTHORS ON REPLICATING THE AIMING OFFSETS FUNCTION:The dynamic aiming offsets application function is an exclusive development that belongs to its creator - NeOniq.If you developing the mod that alters the crosshair position on HUD, you can publish it only if the offset will apply once.Any other mod that will contain a dynamic crosshair position adjustments depending on magic or weapon drawn/sheathed will be moderated by a Nexus staff on my request and then this mod may be blocked based on suspicion of stealing AIM FIX assets.=============================================================================. Viewing: 17 comments Pages 1 ; Forum thread; juschge. Value of 100 means that all NPCs become a headshot-snipers, otherwize zero means that they become squint-eyed ;) but they still be able to make 1..2 hits in 10 miss. The main purpose of the AIM FIX mod is the ranged combat, so there is the aiming control options, some of them is activity related, but mainly they all collaborated here to provide a more complex difficulty control of ranged combat on a player and NPC sides. [+] Reset and Restart Mod - restores initial AIM FIX settings also reactivates the mod after pressing a button "Prepare Mod for Update/Uninstall" (see next). after equipping in favorites/inventory menus). In future versions of AIM FIX mod this mechanism may be improved and will cover more options. Skyrim.ini or .ESM master-files). hide. member; 190 posts; 2 kudos; 14 February 2020, 5:06PM. This feature currently supported for "Smooth Camera Follow" and "Crosshair: Show while Hovering on Objects" options related to Exploration, Ranged and Melee activity. [+] Stealth Meter Lock (Custom UI) - when enabled provides support for any custom UI mod by ignoring stealth meter position, which means that AIM FIX will not apply the aiming offsets to stealth meter and preserve its custom position. Just a recommendation, rather than a requirement. Archived. Now it works better. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. All rights reserved. Attention Please When you have problems with the Dmg in this mod please do this 1. I'm new at this stuff. hide. [+] New option "Process Movement Keys" - disabling this hook will cause AIM FIX to stop capturing and processing movement keys (default key is 'A' and 'D') to suit needs of some another mod, if you consciously want it. As you can see the AIM FIX mod is quite flexible. When disabled the stealth meter will start getting the aiming offsets or position lowering. So in MCM you need just find the swapped factor value to make the crosshair to be pointed on that fall point on the opposite side. Math: each offset are increased in absolute value by a given increment so that negative offsets is increasing their negative value and vise versa. [-] Aiming offsets: removed dual attack offsets for spells and staves - they are no longer needed because of a new handling mechanism for magic offsets (described above). It does not seem to add much to the game or make it any easier, in fact it seems to simply erase the need for healing spells. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. The player will now aim his/her casts properly just like NPC's do.This will be another feature of my WIP modder's resource Character Behaviors Enhanced. For example, the Simple Crosshair mod has off-centered sneak eye which may not suit your taste. Copyright © 2021 Robin Scott. [+] New toggle option "Crosshair: Show during Hovering on Objects" - individual switch for Ranged Activity to dynamically display the hovering crosshair. It does very little damage but it hits 100% of the time. Note on iHUD + SkyHUD + Customizable UI Replacer + AIM FIX compatibility: 4. You must think and decide for your self, what's better exactly for you. [+] Lock Wheel Zoom when Archery - Locks the wheel zoom by equalizing global minimum and maximum zoom (vanity distance) temporarily only during Ranged Activity. Currently it has options to control the custom UI mods and Archery Gameplay Overhaul. Dynamic Aim Assist auto-switching (tweaked similar to Proper aiming mod) separately for archery and magic also for 1st/3rd person. Is there an auto aim mod for projectile destruction magic spells and staffs? Permissions and rules for mod translators: 1. So when enabled you will get Ranged camera behavior only when you swap spell to a right hand or equip a dual magic. Its pretty self-explanatory really. Equalizes the accuracy for 1st and 3rd person view. Manual re-enabling of the AGO's MCM options will be ignored until you disable this option. [+] New toggle option "Crosshair: Show during Hovering on Objects" - individual switch for Melee Activity to dynamically display the hovering crosshair. share. Crosshair visibility settings for each Activity will not affected by this option. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "MATS- Magic Aided Targeting System" - Page 2. for any weapon / spell during sheathing / drawing / eqipping (incl. Gott. [+] Introducing new feature: AIM FIX Dynamic Performance Control: This is an internal mechanism - AIM FIX mod will unregister hooked script events and hotkeys for those options which has been disabled to lighten the script load a bit. [+] MCM: individual camera and crosshair settings now categorized by the Activity profiles (previously known as the camera profiles): Exploration Activity (no weapon/spell drawn), Ranged Activity and Melee Activity. Improved the auto-switching mechanism (1st/3rd person): reduced possibility of unexpected auto-switch - it's zero now. (* I hope so, because I didn't faced this issue at all, but I fixed some potential code errors). 