maybe that will work. it should explode, then walk up to it, click on the stone and recieve the blessing from the stone I just bought the DLC yesterday and was wondering how to get the shout without having to restart a new game. stand back 20 to 30 feet and shout at the top of stone, you only need to use the first word of bend will. 10 magicka? 10 what? need more info, like does bend will work on the other stones. Type Shout Level Cost Recharge 10, 90, 120 ID: xx0179d8 xx0179d9 xx0179da xx0179db Words. 10 seconds? Earth Mind Dragon Your voice bends the very stones to your will. The numbers you see are how long it takes to recharge the shout to use again. How to get the Bend Will Shout? Walkthrough . Word wall locations [edit | … Dragon Riding is a feature added in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn that grants the ability to temporarily tame and ride dragons. Any answers? Go past the bridges that will fall and connect the platforms and head towards the Black Book. Also, just for example, the bend will shout, it says recharge 10. As it gains power, animals, people, and even dragons must do your bidding. Have you tried hitting him with the bend will shout while he is flying? I only need 2 dragon souls for it, but I have two problems: 1) Its very rare for a dragon to show up in my game (which sucks because I have all shouts) The Bend Will shout only has the first two words listed. Use the Bend Will shout. Meaning a regular disc. Learn the Second Word of Power of Bend Will. Ok so in order to continue on in the Dragonborn's quest line I have to unlock the Bend Will shout all the way. Use Bend Will on Sahrotaar -- Watch live at I beat the main quest line without the DLC installed. Look around for a scrye control and hit the control. Bend Will. So I bought a vinnila copy of Skyrim. You will need 2 Dragon Souls to do this. 10 dragon souls? If it has all three, and the third is grayed out, you will need to spend a dragon soul on it (which may require killing one or more dragons if you ran out of souls) to complete step #6 and advance the quest. All three words of the Bend Will shout are required in order for it to work. With the final word of the Bend Will shout. Speak to Hermaeus Mora and learn the second word of power of Bend Will, Mind, from Hermaeus Mora. Once you're near the dragon, open your in-game menu and select “Magic.” Choose “Shouts” from the menu panel on the right-hand side of the game screen and select “Bend Will.” Aim at the dragon and press the “Action” button to use the shout against the monster. "Unlock your Bend Will Shout" is an objective in the main quest "At the Summit of Apocrypha" in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn. Finally, the hero will arrive at an elevated platform. please pardon my chiming in here but you might be able to help I have the bend will and have the earth perk. I'm on the At the Summit of Apocrypha quest line where I have to unlock the bend will shout.. Now you need to unlock the shout, if you have not already. I have already learned the Earth but of the shout but I can't learn Mind and Dragon because I don't have any dragon souls saved up, And I can't absorb any more souls thanks to Miraak stealing them all from me. One dragon shout per unlock. So have you used ANY shouts besides those given to you by the greybeards?

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