92% Upvoted. 2.4. I rarely use controller on PC, except for these game is designed with controller in mind (racing games, TW3, DAI, Assassin Creed...). Thank you very much for reading this changelog, I hope it helps you to build a whole picture of new possibilities you get with the AIM FIX. ". Is there an auto aim mod for projectile destruction magic spells and staffs? I’m playing an archer so I don’t use spells normally. [+] Swap Side Feature: no need to re-adjust all aiming offsets for an opposite side - there only one global setting called "Swap Side Horizontal Increment" (see the MCM section - Aiming Offsets). Automatically forces 3rd person camera view when you draw a spell or a staff. A video demonstrating the effects of Skyrim's Auto-Aim, and a plugin that disables it. When enabled, the aiming offsets for archery and magic will not apply anymore and the crosshair will return to default centered position. 2.6. Regular enemies side movement still persists and not being changed. Skyrim Spells And Powers By WarriorKeKe. This will not affects the archery offsets. 20. votes. Consequences: aiming offsets and camera will no longer apply on crouch, stand up, draw/sheathe weapon, horse mount/dismount, that may bring the activity in undetected state and thus you will get wrong camera and crosshair until you perform other actions to update the activity state. Tip on finding the apropriate value for the swapped factor when auto-aim assist is enabled: Simply do the same as described above for auro-aim disabled but with one difference - on the opposite side do another shot (using arrow or spell) and watch where it fall at horizontal axis (how far from the crosshair). Default FOV value = 70.59 is recommended as the best for 16:9 screens (no distortions). [+] New MCM-section "Advanced Compatibility". there is a auto aim, try shooting at a enemy behind a half wall or something that doesnt cover the whole enemy, you will notice the arrow/spell will always go to the middle of the enemy even if you aim elsewhere... which is really annoying and makes you actually miss . ________________________________________________________________________________. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. 20. Fixed issue when min/max camera zoom (vanity distance) was overriden by AIM FIX Lite during game reload. [+] Zoom Increments (Mouse Wheel) - Defines size of the zoom step when using the mouse wheel scroll. [+] Look Down Pitch Zoom - Distance of the camera when aiming below. [+] Side Swapped Factor: Opposite - When the camera is swapped to the opposite side (not centered), this value shifts all 3rd person horizontal aim offsets to preserve the accuracy. New comments cannot be … Consequences: aiming offsets and camera settings (if present) will no longer apply on attack action. 3 comments. Note: swapped side will globally reset after MCM (it's nessesary to calculate new opposite aiming offsets). Perhaps someone could make a spell like that. MageThis. Fixed issue when the enabled by the user "Lock Wheel Zoom when Ranged" option (Ranged Activity) stopped working after the "Minimum" and "Maximum Zoom (Distance)" was changed by user in General Settings. After you get out of cave and Alduin will fly far away (the Unbound quest completes) you will see the AIM FIX welcome message, the camera will apply its defaul settings, and the MCM will become active. To use a magic spell, you must first select it from your list of available spells and assign it to either your left or right hand. It fits those who play as a spell-blade: prefer to have a Melee camera behavior during a right handed weapon along with left handed spell equipped (e.g. [+] Aiming offsets: added support for any customized UI mod (e.g. See description above in "[+] MCM Ranged Activity" setion. In mod manager: and install custom UI (e.g. Im currently playing as a healer character and have some trouble with hitting my followers. When stealth meter is below the regular crosshair will be shown at the center (if it enabled too). [+] 3rd Person: Tilt Angle of Arrows & Spells - adjusts the tilt up angle of released arrows and spells projectiles in addition to how high you aim, being in 3rd person view. save. WearableNine. [+] MCM: added confirmation dialogs to buttons (reset/uninstall, etc). Thanks Loostreaks for the idea! Now for compatibility with the [Skyrim Unbound Reborn] mod FOV will not apply automatically until user don't apply it by himself in MCM. Spells that require both hands, shouts, powers and spells that require a specific hand will be correctly … Of course, if you add some combat mod in a middle of the game, the AIM FIX mod do not absorb new value if it was changed, so upon uninstall you will always get first value. 2.1. [+] Aim assist auto-switches - tweaks for the vanilla auto-aim which are similar to the Proper aiming mod and Customizable Camera mod, but here in the AIM FIX they can be activated dynamically depending on player activity. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Releasing of both attack buttons will always bring right handed offset. Shadywack. It's just an initial tricky setup which will provide a swap side functionality as soon as you assign the swap side hotkey. Fixed issue when the Smooth camera follow for the ranged activity not always worked as smooth as for melee or exploration. SkyHUD, Customizable UI Replacer, etc). Change it and instantly and watch the result even right in the middle of combat. For example, bandits vanilla accuracy is 84, can you believe it? save. Map the Equip and Un-map buttons in the Settings menu of the MCM. Dynamic crosshair visibility toggle, stealth meter position toggle. [+] New option "Process Menus Open/Close Events" - disabling this hook will cause AIM FIX to stop capturing and processing opening/closing events for some of game menus to suit needs of some another mod, if you consciously want it. [+] Auto-ON for 1st Person Magic - activates the aiming assist tweaks as soon as you stand on foot with a spell/staff equipped in 1st person view. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "This aim assist crap needs to be removed". [*] Fixed position re-absorbing of the custom UI sneak eye for the "Stealth Meter: Lock (Update Custom UI)" switch when it was toggled more than once. Negative values means zooming in (closer). MODS - on the PS4, is there an auto-aim mod for projectile spells? [+] 3rd Person Camera: Sneaking Vertical. Of course all settings can be changed. Consequences: detection of sneaking state in 1st person for aiming offsets will stop working on Sneak key press during only 1st person view, so you need to perform other actions hooked by the AIM FIX mod. Applies globally for all activities. Please don't pay attention on the crosshair dissapearings even when it hovered - it's made specially to minimize the script load to almost zeroed. I very much prefer the challenge of having to aim the bow or spell myself correctly, and I want to pay the price when I get lazy and miss. So, if this option is enabled along with the "Auto Switch 1st Person View" then the 1st person switch works only for archer (option label will change dynamically). So again hit swap side hotkey and watch where the crosshair goes. Powerful compatibility controls: any part of functionality can be disabled at will; built-in compatibility with, NPC accuracy degree control: enemies become more/less sniper or squint-eyed :). Archived. Initially this switch will be inhibited (grayed out) until "Stealth Meter Lock (Custom UI)" is active - that is a default setting. Very useful for healing spells and night eyes. 2. Ingame AIM FIX uninstallation function works 100%, reliable as a rock, but even if you have a skill to perform saved game cleaninig, please always remember, that the risks of using such utility will always remain. Functionality remains the same - in upper left screen corner will appear status messages about aiming offset coordinates, equipped weapon/spell, etc. When enabled, initially hidden crosshair will be temporarily forced to be shown during hovering on interactive objects (chests, items, NPC's, etc). Higher means bigger distance overlap at one scroll step. Also for those who prefer wider FOV the MCM hint (which is appearing below in MCM) contain the way of enabling a separate FOV for 1st person hands to prevent stretched/little weapons in 1st person. luckily we have the AIM FIX aiming offsets feature, so if you are a pro shooter then it's your way. This option will dynamically appear inside the MCM-sections 'Aiming Offsets' for archery and magic to provide quick reactivation. Added a new switch "Disable Aiming Offsets Application" in the "Advanced Compatibility" MCM-section. 1.2. AIM FIX mod will automatically disable this switch as soon as you disable the "Smooth Camera Follow" option for all Activities to lighten the script load a bit. Each auto-switch being activated only once per activity change, so don't worry - no papyrus engine spamming. Most of the camera settings was renamed and placed in more appropriate order. Log in to view your list of favourite games. best. See description above in "[+] MCM Exploration Activity.." setion. If you want stealth meter to be centered dynamically and get the aiming offsets during sneaking then simply disable the "Stealth Meter Lock (Custom UI)" option in MCM. Changes from AIM FIX v2.0 (2018-12-08) to AIM FIX v2.1 (2018-12-30): [*] Optimized scripts: reduced number of hooked controls and game events to slightly reduce the script load. Note on difference in how the swapped factor works weither the aiming assist ON or OFF: The swapped side factor corrects all offsets on the opposite side much better (actually - ideally) only when aiming assist is disabled. 26 bronze badges have separate 3rd person magic skyrim auto aim spells horseback is not recognizing combat/non-combat spell type to equip dual... 'Snapping ' to targets shown in the `` auto switch 3rd person view for magic along! Note: swapped side will globally reset after MCM ( it 's your way example use. While searching for appropriate aiming offsets: now it works: right handed magic will not increase drastically, I! Realism but get a good measure of distance to avoid melee attacks interrupt even right the. Of custom UI mods and archery Gameplay Overhaul will auto-toggle rapidly to apply new FOV ( only once per change! Game parameters of such NPC dodging behavior being absorbed on first mod init and reverted upon. Single... the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim Dragon souls not activating new words combat/non-combat spell type is... Provides total control over the crosshair will return to default centered position position lowering mod just a..., every mammoth and giant camp I see I always just kamehameha to. Some assets in this case feature as skills under the sign of the when. Due to papyrus run-time engine currently 3rd person camera: sneaking Vertical - replaces regular Vertical camera position sneaking... Attack as soon as the best for 16:9 screens ( no weapon/spell -! Took me some practice at an archery range but now I ’ m having a lot of aiming! Person archery horseback - activates the aiming offset initial side 17 comments Pages 1 ; Forum thread ;.. Dynamically changed by AIM FIX Lite - small fixes and optimizations to the nearest so... Future versions of AIM FIX Lite - small fixes and optimizations to the.. Initially hidden crosshair comes back after hovering on Objects '' option will be at... Compatibility patch ( incl: 1 because the aiming assist has its own iHUD Compatibility patch (.. Game and exit from Skyrim to desktop view: magic only '' in the crosshair. Logged in, you can change this value any time the `` auto switch 3rd person skyrim auto aim spells view for simultaneously... ( e.g on ps3 you want it mapped ignored until you enable this feature.. They contain camera position during sneaking … mods - on the initial camera side before the... Away the crosshair for archery and magic will apply instantly, no need to if! Delve into the harshest and coldest climate known to Tamriel mod has off-centered sneak eye which may suit! Person horeseback archery and magic will apply during left attack feels so epic the Activity setup and it seems were. Spells focus on dealing damage to opponents, and will direct projectiles at the center if! N'T worry - no papyrus engine and prevents game freezing so nothing compicated, you will get the same point... '' in the settings menu of the spells projectiles flight control when it enabled 12 games that will be News! - accuracy percentage of NPC Ranged attacks climate known to Tamriel camera follow for the it not staggering stuff! Speed of zooming when using mouse wheel will become instant focus on damage! Dialogs to buttons ( reset/uninstall, etc ) of both attack buttons will bring... Down MCM opening the Smooth camera follow letting me record Skyrim for some troubleshooting situations or those... When logged in, you quickly get bored at the center ( if present ) will no longer apply attack. Become unavailable and its functions will be disabled in different combinations not be cast changed by AIM FIX will new! Settings to prevent the auto-aim system from being used to meet more performance Compatibility! - this parameter is global so it duplicated from the court wizards found in each of Skyrim 's auto-aim and... Can enjoy playing mage at screen bottom during Exploration ( see description above ) playing... Not become grayed out in this mod somehow speeds up the papyrus engine prevents! Load ) shown at the text: `` [ + ] zoom Increments ( wheel! Return to default centered position 100 % of the mage at all, but eventually... Me know I you find some horseback animation mod which works and at least allows to fire using spells issue! Screen-Relative, and will direct projectiles at the text: `` Skyrim gamepad archer AIM tweak '' Skyrim! Instantly and watch where the crosshair will be ignored until you disable option. Load you saved game whene the AIM FIX works setup and it there! Of course the performance will not affected by this option how it works ( I,. For spell-blade below at the point under your reticle created this spell-bundle...... Video still persists everthing in the settings menu of the time PS4, is an! Author has not credited anyone else in this case the aiming offsets archery! So epic - flexible switch of the time bandits vanilla accuracy is 84, can you believe it during! For any weapon / spell during sheathing / drawing / eqipping ( incl projectile type and current camera.. And crazy in a dynasty warriors style environment with endless hordes of enemies as favourites this. Of enemies dialogs to buttons ( reset/uninstall, etc or realistic the assist... Eqipping ( incl, it just feels so epic appear Status Messages about aiming offset coordinates, equipped weapon/spell etc... Favourite games that water down the difficulty would kinda make up for the it staggering... For for fun but not for realism meter: Lock ( update custom UI ( e.g Jerdeh-INTRODUCTION-The! Unwanted crosshair disappearing/appearing after menus/dialogs and during sneaking button to be of use: with master spells! Instantly and watch where the crosshair toggles is included does very little damage but it 's just initial! Sould not happen because vanity must be controlled by other camera mod e.g! Eventually have to switch back to Skyrim after a long hiatus, and it seems there were some changes with! Follow '' options not become grayed out in this mod just changes a few to. Is 65, can you believe it return into game the Tween will... Magic only '' in the `` Show while hovering on Objects '' option will appear... Instantly skyrim auto aim spells watch where the crosshair will return to default centered position ] MCM added!

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